NFL Waiver Wire Week 8

Think you had bye week issues earlier this season?

Weeks eight and nine have six teams off each week. A lot of valuable players are about to get dropped so people can fill out an actual roster. The lottery tickets, handcuffs, injured players, underperformers, and guys on bye are going to be hitting the wire this week.

There will be some really interesting options out there, but if you are strapped for cash in FAAB leagues hang out and see who gets dropped.

If there are any players in your league that don’t show up on the list feel free to ask in the comment section below or on Twitter.

And like I said before, you know your league better than I do. Some of these bids might be far too high, some too low. Depth of the league and your roster construction has a lot to do with how much to bid as well. 

  Player Pos FAAB Burn waiver claim?


Jacquizz Rodgers RB 15-20% Yes


Ty Montgomery WR/RB 15-20% Yes


Devontae Booker RB 10-15% Yes


Mike Gillislee RB 10-15% Yes


Chris Thompson RB 5-10% No


Matt Asiata RB 5-10% No


Dwayne Washington RB 5-10% No


Ka’Deem Carey RB 5-10% No


Bilal Powell RB 4-7% No


Alfred Morris RB 0-5% No


James Starks RB 0-5% No


Dion Lewis RB 0-5% No


Jamison Crowder WR 0-5% No


Rob Kelley RB 0-3% No


Jack Doyle TE 0-3% No

Jacquizz Rodgers – If I had to guess, Martin is going to miss another two games – at a minimum one. That means Rodgers should have 1-2 more games as a top-10 running back. With the byes hitting in full force, he is an easy top add.

Ty Montgomery – He won’t be in this role all season, and Thursday was a best case scenario for him. Montgomery is an easy top-20 PPR play so you might want to splurge a bit more in those formats. Between Davis and Starks, Montgomery won’t have a huge role like this forever. For those of you in ESPN leagues he is now eligible at running back. His value can even be higher in those formats and I might bid even higher than the 15-20% noted here.

Devontae Booker – This is Falcons west right now. Both backs should be startable rest of season. Anderson is still the better guy to own but Booker is right there with him. He would be a top option if anything happened to Anderson.

Mike Gillislee – Who saw it coming that McCoy would aggravate his hamstring injury trying to play a couple of days after hurting it? Oh, everyone? I think the Bills will play it safe with McCoy, and wouldn’t be surprised if he misses the next two weeks and comes back after the bye. I’m less confident in Gillislee because of the questionable role.

Chris Thompson – When Matt Jones fumbled twice the Redskins looked elsewhere. It was expected to be Rob Kelley, but Chris Thompson was the one to get the work. He will always have the passing downs role, if he can get about 10 carries per game he gets on the RB2 radar.

Matt Asiata – Starting to look like the back to own in Minnesota. Carries are fairly even and Asiata dominates the goal line work.

Dwayne Washington – He was expected back this week but was out again. I would be surprised if he wasn’t out there this week for those in need of a running back.

Ka’Deem Carey – It’s a hot hand situation in Chicago right now, for some unknown reason.

Bilal Powell – The game flipped dramatically back to Forte this week. Powell might just be the catchup back and handcuff.

Alfred Morris – Still an elite handcuff, might be the best true handcuff in the league right now.

James Starks – He will be back in a couple of weeks. Even though I don’t think he is great he is the one most likely to take the job when healthy.

Dion Lewis – He is still on this list, but I don’t think he comes back too soon. He’s an end of the bench flier, but nothing more.

Jamison Crowder – As long as Reed is out Crowder is a solid flex option. Once Reed returns he can go back to the wire.

Rob Kelley – I noted Thompson is the back I would rather have. I think if they completely go away from Jones, Kelley is the guy you want to own. Right now all three are going to have a little role and Kelley’s is the smallest.

Jack Doyle – In the group just outside the elite options until Dwayne Allen is back.

