Waiver Wire Week 10

The regular season is winding down, and that means it is nearing the time to empty the bank or use those waiver priorities.

There are a few potential league winning type players on this week’s wire. I could see the likes of Kapri Bibbs, Dion Lewis, Paul Perkins, J.J. Nelson, Adrian Peterson, and Sammy Watkins all have big playoff stretches that win people titles. These guys could also easily end up doing next to nothing or being the reason you get sent home early.

There will be people out there that will say, “Yea, Watkins might be back, but will you really start him?” Maybe, maybe not. But playing defense in fantasy is actually a thing. Letting Watkins sit on the wire so you can have someone like Chris Thompson or Jerick McKinnon on the end of the bench collecting dust.

Don’t just worry about making your team better, don’t let other teams in your league get better.

If there are any players in your league that don’t show up on the list feel free to ask in the comment section below or on Twitter.

And like I said before, you know your league better than I do. Some of these bids might be far too high, some too low. Depth of the league and your roster construction has a lot to do with how much to bid as well. 

  Player Position FAAB Burn waiver priority?


Tim Hightower RB 15-20% Yes


Rob Kelley RB 15-20% Yes


Kapri Bibbs RB 15-20% Yes


Dion Lewis RB 10-15% Yes


DuJuan Harris RB 10-15% No


Paul Perkins RB 10-15% No


Peyton Barber RB 10-15% No


J.J. Nelson WR 7-12% No


Adrian Peterson RB 0-7% No


Sammy Watkins WR 0-7% No


C.J. Prosise RB 0-7% No


Chris Thompson RB 0-7% No


Alfred Morris RB 0-5% No


Damien Williams RB 0-5% No


James Starks RB 0-5% No


Marqise Lee WR 0-5% No


Tyreek Hill WR 0-5% No


Ronnie Hillman RB 0-5% No


Kenneth Farrow RB 0-5% No


Dontrelle Inman WR 0-5% No

Tim Hightower – He had more work than Ingram, and while he hasn’t been great, he hasn’t been bad enough to not keep a role moving forward. The Saints all of a sudden have decided they want to run the ball after benching their top option, so Hightower will be a weekly flex play until Ingram takes the role back. All it takes is one fumble for Hightower to just take over.

Rob Kelley – Gruden said Kelley is the early down guy and Jones will have to earn his carries back. I don’t love Kelley’s skills, but I don’t love Jones’ either. I think this ends up turning into a mess no one wants part of.

Kapri Bibbs – I think someone out there didn’t interpret the quotes the way they were supposed to, but maybe I am wrong (who knows), and it sent the fantasy world into a mad panic.

I take this as the gap closes from what it was, not that it flips into Bibbs’s favor. Some fantasy news sites and analysts (not naming names) have taken this as Bibbs is about to be the guy taking over as the lead back. I probably won’t get Bibbs anywhere because of this report, but I am fine with that. Remember this is the same line that made it tough for Anderson and Booker to do really well.

Dion Lewis – Nearing a return, and if you need a spark he could be it. I still worry about him, but at this point in the year there aren’t too many players with upside like his.

DuJuan Harris – Carlos Hyde is still not sure about playing in week 10. Harris filled in admirably with over 140 total yards and a receiving touchdown. He is the number two in a run first and run often offense, also the number two behind a guy who is currently hurt and always seems to be hurt.

Paul Perkins – After the talk he would earn more work he did get it. Perkins didn’t do a lot with it, but he didn’t have anywhere to go. I think the backfield flips in his favor sooner rather than later.

Peyton Barber – Doug Martin still isn’t practicing as of Monday. With everyone else injured Barber is set for a big workload Sunday.

J.J. Nelson – Possibly the fantasy receiver to win leagues down the stretch. Upside is huge, but there will be two-point weeks.

Adrian Peterson – He is nearing a return. It is definitely a risk, but look at the guys in this area – who would you rather take a chance on?

Sammy Watkins – See the guy I just wrote about.

C.J. Prosise – No one in the Seattle running game did much. He split snaps with Michael again, actually had more snaps in a game the Seahawks had a lead or tie most of the game, and has a role as a pass catcher. If Rawls wasn’t about to return he would be much higher on the list.

Chris Thompson – Always going to have a role, just not one that you ever want to start. Limited upside, but a decent floor. You could do worse.

Alfred Morris – Keep putting him here because he needs to be owned. If something happens to Elliott he is a RB1.

Damien Williams – Like Morris, he needs to be owned. Every Ajayi owner should already have him, but if not, take the league winning upside handcuff. The Dolphins line is one of the best in the league, and if Williams gets the chance to get a full workload behind the line he could be great as well.

James Starks – As time goes on I don’t know what his role will be. The offense isn’t firing on all cylinders, but it’s not like Starks is a guy who comes in and makes the offense good again.

Marqise Lee – He is weirdly the safest of the Jaguars receivers to play on a weekly basis.

Ronnie Hillman – Took a decent amount of work this past week and, for what it’s worth, put up the best numbers.

Kenneth Farrow – Only because the insane workload for Melvin Gordon might end up with Gordon injured at some point.

