Buy Low/Sell High Week 8


Even the good teams are put in tough spots. There might be teams that are sitting pretty record wise, but the team is in shambles with injuries and changing situations. Other teams might have had early season struggles but hit big getting guys like Booker and Ajayi recently.

The teams with a good record but injuries or changing situations are in a really tough spot. Maybe you’re 6-2 but lost C.J. Anderson, Doug Martin, Tevin Coleman, and were counting on Jordan Howard. Just like that you have nothing and you are looking at starting Zach Zenner and Charcandrick West next week.

Do you go for the regular glory and a bye by trading away some of the healthy bodies you do have? Or, do you ride out the injuries, most likely losing the next few weeks, kissing the bye and regular season prize away to set yourself up for a playoff run.

It is hard to put a finger on what to do. If you go for the trades maybe it leads to a bye and the first overall seed prize money, but in the playoffs you lose because you traded your studs away. Maybe you make the trades and still lose while you wait for your injured players to return.

But what if it works out? What if you make the deals and get the byem and because of the bye you go all the way and win a title.

That decision is up to you. And no matter what you decide I don’t think you’re wrong.

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Buy Low

RB – Mark Ingram

After today’s three carry, negative points, and benching you might be able to get Ingram for a Pepsi, heck maybe even diet. Ingram has been frustrating owners all season. Between losing touchdowns and just not doing what he did last season people are willing to ship him for next to nothing. I would assume this benching was a one week thing. If anyone out there really thinks Tim Hightower is better than Ingram and gives them a better chance to win I have a lot of game film and stats to show you. Also, I hope you own Ingram so I can trade you a bench player for him.

Potential buy-low offer: Jamison Crowder for Ingram

WR – Brandon Marshall

He is still a great player. He might not be the top-10 receiver people hoped for on draft day but he isn’t as far off as it might seem. Right now people are panicking about the quarterback situation and that is understandable. The quarterback play hasn’t been good, but he is still averaging north of eight targets per game. I would expect him to be the focal point of the passing game every week, because who else could be.

Potential buy-low offer: Jeremy Hill for Marshall

WR – DeAndre Hopkins

I was pretty worried about him, but at this point there is no place to go but up. He is heading into his bye week now. Odds are his owners aren’t doing too hot. Their first round pick has done very little. I would think, hope, that the Texans go into the bye and find a way to get the ball to their best player more often. The targets have been there most weeks, but they are ugly targets. His receiving ability is among the best in the NFL. He just needs catchable passes thrown to him down the field. Trade for him and hope it gets resolved in the bye week. Just don’t trade for him as a top-20 receiver.

Potential buy-low offer: Frank Gore for Hopkins

WR – Tyrell Williams

He might even be on the waiver wire in some leagues after this week. I think he is the Chargers best receiver that is healthy right now. San Diego seems to just go with a bit of a revolving door number one receiver. With no real top option, all the guys get their turn being the top option. The Chargers have a really nice schedule down the stretch and I would bet on Williams to be the guy that benefits the most. It wouldn’t hurt to check in on the Philip Rivers owner as well.

Potential buy-low offer: Jerick McKinnon for Williams

WR – Alshon Jeffery

Putting here on the assumption that he has a bad game Monday night in a tough matchup before heading into the buy. With Cutler back I think Jeffery gets a significant boost.

Potential buy-low offer: Rob Kelley and Allen Robinson for Jeffery


RB – Matt Forte

His good games are pretty predictable at this point. When the Jets are going to be in games, or winning games, he is going to get near 30 touches. The thing is the Jets just aren’t good. There are going to be far more games they are trailing and don’t use Forte much and he finishes with a bad game. If Forte is just a flex for you, or you have great receivers and are playing a revolving door at your second running back spot keep him and start him when the Jets are favored or slight underdogs.

Potential sell-high offer: Forte for Jordan Reed

RB – Christine Michael

Thomas Rawls will be back soon. Michael hasn’t done anything to take the job from Rawls. He has been a fine option for fantasy, but mostly because of the touchdowns. Michael actually split snaps evenly with C.J. Prosise in a game the Seahawks were never out of. Sell him before the Rawls return in order to get some good value. If you wait until Rawls is actually back the value is going to fall a lot.

