Cubs Vs Indians: The End of a World Series Drought


If you love sports and you are highly frustrated, yet you are not a Chicago Cubs fan, then you are probably a member of the highly loyal league of Cleveland Indians fans. It isn’t that hard to understand why the MLB baseball lines never seemed favorable for the Indians.

The Cleveland Indians are one of those teams that haven’t won a World Series championship in generations. While they might not be as bad as the Cubs (who haven’t tasted World Series Championship victory since 1908), the Indians cannot claim to be that much better, not when their last World Series Victory came back in 1948.

When the Indians and the Cubs meet on Tonight, one team will have the opportunity to break their lengthy drought. In a way, there couldn’t be a better matchup for the World Series.

Both teams are steeped in serious history (most of which is unfortunate and largely terrible). The Indians actually garnered a decent record in the 1997 World Series, coming painfully close to taking the title home.

The Cubs, on the other hand, haven’t been to the World Series in seven shocking decades. For Addison Russell and Dexter Fowler, Tuesday will provide an opportunity to erase the Cubs’ many failures and start anew.

In a way, the Indians have as much pressure riding on their shoulders because the City of Cleveland already won big in the NBA this year. Then again, Chicago can also boast of a World Series Victory from the White Sox (2005), so maybe the Cubs do not have nearly as much pressure to contend with either.

Regardless of what the Cavaliers did in June, the City of Cleveland will lose it if the Indians actually come out on top on Tuesday. It is worth noting that Terry Francona (the Indians’ Manager) resigned from the Boston Red Sox in 2011 before starting his current job.

His boss at the time, Theo Epstein, left the Red Sox soon afterward, instead going to the Chicago Cubs.

Both the Indians and the Cubs have rich histories, and their rosters and managers have garnered experience from all corners of the league. John Lester and John Lackey, for instance, are two pitchers who took World Series rings home for the Red Sox during the Francona era. This was before they joined the Cubs.

Meanwhile, Andrew Miller (Cleveland) and Aroldis Chapman (Cubs) played together for the New York Yankees before being traded to their new teams this year. In fact, Jed Hoyer, the Cubs General Manager, can be directly credited for helping the Cleveland Indians execute their current championship run.

Few other World Series matches have attracted as much anticipation as this, and for good reason. These are two teams that definitely deserve an opportunity to break their respective droughts.

And there is no better opponent with whom to break their drought than one another. Of course, once the match ends, only one team will come out on top, having put its past failures to bed.

The other team, be it the Indians or the Cubs, must contend with another year without a World Series Victory. 

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