2017 Dynasty/Keeper Rankings: Top 200

Rank Player Pos Kevin Ron Josh Mike Jim Paul
101 Billy Hamilton OF 136 88 69 65 118 155
102 Nick Castellanos 3B 69 178 124 98 90 78
103 Stephen Piscotty OF 135 75 75 62 101 190
104 Julio Teheran SP 106 116 104 96 92 125
105 Danny Duffy SP 153 96 120 87 106 79
106 Nelson Cruz OF 67 146 70 178 104 91
106 Mark Trumbo OF 109 92 108 121 136 90
108 Marcus Stroman SP 125 115 101 135 96 87
109 Hanley Ramirez 1B 44 109 95 69 N/R 128
110 Carlos Santana 1B 159 101 102 82 99 129
111 Khris Davis OF 56 117 96 115 151 139
112 Troy Tulowitzki SS 108 147 150 95 109 103
113 Kenta Maeda SP 101 131 N/R 99 85 81
114 Kevin Gausman SP 175 91 81 108 133 135
115 Michael Fulmer SP 114 136 140 104 97 134
116 Yoan Moncada 2B 199 42 145 146 126 72
117 Matt Kemp OF 87 90 151 116 150 153
118 Yasmany Tomas OF 76 145 138 158 103 137
119 Michael Brantley OF 171 142 62 123 122 152
120 James Paxton SP 156 166 168 105 121 59
121 Marcell Ozuna OF 123 130 121 91 137 176
122 Ken Giles RP 142 81 177 140 144 98
123 Joc Pederson OF 81 134 178 200 88 120
124 Matt Harvey SP 152 97 79 N/R 82 177
125 Rick Porcello SP 99 103 117 127 N/R 148

After 10 rounds there are still just three catchers and four closers off the board so you know a run will be coming soon. There are another 8 pitchers off the board bringing the total up to 36 – that means you’ll need to start gambling on upside or banking on “ho-hum” consistent average starters. There is also a run on outfielders with 10 more ranked, bringing that total up to 35. The only positions other than catcher and closer that you can get a top-12 talent at is shortstop, but that door will be closing soon.

Rank Player Pos Kevin Ron Josh Mike Jim Paul
126 Lance McCullers SP 154 153 170 106 175 65
127 Steve Matz SP 113 152 175 165 140 83
128 DJ LeMahieu 2B N/R 110 154 77 125 146
129 Willson Contreras C 141 125 147 145 124 163
129 Adam Eaton OF 124 170 110 122 169 150
131 Lorenzo Cain OF 122 171 76 184 148 157
132 Mark Melancon RP 107 67 N/R 139 132 189
133 Marcus Semien SS 70 179 94 190 107 N/R
134 Craig Kimbrel RP 170 62 N/R 124 157 138
135 J.T Realmuto C 191 104 159 130 115 180
136 Odubel Herrera OF 94 200 137 141 123 185
137 Taijuan Walker SP 151 167 115 181 114 162
138 Albert Pujols 1B 77 133 N/R 153 129 175
139 Carlos Rodon SP 179 165 142 117 191 111
140 Adrian Beltre 3B 131 126 100 179 N/R 145
141 Josh Bell 1B N/R N/R 172 111 61 115
142 Roberto Osuna RP 195 107 200 131 146 141
143 Dustin Pedroia 2B 120 137 196 126 164 181
144 Justin Turner 3B 96 173 105 N/R N/R 101
145 Blake Snell SP N/R 181 125 159 139 96
146 Devon Travis 2B 169 196 146 103 154 159
147 Dexter Fowler OF 172 143 141 182 196 95
148 Dallas Keuchel SP 187 177 112 107 N/R 123
149 Vince Velasquez SP 127 183 148 118 N/R 132
150 Jose Bautista OF 174 144 93 180 N/R 117

Three closers and two catchers are now gone. There are still a half-dozen left of each so no need to rush, just be aware of what is on the board and don’t get caught at the end of a run. Granted, in a two-catcher league you’ll see twice that number taken at this point so know your league. Starting pitchers continue to go off the board at an even rate with seven, but the outfield run slows down with just five ranked. The first batch of the next 12 first and third baseman start to go here as people fill their utility or corner infield slot.

