Week 14 Waiver Wire

It’s playoff time which means every pickup could be the difference from being a champion or just another playoff team

This time of the year most of the guys you are looking to add to give you a title are running backs filling in for injured starters. Receivers that are still available, are in many cases, still available for a reason. It is time to stock up on your, and other, handcuff options.

With each passing week in FAAB leagues you need to look at how much the playoff teams have left. It might not seem like much but your $15 might be second most. 

If there are any players in your league that don’t show up on the list feel free to ask in the comment section below or on Twitter.

And like I always say, you know your league better than I do. Some of these bids might be far too high, some too low. Depth of the league and your roster construction has a lot to do with how much to bid as well. However, at this point, there is little reason not to spend whatever remaining FAAB dollars you have stashed away.

      FAAB Burn waiver claim


Dontrelle Inman WR 5-12% No


Alfred Morris RB 3-10% No


Mike Gillislee RB 3-10% No


Malcolm Mitchell WR 5-7% No


Taylor Gabriel WR 3-5% No


Tyler Lockett WR 0-5% No


Anquan Boldin WR 0-5% No


Tedd Ginn Jr WR 0-5% No


Bilal Powell RB 0-5% No


Jacquizz Rodgers/Charles Sims RB 0-5% No


Chris Hogan WR 0-5% No


DuJuan Harris RB 0-5% No


Jalen Richard RB 0-5% No


Cameron Artis-Payne RB 0-5% No


Adrian Peterson RB 0-5% No

Dontrelle Inman – Still loving that playoff schedule for him. Should be a great flex options for those in need, or those wanting to block someone in need of a flex.

Alfred Morris – Best handcuff out there

Mike Gillislee – Starting to become a semi decent weekly play for deep leagues. Mainly here for the handcuff value.

Malcolm Mitchell – I think he is still a borderline WR 3/4 with the weather getting colder and some tough matchups coming.

Taylor Gabriel – An electric player. You just never know when he is going to break one.

Tyler Lockett – Maybe he has finally turned the corner and is healthy. If he is he might win some leagues.

Anquan Boldin – With Marvin Jones hurt he gets bumped up in the pecking order.

Tedd Ginn Jr. – Turning it on lately with some big plays and nice target totals.

Bilal Powell – Forte is getting up there in age. He is here mainly as an insurance policy handcuff.

Jacquizz Rodgers/Charles Sims Not sure if Sims returns this week. If he does I want him. If he doesn’t I still might want him. I assume Martin is fine and Sims should return for week 15, which is the week you would need the handcuff for.

Chris Hogan – Danny Amendola might be out for the rest of the regular season. Hogan played more snaps than any Patriot receiver yesterday.

DuJuan Harris – Pure handcuff if something happens to Hyde.

Jalen Richard – I think he is the Latavius handcuff right now.

Cameron Artis-Payne – With the Panthers in a lost year any little ding might keep Stewart out, even if it is something that players typically play through.

DeAngelo Williams – I think he is close to a return. He has no value unless Bell is hurt. So even if he isn’t active this week it really doesn’t matter because Bell would be active.

Playoff Streamers

A lot of people stream the quarterback and defense positions on a weekly basis. Now is the time of the year that you might want to hold two, or maybe even three of these players for the playoff run. Below are some options to grab now if you have the space to possibly pair together for a playoff run.

These are all players under 70% owned – many might be owned, but these options might be out there.


Week 14

  • Jameis Winston vs. Saints
  • Andy Dalton @ Browns
  • Colin Kaepernick vs. Jets
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick @ 49ers
  • Jared Goff vs. Falcons

Week 15

  • Tyrod Taylor @ Browns
  • Colin Kaepernick @ Falcons

Week 16

  • Jameis Winston @ Saints
  • Blake Bortles vs. Titans

Week 17 (if you play this week)

  • Jameis Winston vs. Panthers
  • Blake Bortles @ Colts
  • Tyrod Taylor @ Jets

I would look to add Winston and Taylor if possible and play the matchups for those three weeks. Winston might not be an option so a Dalton and Taylor option isn’t too bad either. When everyone drops Kaepernick on waivers, add him because nothing changed. It was a bad game; if he plays he is a fine option.


Week 14

  • Bengals @ Browns
  • Texans @ Colts
  • Jets @ 49ers
  • Lions vs. Bears
  • Falcons @ Rams

Week 15

  • Packers @ Bears
  • Dolphins @ Jets
  • Bills vs. Browns
  • Raiders @ Chargers
  • Texans vs. Jaguars
  • Falcons vs. 49ers

Week 16

  • Packers vs. Vikings
  • Bengals @ Texans
  • Raiders vs. Colts
  • Chargers @ Browns
  • Rams vs. 49ers
  • Titans @ Jaguars

Week 17 (if you play this week)

  • Bills @ Jets
  • Cowboys @ Eagles
  • Steelers vs. Browns

If I could I would do what I could to get the Bengals this week. They are a pretty big step above the other options this week. Looking to the future I love the Texans, Bills and Dolphins for week 15. The Raiders are a fine option as well as Rivers is usually good for a turnover or two and possibly a pick six.

If you can’t snag the Bengals the Texans might be a good option as the Colts surrender a good amount of sacks and can be forced into turnovers. Then the Texans are set up for a great week 15 matchup with the Jaguars.

The Titans, Chargers, and Bengals are nice options for championship week. Definitely play ahead for week 15. Week 16 will be important, but it isn’t a necessity to grab a week 16 option now as heading into week 16 only one other team will be alive. Right now just about every playoff team might be looking to week 15 matchups for defenses.


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

4 thoughts on “Week 14 Waiver Wire”

  1. I’m stumped on what to do with my TE Bennett. I’m on a 3 week skid and am thinking of benching him until things turn around for him (probably won’t happen this week vs BAL). It looks like I’ll still make the playoffs even with a loss this week tho. Brate is available with decent matchups ROS. Who is the drop candidate out of Dixon, Inman (I have Tyrell), or Damian Williams (I have Ajayi)? I could also pick up the rams, Texans, or dolphins DST. I currently have Denver. FYI playoffs weeks 15-17.

    Thanks and hope you’ve had better luck these last few weeks. I never thought I’d have to worry about Brees and Cooks as much as I was/am.

    1. This week I would prefer Brate to Bennett. I wouldnt completely get rid of Bennett though. Inman would be my drop to get Brate.

      I would roll with the Broncos. No matter the matchup they are a top-five play. If you want to avoid it they play the Patriots in week 15. If you want to grab the Texans but I wouldnt prioritize it.

      I am doing either good or bad depending on the league. I made the playoffs everywhere but one of my teams limped in while the other two are on the upswing.

        1. With Brate’s remaining schedule probably a tossup. Green has the higher ceiling.

          I dont buy that Green is all of a sudden a top five tight end but he is as good of a bet as any to put up nice numbers. I would rather have Green than Brate but would be fine if I ended up with either.

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