Potential sell-high offer: Michael for Dez Bryant

WR – Jordy Nelson

He had a nice game with a few big plays and found the end zone. He just isn’t a focal point of the offense. Other receivers are getting tons of targets and catches and it took the Packers not having Cobb or Montgomery to get him to have 100 yards and a touchdown. Someone out there will be buying Nelson assuming he has regained his old form, I don’t think he has.

Potential sell-high offer: Nelson for LeSean McCoy and Mike Gillislee

TE – Travis Kelce

This is the easiest call for me ever. I try to avoid the obvious ones like “sell this borderline ownable guy because he had one random big game”, but this is really close in my eyes. I will never doubt his ability. I think if you put him in a better, more pass friendly offense he is in the class with Gronk, Reed, and Olsen. Unfortunately, he is on a team that would rather run 40 times than pass 30. Spencer Ware left the game with a concussion and Charcandrick West was the only other running back active, and he later left the game. Like I said, love the talent, but I hate the situation. Sell if anyone can buy in that Kelce is back to what people thought preseason.

Potential sell-high offer: Kelce and Melvin Gordon for Le’Veon Bell


TE – Tyler Eifert

He is back and he is healthy. The offense finally has a proven number two option behind Green and a real red zone threat. Odds are the owner who has him isn’t going to sell; he probably hung on to him since the draft, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Eifert was an elite tight end option last season and should be close to that again this year.
Side note: my buy-high calls have been horrible this year. Buy at your own risk because he might get hurt or see his production fall off a cliff in the coming weeks.

Potential buy-high offer: C.J. Fiedorowicz and Julian Edelman for Eifert


WR – Jeremy Maclin

I hate to list him here because the sell-low window has been closed for a while and he had a semi-decent game this week, but there wasn’t anyone else out there I liked for this spot. Like Kelce, Maclin is just not in a good situation to succeed as anything more than a low-ceiling flex.

Potential sell-low offer: Maclin for Alfred Morris


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

26 thoughts on “Buy Low/Sell High Week 8”

  1. Great site. I check it every week. Quick question, Since I am 7-1 and well on my way to a high playoff seed, I am looking ahead to weeks 14-17 for the playoffs and possible championship(In my league we have 2 weeks for semifinals and 2 weeks for finals). Do you know any players that I can buy who have good match ups in the final 4 weeks of the season. Any players to sell that have bad match ups? Here is my roster if you need to see it.

    PPR league

    QB Carr, Rivers, Ryan
    RB Bell, Forte, Gordon, R. Matthews
    WR J. Jones, J. Nelson A. Cooper, J. Matthews, G. Tate
    TE T. Eifert, Z. Ertz
    D/st Vikings
    K Bailey

    1. The Chargers passing game (Panthers, Raiders, Browns, Chiefs)
      I love this pass game schedule for week 16 championships. While the Chiefs arent the ideal week 17 matchup it is at least at home.

      The Bucs (Saints, Cowboys, Saints, Panthers)
      Some great matchups for both the run game and passing game here. Probably the best team to target would be guys on the Bucs

      Latavius Murray/Oakland RBs (Chiefs, Chargers, Colts, Broncos)
      This one is probably best for a week 16 championship with the Colts being the championship team they face. The Broncos arent as good on run defense as people think though

      The Panthers (Chargers, Redskins, Falcons, Bucs)
      Week 16 and 17 matchups should be great for the passing game. The Chargers might be the toughest defense they face in that stretch.

      The Falcons (Rams, 49ers, Panthers, Saints)
      Great matchups for the run game in weeks 14 and 17. Panthers pass defense hasnt been good so week 16 is a nice option for the pass game

      So much of this is fluid though. All it takes is one injury to a defensive player and a team can go from a bad matchup to a great matchup in the blink of an eye. Right now I think the Chargers are a great target because of how cheap they are. I think a lot of people are starting to become aware that the Bucs get the Saints twice in the playoffs so a contending team might not want to sell those guys.

  2. I am extremely unlucky this year as I drafted Adrian Peterson and Deandre Hopkins in my first 2 rounds. I am still in the playoff hunt for my league though due to trendy waiver wire picks and a 3-4 record and possibly 4-4 pending on tonight’s game. With that all said I really want to trade a 3 for 1 deal for a top star because I have great bench depth at RB with Booker, Gordon, Stewart, Michael, Blount, and Ware. Who are your top 5 studs for the rest of the season to try to aquire via trade even if I have to send depth to get a better starting lineup.