Rank Player Pos Kevin Ron Josh Mike Jim Paul
151 Elvis Andrus SS 91 149 N/R 114 131 N/R
152 Felix Hernandez SP 105 150 143 N/R 134 183
153 Andrew Miller RP 198 127 N/R 137 172 85
154 Lucas Giolito SP 157 158 152 187 119 174
155 Salvador Perez C 196 119 182 110 116 N/R
156 Sonny Gray SP 73 N/R 181 142 105 N/R
157 Jake Lamb 3B 197 199 92 119 128 N/R
158 Aaron Nola SP 148 185 134 162 194 147
158 Jose Peraza SS 167 148 N/R 97 108 N/R
160 Jeurys Familia RP N/R 108 180 132 143 188
161 Sean Manaea SP 177 154 162 N/R 190 73
162 Edwin Diaz RP N/R 105 N/R 160 160 108
163 Alex Cobb SP 200 157 133 134 168 199
164 Michael Conforto OF N/R 135 86 175 188 186
165 Evan Gattis C 110 124 N/R 150 170 N/R
166 Jonathan Schoop 2B 103 138 169 N/R 155 N/R
167 Wade Davis RP 160 128 N/R 151 158 194
168 Jose Ramirez 3B N/R 198 116 120 192 167
169 Jake Odorizzi SP 155 161 185 N/R 120 182
170 Brad Miller 1B 146 141 184 195 N/R 169
171 Kole Calhoun OF 173 169 126 N/R 149 N/R
171 Yasmani Grandal C N/R 168 N/R 129 171 149
173 Seung-hwan Oh RP 158 N/R N/R 167 147 165
174 Drew Pomeranz SP 128 N/R 190 136 189 N/R
175 Anthony DeSclafani SP N/R 162 N/R 154 174 154

After a little over 12 rounds and 150 players things tend go out the window. Rankings get tossed aside as teams start filling needs and gambling on upside and youth. You’ll see players ranked below in the 176-200 range that you may like more than the players above. Guess what, so do some of us as you’ll see by the individual rankings.

There are also a number of players above that some of us don’t think belong in the top-200. At this point opinions vary greatly and everyone has a different game plan. Don’t be a slave to the rankings; they are not set in stone. If you like a player’s upside or potential at this point more than most then take them. Just take stock of what is on the board before doing so, so you don’t potentially miss a more valuable player.

Rank Player Pos Kevin Ron Josh Mike Jim Paul
176 Kelvin Herrera RP N/R 123 186 N/R 156 187
177 Jay Bruce OF 92 187 N/R 157 N/R N/R
178 Brandon Belt 1B N/R 163 161 N/R 181 164
179 Mike Moustakas 3B N/R N/R N/R 156 145 144
180 Hunter Pence OF 134 N/R 127 186 N/R N/R
181 Jon Gray SP N/R N/R 194 185 135 160
182 Cody Allen RP N/R 122 N/R N/R 173 158
183 Jose De Leon SP 188 N/R 173 189 N/R 136
184 Dellin Betances RP N/R 155 N/R N/R 180 130
184 Jorge Soler OF N/R 188 132 N/R 199 171
186 Tyler Glasnow SP N/R N/R N/R 183 142 143
187 Matt Shoemaker SP 176 176 N/R 169 N/R 173
188 Wilson Ramos C N/R 113 N/R 133 N/R N/R
189 Jung-ho Kang 3B N/R N/R N/R 138 111 N/R
190 Adam Duvall OF 126 194 N/R N/R 187 196
191 Manuel Margot OF N/R N/R 135 N/R N/R 122
192 Yasiel Puig OF N/R N/R 98 N/R N/R 166
193 Ryon Healy 3B 178 N/R 165 147 N/R N/R
194 Ender Enciarte OF 181 189 N/R N/R 159 192
195 Eduardo Rodriguez SP N/R N/R 198 109 N/R 193
196 Tim Anderson 2B 168 N/R N/R N/R N/R 109
197 Austin Meadows OF N/R N/R N/R N/R 152 126
198 Aaron Judge OF N/R N/R 156 N/R N/R 124
199 Clint Frazier OF N/R N/R 144 N/R 138 N/R
200 Orlando Arcia SS N/R N/R N/R 177 N/R 113
Page 1: Players 1 – 100

You won’t here many people say this, but rankings 175 onward, here and almost everywhere else, are irrelevant. Look at all the N/R rankings above. Each of has at least 20 of them. That means there were a lot of players we believed were top-200 players, but most, and in some cases all, of the panel disagreed. 