Deep league targets

Running Back: Paul Perkins (NYG), Andre Ellington (ARI), Alfred Blue (HOU)

Wide Receiver: Corey Coleman (CLE), Anquan Boldin (DET), Cordarelle Patterson (MIN), Brandon LaFell (CIN), J.J. Nelson (ARI)

Tight End: C.J. Fiedorowicz (HOU)

Quarterback Streamers

Alex Smith @ Colts – This is a game where the Chiefs probably can’t just sit on the ball with how Luck can put up points.

Ryan Fitzpatrick @ Browns – The Browns have allowed at least two touchdowns all season.

Higher owned players that might be unowned in your league: Kirk Cousins, Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston

Defense Streamers

Titans @ Jaguars – Thursday night football and Blake Bortles is the opponent, sign me up.

Jets @ Browns – Don’t love the defense, but the Browns quarterback situation is a mess with all the injuries.


Fantasy Rundown BannerNeed more waiver wire suggestions and Start-Sit advice, head on over to Fantasy Rundown.

Andy Germani

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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

14 thoughts on “NFL Waiver Wire Week 8”

  1. Hey Andy,

    I took a week off from posting, but I made a few big changes in the last couple weeks and wanted to get your thoughts…

    QB: Carr
    RB: Michael, Gore, Ajayi, Stewart
    WR: Hopkins, Robinson, Baldwin, Fuller
    TE: Henry, Rudolph
    K: McManus
    D: Houston, Philidephia
    IR (just found out I had this): Watkins

    So I finally pulled the trigger on my #3 waiver priority and picked up Ajayi last week. I’m hoping I just picked up the 2106 version of David Johnson or CJ Anderson. I also added Philly so I could better play the matchups. Once the current waiver passes, I’m thinking of picking up Winston for Fuller, and I’ll play matchups at QB as well.

    Just a few weeks ago I thought I had two top 10 WR’s and was thin at RB, now it seems I have 4 of the 10-20 ranked RB’s, but I don’t know what to expect from the WR’s. Currently I have an offer out of Michael for Evans. I’d prefer to move Gore or Stewart, but I dunno if either will fetch me any receiver worth starting. Or should I cash in on Ajayi’s hot start? From what I’ve seen, he seems legit.

    I’d also like to move one of the TE’s but I haven’t gotten anyone to bite yet. (Gore and Rudolph for Miller was my latest rejection). With only 10 teams in our league, finding a trade partner can be tough, especially at a thin position like TE

    Thanks again for your time.

    1. Ya things definitely change in a hurry. Hopkins and Robinson have been huge disappointments so far.

      I would definitely move Michael for Evans if you could. I was in for cashing in on Ajayi after the first breakout week but now I am thinking he is a great second running back and might even be an RB1 rest of season.

      Ya like you said TE is a hard position to trade similar to QB. If you dont have one of the elites you arent really going to get anything done unless its just a throw in.

      As of now Henry is in the concussion protocol so hanging on to Rudlolph is a good idea.

      Try to put the league on notice that you are looking to package a running back with a receiver. You might be able to get an AJ Green or Antonio Brown type. With just Michael I think you are more likely to get someone like Cooper or Marshall. The guys in the high end WR2 range.

      Just remember though that there is no such thing as having too many running backs. Injuries, lost jobs, and bye weeks can ruin a running back situation really fast. For example I was staring at a Martin, Charles, Howard, Coleman, McKinnon backfield two weeks ago and now I am searching the waiver wire for two guys to start this week.

      1. This was an interesting turn of events….

        So I offered up a trade of Gore for Mike Evans….long shot I know, but Gore has more points overall, and the other guy already has Green, Cooks, and Sanders at WR,

        He counters with Cooks for Gore, noting that Cooks is projected for more points rest-of-season by Yahoo. I then notice that yahoo has Stewart inexplicably projected to score 99 points the rest of the way, compared to mid-70’s for Michael and Gore, and 60 for Ajayi.