    1. In terms of my top 5 rest of season its probably Bell, Johnson, Zeke, Brown, Julio.

      If you can somehow get Brown or Bell I would love to do that now. Both are past the bye week.

      Mike Evans is a great buy right now based on the rest of season schedule. He would be just outside my top 5 overall players. If you can buy Doug Martin for $.50 on the dollar it wouldnt be the worst idea. You just might not have him for a few more weeks.

      One thing I would recommend based on what you’re trying to do, depth for star, you have to look more at teams that need the depth and then see the studs that they have that is a better way to do it.

      For example someone might have Evans but he is their only good receiver and has a ton of RB depth so you’ll never really get anything done offering depth at RB for a WR when your surplus isnt his need.

    1. I never put anyone off limits. Mainly because you never know what someone is willing to give you for a player.

      Brown is a top two receiver for me. I would give him the nod to be #1 because he has more games remaining than my #2 Julio, Julio has a bye coming up.

      Evans has a fantastic rest of season schedule and an amazing playoff schedule getting the Saints twice.

      No problem trading them. Just make sure you get top five player value for Brown and first round type value for Evans.

  3. Thanks Andy! Not quite a Pepsi…but how about getting Ingram straight up for an injured Jacquizz Rodgers?…Yep, that just happened. Good luck guys!

    1. If you pulled it off great. But I figured someone would want more than that. Quizz might not start another game this year. A foot sprain is typically a multi week injury. I would imagine by the time he returns Martin is already back

      1. The owner is heading to the playoffs and was probably very frustrated with Ingram and liked TB’s playoff schedule. If for whatever reason Martin doesn’t come back, he’s set for the playoffs. Again thanks Andy!

  4. DJ and D Murray owner is weak at WR. Would you trade Green, ARob, and Gillislee for DJ/D Murray and Marvin Jones? That puts me weak at WR with only Evans, Marvin Jones, and what i can find in the WW…but hopefully then I can move 2 RB’s for another WR.

    1. I got a better idea, send Andy your league password and have him run your team. He can email you in December and let you know how you did.

    2. I feel like there is no chance you can get that done. You might be able to get that for just DJ. I highly doubt anyone can afford giving up 2 top 5 running backs with only getting a handcuff in return.

        1. Even then cant think someone would have the depth to deal one of those RBs without getting one in return. Its worth a shot because value wise it isnt bad but I dont think it gets accepted

  5. HI, hope your well this week. I’m good. I have three part questions. So, thanks in advance for your time.

    My team:
    Qb Brady
    Wr Julio
    Wr Evans
    Wr Landry
    Rb L. Murray
    Rb J. White
    Te Gronk
    Flex G. Bernard
    Bench Eifert, Fiedorowicz, D. Williams, A. Morris, John Brown

    After all the drama over veto trades, everything eventually worked out. I resubmitted the original offers and they passed with no further issues. Interestingly, one manager who vetoed the trade now has offered a trade for Eifert. Funny how things work. Anyway, He offered Qb Mariota for Eifert. NO. I think he’s fishing to find out what’s my value for Eifert. I still need Rb’s. He has Miller, Stewart, Duke Johnson, M. Jones and Kelly (WAS RB). What do you think?

    As far as, Ingram. Do you think wr John Brown is fair?

    Lastly, I can try to trade for rbs or pick up guys like McKinnon, Starks, Rawls, Prociose, Perkins, Dixon, etc. Basically a lot of guys on your waiver column. Trade or waiver fliers.

    1. If you can somehow get Miller or Stewart for Eifert that would be great. I would do Eifert plus White or Latavius in order to get either one of those guys.

      I would much rather have Ingram than Brown but I could see someone taking Brown. Every Ingram owner is different. Some will still have RB2 valuation some will give him away for anything. I really could see someone laughing at that trade and someone else jumping at that offer.

      The guys in the waiver column are ownable players but there is a reason they are widely unowned. Mainly the role. In your spot you need a good RB for the bye weeks and just based on some of the guys you have on your roster you are probably in bye week hell this week.