You may like some of the players listed above. If you don’t, here are the players that missed the cut – listed at what we assume will be their primary position.  Feel free to inquire in the comment section if you still don’t see your guy.

Catcher: B.McCann, R.Martin, C.Rupp, M.Wieters

First Base: A.Gonzalez, C.J. Cron, A.J. Reed, J.Bour, C.Carter, T.Joseph, J.Gallo, M.Napoli, D.Vogelbach, G.Bird, K.Morales (DH)

Second Base: S.Castro, K.Wong, L.Forsythe, B.Zobrist, B.Rodgers, J.Panik

Third Base: Y.Gourriel, Y.Solarte, E.Suarez

Shortstop: B.Crawford, J.P. Crawford, D.Gregorius, A.Cabrera, W.Flores, J.Reyes, J.Iglesias

Outfield: H.Renfroe, C.Gomez, B.Drury, R.Grichuk, J.Heyward, K.Kiermaier, K.Broxton, L.Brinson, M.Kepler, T.Naquin, M.Saunders, R.Tapia, J.Profar, C.Dickerson, D.Peralta, J.Ellsbury, J.Reddick, R.Rua, C.Maybin

Starting Pitcher: M.Moore, M.Pineda, R.Hill, G.Richards, T.Roark, J.Berrios, M.Wacha, D.Norris, R.Ray, J.Eickhoff, D.Bundy, C.McHugh, Z.Wheeler, J.Musgrove, J.Samardzija, J.Ross, L.Severino, J.A.Happ, H.Ryu, M.Foltynewicz, T.Ross, Y.Ventura, A.Wood, J.Cotton, L.Lynn, L.Weaver, N.Eovaldi, A.Wainwright, I.Kennedy, A.Conley, J.Hammel, M.Estrada

Relief Pitcher: D.Robertson, A.Colome, H.Neris, A.Ottavino, A.J. Ramos, R.Iglesias

Page 1: Players 1 – 100

That wraps up our 2017 Dynasty Rankings. Starting in January we will begin our 2017 rankings and prospect rankings as we continue to prepare for another season.


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27 thoughts on “2017 Dynasty/Keeper Rankings: Top 200”

  1. Awesome work as usual. I have a keeper question.

    12 team keeper league
    Keep 10 major league keepers
    Keep 7 minor league keepers(<100 IP, <300 AB's)

    OBP, R, SB, RBI, Total bases
    ERA, whip, K, wins + quality starts, holds+saves
    C, C, 1B, SS, 2B, 3B, MI, CI, 5 OF, U, 6 SP, 3 RP

    10 Keepers
    Bryce Harper
    Nolan Arenado
    Jose Altuve
    Jose Abreu
    Starling Marte
    Nomar Mazara
    King Felix

    Other possible Keepers- Brantley, Bautista,

    Blake Snell, Dilson Herrera, Gleyber Torres, Eloy Jimenez, Anthony Alford, Derek Fisher, Josh Hader, Braden Shipley, Cody Reed, Hunter Harvey.

    Do I have the right keepers? Would you keep Brantley over King Felix or Salazar? How do you like my minors?

    I was offered David Dahl(would be a minor keeper), Strasburg and Votto for Nomar Mazara, Blake Snell and Arenado. I like Dahl more than Mazara and Strasburg possible more than Snell long term but I love Arenado. Thoughts on trade? Thanks

  2. Can’t speak for the group but here’s my thoughts. Keep Brantley over both Salazar and Felix. I realize he’s older but Bautista in an OBP league is enticing for me as well. But given your offensive depth I certainly can see retaining the additional arm. In regards to the deal I’m with you. I love the support pieces you’re getting but I’d hate to part with Arenado even considering Votto is a first round talent in an OBP league.

    1. I was thinking Brantley over king felix depending on reports. If I keep brantley it’s over king felix and not salazar. Keeping brantley last year and banking on his prodiction really hurt me.