        Apparently that was the main stat that was driving his decision making, because he just accepted Stewart for Mike Evans.

          1. uh-oh….this deal might’ve been too sweet….the commish is threatening a veto, his first in 12 years….

  2. With Miller’s injury… Would you handcuff him with Blue as a top priority this week? I’m also debating about sticking with Dalton or dropping him for Winston or palmer this week. Other targets of interest are Asiata (RB) and Doyle (or would you stick with Bennett at TE?).

    1. If you can roster 2 tight ends it isnt a bad option to have Doyle and Bennett. I think Bennett has great upside and I would rather have that than the maybe 2 weeks of decent production Doyle will give.

      Of the options you listed Blue would probably be the best option but I dont think Blue is good. We have a long history of what he does with the starting job. And I dont know if Ervin doesnt eat into the snaps if something happens to Miller.

      He is far from a must own handcuff for me

  3. Hi. How’s it going this week? I have question about who would you rather pick up off waivers and place on IR. Starks, Rawls, or Lewis? This question is for Andy and the other members of this community. Thanks.

    1. Rawls is my first option then Starks then Lewis.

      Rawls should be back the earliest and I trust his talent the most. He has to deal with Michael though.

      Starks has a pretty easy path to playing time but I just dont think he is that great and I think they will still mix in Montgomery and Davis from time to time.

      Lewis I am just worried about right now

  4. Ugggh, so get this…..he vetoed my trade at 2 in the morning, then annouces this morning that his wife is finally going into labor with their first child… I can’t really bitch about it without seeming petty.

    I’m left with two follow up offers….trade Evans for Ajayi straight up, or Evans for Michael and Stewart. I really like Ajayi and I’ve read a lot of takes that indicate he might be much more than just a flash in the pan. Michael has been a savior for me, and at one point I thought he might be one of my 4 year-end keepers, but Rawls will be coming back soon and I’m hearing grumblings of a time-share.

    I’m thinking I could afford to trade both Stewart and Michaels, then roll with Ajayi and Gore the rest of the year at. It would leave me with no room wiggle room at RB and I’d have to deal with Gore’s week 10 bye, but then that’s what the waiver wire is for….

    In the end I think it’s worth it for a top 3 WR in a keeper league, especially now that I have Winston to pair with him, and ESPECIALLY since the Bucs are playing the Saints in weeks 1 and 3 of the playoffs.

    What do you think?

    1. That sucks. Ya I like Ajayi right now but thats still great value on Evans.

      I worry about Michael losing the job or becoming a timeshare. I think the 2 likely outcomes of Rawls return are 50/50 split or Rawls being the lead back.

      Is there no other way to get the deal done other than those 2? Hate having to negotiate thinking about not only the other owner but someone who isnt in the deal, the veto.

      I would have to only be down to Ajayi and Gore at RB. I know I mentioned it to someone else but I thought I was insanely deep at RB in a league and I went from having 6 startable RBs down to I am starting 2 guys probably outside the top 30 this week because of injuries. It happens fast.

      I guess if you do it you could just invest in Turbin and Williams to get the handcuffs but they arent great handcuffs.

      Can you get him to throw a running back back in the deal? Even if its a low end RB2 type something is better than nothing

      1. I went with the Ajayi-Evans deal. I’ve heard some great points mentioned about Ajayi, particularly, in regards to his broken tackles and yards after contact that point to his ability to keep this up. But regardless, it just didn’t seem wise to put all my eggs in one basket like that. If he had turned out to be just a flash in the pan, I’d have been really screwed.

        The only RB he had was Rogers, but he likes the guy as much or better than either Gore or Michael and wouldn’t include him in the return.

        In all this leaves me extremely strong at WR and solid at RB. Perhaps I can even trade Baldwin or Robinson along with Michael or Gore for a better keeper-RB.

        1. That is a fine deal. Its a shame that the first one wasnt accepted. I like that you were able to keep your depth. Depth at running back can never be overstated.

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