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An NFL scout needs to know more than just the rules and intricacies of the game. An NFL scout must be a student of game film so they can determine which players will benefit their team the most.

In the fantasy world, most of us self-proclaimed fantasy scouts do not have access to game film. We must rely on statistics. Trends can be expressed in statistics. A good fantasy scout will study the available statistics so they can determine which players will benefit their fantasy team the most.

But, a good scout knows that statistics only tell part of the story.

The chart below lists the top 5 players on each NFL team who saw the most usage. The “usage” percentages take the rushing attempts plus the receptions for each player then divide that total by the number of offensive plays called for that team.

The chart also shows total games played, fantasy points (standard scoring), offensive snap percentage, yards per game average, points per game average, and touches per game average, for comparison.

Note: the “usage” percentage is different from the snap percentage. The snap percentage factors how often the player was on the field for the offense. While the usage percentage reflects more directly how many times the player actually touched the ball while on offense.


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