      I would rather make a trade if you can flip Eifert for a better running back but if you cant you can settle for those waiver guys. They are just fliers though. You need an injury or some depth chart change for those guys to be startable

      1. I’ve known all season that week 9 would result in a loss if I didn’t change my line up. My team lost the first two weeks, but went on a six week win streak. 6-3 after this week, my odds are good to make the playoffs. I want to win it all.
        So, I’ll try for Miller or Stewart. Thanks. I’ll let you know.

  6. With this lineup:
    QBs: Brady, Stafford
    RBs: L. Miller, D. Freeman, D. Booker, T. West, J. McKinnon
    WRs: A. Green, A. Robinson, D. Moncrief, W. Snead, M. Wallace, T. Benjamin, Q. Enunwa
    TE: Barnidge
    And no D/ST(well I have the Pats but they’re on a bye)
    In a PPR league, at 4-3, with an absolutely CRUCIAL matchup upcoming against the team I am competing with for the wildcard spot, and Crowder, D. Adams, Hightower, and Charcandrick West on the wire, plus a bunch of byes this week, what moves(specific or nonspecific) should I be looking to make?

    1. Ok so looking at it you are starting (assuming the following lineup requirements)

      QB: Stafford
      RB: Freeman
      RB: Booker
      WR: Robinson
      WR: Moncrief
      TE: Barnidge
      FLEX: Wallace/ T. West/ (Hopefully Charcandrick)

      I would make Charcandrick a must add right now. He should be a top 10 option this week assuming Ware is out, I think he will be.

      Stafford is in a tough spot and you know as well as anyone how bad Robinson has been this year but there isnt much you can do.

      For this week in order I want C. West, Adams, Hightower as week 9 starters. You probably cant get anything of value for Robinson so you have to hold him.

      If this is truly a win or screwed situation I would shop the bye week guys in Brady, Miller, Green to see if you can get something of about equal value that isnt on a bye.

      I would look to get a better QB option than Stafford. He has a rough stretch coming up and if you keep Brady he isnt ever going to start for you after this week. See if you can pair him with a bye week guy to get a better starting option for this week and stream a QB from the wire.

    1. Thats a tough one. Both are really underperforming. Right now I think I would still rather have Robinson.

      The catches are about the same with Baldwin having a pretty sizable lead in yards.

      Robinson is by far getting more targets. I have seen a few of the Jaguars games and he is getting those targets but a lot of them are awful. Balls being bounced three yards short or balls being thrown well over his head.

      Even though I really dont trust Bortles I would trust that a few more of those targets find their way to Robinsons hands. He is currently catching fewer than 50% of his targets and that shouldnt be that low.

      Its close so cant fault either way but I would rather have Robinson right now

  7. I was offered Hopkins, jeffery and Ware for L Miller and Evans. Would u take that (std scoring) if you had C West, and AJ Green and good RB depth? Or possibly counter with L Miller and for Alshon Jeffery and Ware?

  8. I would much rather the counter but not sure if that would get accepted.

    I look at Ware and Miller as a toss up. So then it comes down to Hopkins and Jeffery for Evans. Unless you really need the extra starter I dont know if I would do it. Overall value favors the 3 part of the trade. Some nice players with some nice upside. But if it is start Evans and like Allen Robinson or Jeffery and Hopkins I would rather Evans and Robinson.

  9. In the past 24 hours, I have basically torn apart my team to look like this:
    QBs: Brady, J. Winston
    RBs: Freeman, Booker, C. West, T. West, J. McKinnon
    WRs: Green, D. Bryant, Robinson, Moncrief, Snead, J. Crowder
    TEs: Barnidge
    D/ST: Seahawks

    Who should I start and what do you think of what I did, and what should I still do? Hightower, Fiederowitz, Prescott and Doyle remain unrostered.

    1. QB: Winston
      RB: Freeman, Booker
      WR: Dez, Moncrief
      TE: Barnidge
      Flex: Charcandrick if Ware is out. If not Terrance West.

      Nice lineup for this week. Should be able to put up a nice score.

      No real other moves to make waivers wise. Normal week I would like to start the Fedora but he isnt worth rostering through a bye week

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