Dontrelle Inman – Always on the field with a great quarterback.

Deep league targets

Running Back: Wendell Smallwood (PHI),  Kenneth Dixon (BAL), Dwayne Washington (DET), Mike Davis (SF), Cameron Artis-Payne (CAR).

Wide Receiver: Rishard Matthews (TEN), Robby Anderson (NYJ), Cameron Meredith (CHI), Kendell Wright (TEN)

Tight End: C.J. Fiedorowicz (HOU), Lance Kendricks (STL)

Quarterback Streamers

Carson Palmer vs. 49ers: He isn’t out there, but he is in enough that I want to put him here just in case he is after an up and down season and a bye week.

Joe Flacco vs. Browns: Fantastic matchup at home. Flacco hasn’t been good, but there should be some nice positive regression here.

Colin Kaepernick @ Cardinals: It is never going to be pretty, but the numbers are going to be there because of the same rushing yards. He is going to be a streaming option just about every week.

Ryan Tannehill @ Chargers: The offense flows through the run game, but the Chargers have an unsung run defense and can be beat through the air. I don’t love him, but if you can’t get one of the guys higher on the list he’s here.

Trevor Siemian @ Saints: Sunday night was atrocious. I think the Saints defense might be worse. This is all about the matchup and zero about the ability. If you have to start him cross your fingers.

Defense Streamers

Texans @ Jaguars: On the waiver wire a lot of places because of the week nine bye. A juicy matchup against Mr. Turnover this week, should be an easy top-10 play.

Ravens vs. Browns: A short week for a young quarterback on the road against a solid defense. Sign me up.

Packers @ Titans: The Titans have let opposing defenses and special teams score seven touchdowns so far this season. I don’t believe in the Packers defense, but nine times out of 10 when you are looking to stream it’s about the matchup.


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Andy Germani

Written by 

I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

17 thoughts on “Waiver Wire Week 10”

  1. 12 team league: 0.5PPR + 15y-returns:

    QB Carr
    WR Green
    WR Evans
    WR Jeffery
    RB Miller
    RB Gore
    TE Gronk
    W/R/T C.Coleman

    BN T.Taylor, QB
    BN Henry, RB
    BN Morris, RB
    BN Powell, RB
    BN Dixon, RB
    BN Perkins, RB

    Would you make any changes to my bench? Some RB stashs on the wire are Damien Williams, Farrow, Richard, Starks. Is it worth holding someone like Dixon or drop him for a higher upside handcuff like Williams / Farrow? Richard has more value for his return yards.

    1. Not much to change there. Out of the waiver guys you listed plus Dixon Dixon is the only one who can take a job over without an injury.

      The upside is with Williams but he needs an injury. Dixon could take the role over at some point but its not sure thing. And no knowing if he is actually good.

      If you want to go with another high upside guy it would be Williams or Farrow over Dixon.

  2. Happy Election Day!? Ha! How’s it going? All season I thought the week 9 bye would result in a loss for my team, because half my team was on bye (Brady, Gronk, J. White, G. Bernard, Eifert, John Brown, Fiedorowicz). However, on Thursday Evans and Julio went bonkers and scored a ton of points. So, I dropped Fiedorowicz and started Kendricks. Then I picked up McCown, but he didn’t get the start, so I dropped him for Kaepernick. Sunday night L. Murray scored a ton of points too and week 9 was mine. After the game I looked at the waiver wire and Kelly was available, so I dropped my kicker (sea) and scooped him up. Overall, pretty good week.

    Now for this week; I have a high priority waiver # but I’m not sure if I’ll use it. Bibbs is the only one from your list of YES that is available. Should it be used?Yes or No? Also, there is no mention of Ivory. Someone dropped him with the week 9 bye. What’s your thoughts?

    My team:
    Qb Brady
    Wr Evans
    Wr Julio
    Wr Landry
    Rb G. Bernard
    Rb J. White
    Te Gronk
    Flex Eifert
    Bench L. Murray, Kelly, Morris, D. Williams (pit), John Brown
    Ir Rawls
    Dropping Kap and Kendricks, which leaves me with one bench slot open.

    And Lastly, if your streaming def what week do you start dropping players for def’s (playoffs 14-16)? And who are good def to have?

    Thanks for your time and advise. Always helpful.

    1. Going well. I am not watching TV and trying to avoid social media today as to not drive myself insane.

      Congrats on the week 9 win. The ones you never expect to win and then pull off are some of the most satisfying.

      I had a similar one but I am killed by injuries right now and not byes. Had three waiver wire starts and got a combined like 2 points from Dez and Marvin Jones. Just had a lot of other positions go off.

      Bibbs isn’t interesting enough for me to use it in your case. The yes or no is really just in a vacuum would I and in your case I would hold out for something better.

      Some reasons why are noted up in the post. If you are pretty much a lock for the playoffs I would save it for that handcuff that was unowned and becomes a top 15 type option immediately.

      When it comes to streaming defenses once I clear my bye weeks and have my handcuffs sorted out. Each league is different in terms of when exactly.

      Safe bet is to say week 13 but if there are some really great ones week 12. What I typically do is hold two at a time come playoff time. I will grab one I like for week 15 before week 14 and then swap out the one I played in week 14 with one I like for week 16.