      1. I also think bautista will gave a huge year. He will have a bigger chip in his sholder than usual. I have the 4th pick in draft.

  3. I’m in a auction keeper league. $330 salary 30 players Who would you keep out of the following players below. Salary is next to there name. I can keep up to 7 players for 3 yrs max. Each year there salary goes up $5

    JT Realmuto $3
    Trea Turner $3
    Joe Ross $3
    Aaron Nola $3
    Tyler Glasnow $3
    Luke Weaver $5 off waivers
    Ketel Marte $8
    Jackie Bradley Jr $5 off waivers
    Marcell Ozuna $3
    Byron Buxton $5 off waivers
    Adam Duvall $5 off waivers
    Jose Berrios $2
    Tanner Roark $5 off waivers
    Gregory Polanco $23
    Anthony Rizzo $42
    Kris Bryant $41

    1. Obviously Trea Turner at $3 is a no brainer. I love Jackie Bradley’s value at $5 so that’s 2 for me.
      You have a $330 salary cap as opposed to the standard $260 so I’m going all in on Bryant and Rizzo – price be damned (4 down).
      I normally would not keep a catcher, but Realmuto has proved to be reliable, and for $3 he’s a real bargain.

      The final two, Ross, Roark & Nola all have the chance to put up similar numbers. Same goes with Weaver who has less experience but bigger upside.
      Of the hitters, Duvall is a regression candidate, Ozuna is an average #3 OF, and Buxton has upside but may need another year to come around in the batting average department. Polanco is the only guaranteed hitter of the group, and the $23 price isn’t completely unreasonable, but I’m not paying $28 & $33 the following 2 years.

      I may keep Polanco with the intention of flipping him or dropping him after 2017. If pitching goes for a premium in your league then I might consider 1-2 pitchers for my final 2 spots – maybe Roark and a coin flip on the other. Your final 2 keepers will probably be replaced with someone from this year’s draft anyway so you can’t really go wrong with whichever one you pick so don’t sweat it too much.

      Since you can only keep them for three years I’d throw Glasnow back. Probably won’t start year in majors and will struggle for year or two once he’s called up for good. If you could keep him longer I’d gamble, but not for just 3 years. Same thing with Jose Berrios – great long term investment, but for three years let someone else suffer with the growing pains. Maybe gamble on either one if you can get them at the same price or cheaper in the draft.

  4. Hi. AL and NL seprate leagues 12 by 12 hitting/pitching stats. (Avg, hits, HR, rbi, runs, bb, K, errors, TB, cycle, sb, sb %. // era, whip, HR allowed, HBP, BB, K, CG/QS, SV, SV %, IP, no hitters

    $280 keepr (4 max 3 years) again in each AL and NL. (Pitching seems to always be at a premium. Ie, Price went for $50 last year.

    My question is in AL keepers;

    1. Sale $38
    2. Pomeranz $1
    3. Manea. $1
    4. Osuna. $16
    5. Tillman. $8
    6. Gallo. $1
    7. Pillar. $5

    Leaning to 2 options. (1. Spending money; Sale $38, Osuna $16, Tillman $8 and one of Mnea or Pomeranz.). (2. Starting cheap and starting with “ok” but cheap rotation; Manea $1, Pomeranz $1, Tillman $8 and…? Not sure, leaning towards Osuna)


    1. C Seager $1
    2. Syndergaard $3
    3. Carpenter $5

    4. Murphy $17
    5. Roark $9
    6. Baez $5
    7. Reyes $5 ***
    8. Herrera $3
    9. Arcia $3 ***

    *** pre draft (reverse order of finish last year, second place)) $3 rookie selection.

    First three are obvious IMO, but after that, torn between keeping Reyes so somebody doesnt get him cheap, and same for arcia. banking on Murphy’s ability to perform well again and same for Roark.


    1. Can’t speak for the group but for me the AL is Sale, Osuna, Manae, and Pomeranz. Pillar would be the only other one I’d consider. Tillman looks good on paper but don’t buy into 2016. As for the NL Murphys the easy choice. Between he and Carpenter you’ll be very versatile on draft day.

