Buy Low Sell High Week 10


This week won’t be the typical buy low sell high article.

With the trade deadline either this week or next, much of this article will be showing players to target for a playoff run and players to get rid of.

Get ready for your playoff run by targeting some of these guys, or help your team get to the playoffs by targeting some guys with nice regular seasons schedules.

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If you are in the playoffs already or are a near lock. The following players have good matchups for weeks 14-16

The Falcons
@Rams, vs. 49ers, @Panthers

There are a lot of elite and near elite options here. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will cost a pretty penny, but should have a great playoff run. I like the passing game more, but it’s hard to overlook having Devonta Freeman or Tevin Coleman for a great matchup against the 49ers in week 15.

Chargers passing game
@Panthers, vs. Raiders, vs. Browns

Philip Rivers and Tyrell Williams are much lower level end players to target. Rivers has had a pretty solid season and heads into his bye this week. Williams is the team’s top option in the passing game and might come at a higher cost after a breakout game this week.

The Buccaneers
vs. Saints, @Cowboys, @Saints

Winston might be someone you can grab off the waiver wire. In leagues where you are streaming you can’t ask for much better than the Saints twice in three weeks. Doug Martin and Mike Evans are both obvious targets with their skill level and potential success in the Saints matchups.

Johnathan Stewart
vs. Chargers, @Redskins, vs. Falcons

Wrote about him last week. Nothing has changed between then and now, other than you might be able to buy him a little lower.

Lamar Miller
@Colts, vs. Jaguars, vs. Bengals

You might be able to buy a little cheap after potentially getting dinged this week. All three matchups for Miller are great, and while Miller hasn’t been elite this year, he has been getting work every week and is the focal point of the offense.

Dez Bryant
vs. Bears, @Giants, @Cowboys

He is going to be up and down; it’s just what happens when you are in a run first offense. The matchups and potential game scripts for the playoffs are all good for Bryant who, when targeted, is an elite option.


Now not all of us are lucky enough to have a playoff spot clinched. For those of you fighting for a playoff spot and weeks 11-13 are essentially an extension of the playoffs, here are some guys to help you get in.

The Cardinals
@Vikings, @Falcons, vs. Redskins

If you can wait until after the Vikings game to buy, but a lot of trade deadlines will be past by then. The Vikings also haven’t been the elite defense they were at the start of the season. The Falcons are a great matchup for the passing game, and the Redskins are a great matchup for the run game.

The Panthers
vs. Saints, @Raiders, @Seahawks

The first two matchups are great. While the Seahawks are a bit scary, they haven’t been the shut down Seahawks every week. The Saints and Raiders matchups are great for any part of the Panthers offense. It doesn’t hurt that Stewart also has nice playoff matchups.

The Steelers
@Browns, @Colts, vs. Giants

If you can afford to sell the farm for one of the triplets and need to win out to get into the playoffs, they might be the best option out of everyone to help get into the playoffs.

Robert Woods
@Bengals, vs. Jaguars, @Raiders

Woods might come off the waiver wire with the Bills coming off of the bye. The Jaguars and Raiders are the matchups you are hoping for here.


Marcus Mariota
vs. Broncos, @Chiefs, @Jaguars

He is an obvious sell high right now anyway. The touchdown rate is unsustainable, and on top of that he has a rough week 14 and 15. If, and odds are you can, you can stash Mariota and start another quarterback those weeks you are set up really nicely for a matchup with the Jaguars for a championship.

Jay Ajayi
vs. Cardinals, @Jets, @Bills

I am not saying sell for anything. Right now Ajayi is a top-10 player. If you can swap him out and get an elite level player like Julio Jones, Le’Veon Bell, or someone else in that elite category I would do it. He has one of the worst playoff matchups of any player.


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7 thoughts on “Buy Low Sell High Week 10”

  1. QB: Winston
    RB: Ware, Stewart, Ajayi, Rawls, C West, Damian Williams 
    WR: Julio, Mike Evans, Alshon Jeffery, Tyrell Williams, Crowder 
    TE: Miller,  Bennett 
    DST: Broncos,  Washington

    Looking for some advice on who the drop is for a kicker this week….im thinking C West or Miller. Also, who would be the 2nd drop for a handcuff like Morris. With Miller though Im thinking his targets may increase even more with jeffery sspd. I’d really like to trade some of this depth for some studs… Which players would you sell right now? I feel like I have a lot of mid level RBs. Our trade deadline isn’t until next week BTW. As always thanks for any advice.

    1. Miller should be getting a nice boost with Jeffery suspended. Owning Ware makes me want to hang on to West but I am starting to doubt Wests actual ability.

      But when it comes down to it I dont want to carry 2 tight ends if I dont have to. I would wait it out until Saturday or Sunday to make the drop so no one can grab them until after the week.

      The lowest three on your team right now are probably Miller, West, Jeffery. Jeffery will be back week 15. But remember he wasnt lighting the world on fire before he was suspended.

      Ajayi I guess would be your sell but I really dont know what you could really get to help you out. And I still think Ajayi is an elite level back rest of season.

      Maybe try to package Miller with a running back to try to get a higher level QB. You have a lot of RB depth with Rawls now as an RB4.

      1. I have been high on Winston for the playoffs, but do u think the difference between Brees and Winston is more than the difference between Ajayi and Freeman? Freeman/Brees owner is on the verge of missing the playoffs and has Freeman on bye. Would trading those pieces plus Miller or Rawls make sense for the playoffs?

        1. It is very close. The playoff difference between the 2 might not be that much. I would think I would pass on that. I cant fault if you want to do it though.

          While it is nice to consolidate talent at this time it doesnt hurt if you are playing keep away from your playoff opponents.

    2. Man don’t drop miller, alshon is suspended, Miller is THE guy now in chicago, Cutler loves him… Cut C West, he’ll do nothing all year he’s just a terrible handcuff. I would Sell Ajayi because of the playoffs, and Bennett because gronk is out now and maybe people will try everything to get bennett U can get something good for him! The rest U should stick with It. Good Luck

  2. Should I trade Blount for Rawls and DeSean Jackson?
    This is my team, Brady, David Johnson, Blount, Steve Smith, Sanders, Corey Coleman, Gronk, L Green, Barnidge, Funchess, Lambo, Dustin Hopkins, Broncos, Bills, Booker, Bibbs.

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