      Under 65% owned in ESPN in no particular order
      Week 14: Bengals, Jets
      Week 15: Patriots, Bills, Packers, Jets, Ravens, Texans
      Week 16: Patriots, Bills, Packers, Chargers, Giants

      Things will change with those. Guys will get hurt. Other QBs will turn into good matchups but as it stands now Pats and Bills are looking like my favorite picks for the playoffs. Solid defenses and good matchups. After that it is all about the matchup and the defenses really arent that great.

  3. Hey Andy, checking in once again.

    QB: Carr, Winston
    RB: Stewart, Gore, Michael, Lewis, Henry
    WR: Evans, Hopkins, Robinson, Baldwin, Watkins (IR)
    TE: Rudolph
    DEF: Eagles

    I’m sitting at 6-3 (with 6 acquisitions left) and focused mainly on the playoffs at this point. To that end, I’m thinking of picking up the Bills defense who get the Steelers, Browns, and Dolphins at home in the middle of December for the 3 playoff weeks. Though Philly has some decent matchups themselves, and their D/ST has a nose for the end zone, so maybe that’s not needed.

    I am worried about Michael at this point and I’ve been trying desperately to trade him (Michael and Robinson for Miller, or Blount, or Bell, or Gurley)….so far no takers….anyone else you’d take in return for that combo?

    Tevin Coleman is available on waivers and I’m thinking of using my #4 waiver priority on him and dropping Henry. If I can pull a trade I might try to grab the Buffalo defense with my empty slot, otherwise I dunno if I have room for them.

    Also, Gates is available, but has a bye coming up in week 11. I’m thinking even with the bye, he might be more valuable than Rudolph the rest of the way.

    1. The Eagles D isnt great but I wouldnt waste a move on another defense right now. Not worth it to me.

      Michael’s value has bottomed out. At this point I would be looking at targeting a low-end RB2 before Rawls comes backs and he is just a wasted bench spot. If you can get like Stewart or Ware that would be worth it.

      I would grab Coleman over Henry for sure. Hes hurt but should be back for the playoff run.

      Gates vs. Rudolph is close but I dont think the difference is big enough to potentially be down to three moves rest of season, if you end up getting the Bills, Coleman, and Gates. Also need to remember when Henry is around Gates isnt going to get the same work he did last week.

  4. QB: Winston
    RB: Ware, Stewart, Ajayi, Rawls, C West, Morris
    WR: Julio, Mike Evans, Alshon Jeffery, Corey Coleman
    TE: Bennett,  Ebron
    DST: Broncos
    K: Lambo
    1 empty spot as of tomorrow.
    With Ware’s status I’m basically forced to hold west right? I’d also like to hold Morris. I’m not sure if Ebron is a hold or drop with him being the top receiver on Detroit lately. Please rank these pickups: Eli Manning, Kelley, Bibbs, jj Nelson, Zach Miller, Damian Williams or Paul Perkins. As always, thanks for any advice.

    1. Short responseses here. At work and our internet is out so this is coming in via mobile internet.

      West is pretty much a must hold for any Ware owner as a cuff and with his status up in the air.

      I would rank them how they are above. Eli and Miller above Williams.

  5. Do you like Carr or Taylor ROS and playoffs (14-16)? Is it worth holding both or can I run with one and use the other slot for a stash?

    1. Short responseses here. At work and our internet is out so this is coming in via mobile internet.

      It’s Carr for me. With both on bye I would dump Tyrod over Carr if I needed someone right now

  6. What’s up? Hope you’re well. What do you think about Kelly after the news of him being the guy in Was? Also, what about D. Williams surgery. Is the other rb Toussaint worth a pick up consideration?

    1. Kelley gets a bump but I still dont love him. It really just depends on how much you liked Matt Jones to this point. I think they are fairly similar but Kelley doesnt really fumble much. No pass game value whatsoever.

      I wouldnt bother with Toussaint. If something happens to Bell right now I think they would just lean on the passing game. Would probably rather have Karlos Williams actually. I would think a Bell injury would lead to him being the guy I want. I wouldnt burn a roster spot on any of those backups though.

      In the case of Sanders I just cant trust the QB. Its one thing in Houston or Jacksonville where you cant trust the QB but there is no one else to really threaten the receiver talent with but Demaryius is there in Denver. It is a passing game that will throw for 200-250 yards per week with 2 good receiving options and then the other guys will get some work too. Just not worth it to me.

      1. D. Williams is out until week 14. Do you think he’s a hold or drop? And what did you think about Dixons game Thursday? Also, Henry is on waiver, but I would have to use a high waiver claim for him. Yes or No?

        1. He is a drop. Dixon is slowly starting to take the role from West but I dont know if he will completely or not. He is an interesting add for sure.

          I wouldnt use a high claim on Henry. See if he falls to free agency and save the priority.

    1. I really dont. I wasnt a huge Fleener fan and he continually loses snaps to Josh Hill. I would rather have Zach Miller.

      Fleener right now is mostly just hope in the offense being able to make him good with limited opportunities.

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