    2. For the AL I’m going with your top 4 in order, and agree with the top3 of the NL. With the fourth I’d go with Baez. He’s only $5 and will qualify for 2B/3B/SS so nice cheap versatility. He won’t get full-time at bats, but he’ll get enough to count in an NL only. I considered Murphy, but the price is a little high for what I think he’ll do – I’m one of those not buying the new found power at at age 31, now 32. Don’t worry about losing Reyes/Arcia; you can get Reyes back probably at the same price and whoever takes Arcia will have to deal with his struggles and eventual demotion back to AAA. You can scoop him off waivers then if you still believe.

  5. Can Josh be fired for putting trout 5? If he ranked him 2nd I probably still would’ve posted this. Would love to see this reasoning.

    1. No disciplinary action as of yet Matt. I can assure you though the idea has crossed their mind a time or ten. My ranking hinges on SB uncertainty and increased GB profile. Trout stole 27 bases in 2014 and 2015 combined. Are we certain 25 plus is the standard moving forward? If so then my defense is even more useless. Three year rise in GB rate could also make 30 HR annually difficult. I really tried to take the 5 year window into consideration. Ultimately I feel Harper has more 2015’s then 2016, Betts offers much the same but with a better cast around him, Bryant offers multi-position eligibility with his elite numbers, and Arrenado could have the best 4×4 outlook of all the options.

  6. Would love some opinions on my keeper options!

    Hitters – I can keep 5, and have narrowed it down to:

    K. Seager
    T. Frazier

    Think I’ll go with Blackmon, Correa, K. Seager, Yelich, and Springer. Sure, Buxton is a hot prospect, but I don’t know if he will ever reach his full potential, and if so, how long it will take? I figure Yelich is a poor mans Buxton – his ceiling may not be as high, but he is only 25, and proven to be a balanced threat (avg., SB, with a few HR and RBI). Keeping Contreras over K. Seager crossed my mind – Contreras is in a potent lineup, and could put up 15-20HR, 60-70 RBI, .260 average – if he can do that at the catcher position, I’d be happy, as I have had problems with this roster spot over the years.

    Pitchers – I can keep 3:


    Syndergaard is a no brainer, and am leaning towards Archer and Cole. Tempted to take Darvish, but he is a bit older, and injuries have me worried. I am also tempted to take Urias over Cole or Archer, but he is young, and the Dodgers are looking to limit his innings again this year. It might be a year or two before he is a consistent threat – years where I would have a sure thing with Cole or Archer.


    1. Seems like you’ve thought everything through. Personally my 5 hitters would be Blackmon, Correa, Seager, Springer and Yelich as well. If it is a 2 Catcher league then Contreras would enter the conversation especially if you only have 3 OF. For the Pitchers it’s Syndergaard, Darvish, and Archer rather decisively. I get the hesitation with Darvish but the upside is worth the gamble. I like Urias the talent but it could be another 2 or 3 years before he reaches elite status.

  7. 12 team keeper league
    Keep 10 major league keepers
    Keep 7 minor league keepers(<100 IP, <300 AB's)

    OBP, R, SB, RBI, Total bases
    ERA, whip, K, wins + quality starts, holds+saves
    C, C, 1B, SS, 2B, 3B, MI, CI, 5 OF, U, 6 SP, 3 RP

    10 Keepers
    Bryce Harper
    Nolan Arenado
    Jose Altuve
    Jose Abreu
    Starling Marte
    Nomar Mazara

    Other possible Keepers- Brantley, Bautista,

    Blake Snell, Dilson Herrera, Gleyber Torres, Eloy Jimenez, Anthony Alford, Derek Fisher, Josh Hader, Braden Shipley, Cody Reed, Hunter Harvey.

    Do I have the right keepers?

    Should I trade Tulo, Marte and Gleybar Torres for Boegarts and Devers. I really don't want to give up Marte and may try to see if Mazara would work.

    1. I personally would prefer either Brantley or Bautista over Tulo with my preference being Bautista. That said if you’re able to pull the deal your numbers would work themselves out. Marte and Torres would be a rather steep price for Xander so I’d certainly prefer going the Mazara route if that would work. As for the prospects I’m not the most qualified person to assist with that. Personally I’d throw back Fisher, Harvey, and Shipley.

  8. Looking for some help on narrowing my keepers down as well. 12 team league 10 keepers a piece. I am trying to narrow my last couple slots down. Last year we had skewed scoring system and pitchers were more valuable then hitters so this year we tinkered and they will be more evened out, which is good cause my pitching department hurts.

    Rougned Odor
    Joey Votto
    Buster Posey
    Trea Turner
    Nomar Mazara
    AJ Pollock
    Carlos Santana
    Gregory Polanco
    Byron Buxton
    Carlos carrasco
    Michael Fulmer
    Matt Harvey

    Having a tough time narrowing down to 10. Last year we kept only 5 and I kept Pollock and harvey and held on all season while my league mates tried to buy them low for me so I am wondering if in Harvey’s case I am being too stubborn hoping he gets back to form, I am planning on keeping the 3 pitchers cause I think that will be heavily kept in my league and don’t want to end up with table scraps. any opinions or insight would greatly help my dilemma here. Also, mazara was hot and I looked great for taking him in my draft last year then he kind of cooled off. I am really struggling how to value a guy like that, I mean he took the position and never really looked back playing time wise where as I was sitting on buxton and he wasn’t even every day guy for chunks of the year. i have about had it with Buxton and then he got hot at the end of the year.

    1. I believe 9 are pretty easy choices: Machado, Votto, Posey, Turner, Odor, Pollock, Polanco, Carrasco, and Fulmer. The scoring favoring pitching suggest to me it’s a points format. If that’s the case I feel Harvey would still be the choice if I were looking for upside. If more safe/steady production is what you desire then Santana is a very under appreciated points player. I’m married with 4 kids so old and boring players excite me more than those we’re waiting onto blossom. If that’s your preference I’d go Buxton over Mazara as I feel his ceiling will be more valuable.

  9. I need to get down to 8 keepers in a 7×6 league. I’ve narrowed it down to the following. There’s some obvious ones but I’m struggling with my last 2 spots.

    Corey Seager, Giancarlo Stanton, Kyle Seager, Buster Posey, Todd Frazier, Jason Kipnis, Jon Lester, Kenta Maeda, Andrew Miller, Julio Urias, Lucas Giolito.

    Thank you for your time and help!

    1. I’m assuming 12 team league here, and if that’s the case I’d go with the order you have. I’m in a 12 team 7×7 with 8 keepers, and before we expanded to include 2 minor league slots almost every prospect outside of like the cream of the crop were let go. If you’re really set on keeping one of Giolito or Urias I’d let Kipnis go since 2B is so deep. I might consider Miller over Kipnis as well, but only if you count holds.

    1. My apologies Mr. Trout. Your ranking was not about what you won’t do but more about preferring the other options. If you could guarantee me 25 bags annually and that GB lean not continuing I’ll happily recall my ranking.

  10. I can keep 9 players. Salary increases each year by $5 if you continue to keep the player. Here are my hitters and then pitchers who I am considering to keep. Its a 12 man standard Roto league. 14 hitters and 9 pitchers start each week.

    Here are the values for the 2017 year. League Champs last year, need to repeat!


    Gary Sanchez -7
    N. Cruz – 30
    Cargo – 32
    Polonco -16
    Springer – 16
    Kinsler – 25
    Anthony Rendon – 19
    Corey Seager – 11

    Carlos Martinez – 13
    Fulmer – 7
    Urias – 6
    Taillon – 6
    McCullers -7
    Madea – 11
    Price – 29
    G. Cole -22


    1. Nice options, here’s my preferences: Sanchez @12, Cruz @35, Polanco @21, Springer @21, Seager @16, Maeda @16, Taillon @11, Fulmer @12, and Rendon @24…….if you were to keep 9…..personally may throw Cruz, Rendon or Fulmer/Taillon back depending on available players as those values aren’t great.

      1. Thanks for the reply! Actually, the values I posted are for the upcoming year (2017) I already account for the $5 increase. So deduct $5 from everyone in your reply. Would that change you mind on anyone? Thanks again for a second opinion.

        1. I’d certainly keep the full 9. Martinez and Price have good value potential but ultimately I prefer the money savings at SP

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