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Field of Streams logoWell, here we are – the fantasy season is winding down. Yes, folks this is the final weekday streamers of the season. I’ll pause while you get a hold of your emotions. I know I am struggling with this as well, but I’m gonna press on.  Everyone good?  Okay, let’s get down to it, then. Let’s see how the second to last set of 2016 weekday streamers fared.

Seven streamers took the hill, and the overall numbers were a bit suspect. Those brave streamers went 0-3, with a 5.03 ERA, a 1.35 WHIP and a 7.41 K/9. Now, it bears mentioning that Alex Cobb’s start really inflated these numbers, which you are about to see that in this week’s Ins, Outs and What Have Yous…

Martin Perez
7 4 0 2 2 ND
Joe Musgrove
Astros 5.1 2 3 1 4 ND
Tyler Chatwood
Rockies 6 5 4 2 5 ND
Mike Fiers Astros 6.1 4 3 2 9 L
Tom Koehler
Marlins 4 2 3 3 3 L
Alex Cobb
Rays 1.1 9 1 7 2 L
What have you  
A.J. Cole
Nationals 4 4 2 2 3 ND
Total 34 30 16 19 28 0-3-4

Alright, now that I have whet your appetite, let us get to the main course…


Martin Perez, Rangers (vs. Brewers) – Martin Perez is rolling, right now. His last four starts have been quality and over those four starts he has a beautiful 2.13 ERA and pretty nice 1.14 WHIP. The FIP is 3.52 so maybe the pitching hasn’t been quite as good as the ERA indicates, but we can make do with a 3.52 ERA if need be, right? Plus, it’s hard to think the quality start streak will be stopped by the Brewers. I say that because over the past couple of weeks the Brewers are 25th in wOBA and 21st in runs scored. Combine how Perez is pitching with how the Brewers are hitting and you got yourself a fantasy goodness stew.
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Ross Detwiler, Athletics (@ Angels) – Yeah, the ERA over five is not very inviting, and this one may be a little bit more from my gut, but stay with me. Ross has not allowed more than three earned runs in any of his last four starts. Although only one of those was quality, it’s still gonna be my jumping off point. So, yeah, that is not an overwhelmingly enticing statistic, nor is the fact that a recent relief outing against the Angels he is facing Monday, did not go so well. But, here’s the thing; his last start was darned decent and the current Angels hitters have not been…darned decent, that is. Over the past two weeks, the Angels are 26th in wOBA, dead last in ISO and 27th in runs scored. There are a few red flags here so I’ll understand if you have hesitation, but remember 63% of the time my gut is right every time.
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Seth Manaea, Athletics (@ Angels) – Man-aea has been the man, lately. Seth has rattled off 16.1 consecutive scoreless innings, helping him post a 0.42 ERA over his last four starts. Other goodies include a 2.47 FIP and K/9 over ten. Impressed yet? Okay, that is a small sample size, but nevertheless good numbers, and did you forget about the Angels hitting? I hope you didn’t, but here’s a quick refresher; they have been pretty bad of late. Manaea’s only start this season against the Halos was not especially good, but I’m more focused on the current numbers for both Seth and the Angels and using them to guide me into this stream.
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Jerad Eickhoff, Phillies (@ Braves) – Eicks has now put up six straight quality starts, posting an ERA just over three in that span. Now the FIP and xFIP were not as enticing, but that is part of why he is readily available. Good news is the Braves should give him a good shot at continuing his quality start streak. The Braves have been pretty bad at the plate through most of 2016 and Eickhoff has had recent success against them. Two of his last three starts against the Bravos have been quality, and in those three starts he has allowed just two earned runs. That’s a total of two, folks. A total of two earned runs  over 19.2 innings. All signs point to this being a nice little stream.
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Ervin Santana, Twins (@ Royals) – Big Erv has had 17 starts since June 19th, and 12 of those starts have been quality. In only one of those starts has he allowed more than three earned runs, putting up a 2.35 ERA over this span. The 3.27 FIP makes it seem like mild regression could happen, but not to a necessarily bad place. The Ks have been quite serviceable as well, making Erv’s ownership numbers a bit baffling to me. Also, amid this string of goodness was two quality starts against the Royals, allowing four earned runs over 13 innings. To me that points to more fantasy goodness heading our way on hump day.
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Tyler Chatwood, Rockies (@ Giants) – Chatterbox has been up and down so it’s all about finding the good matchups to stream. Yes, Chatterly’s last start was quality, but I am focusing a bit more on the matchup. Chatwood has had back-to-back decent starts against the Giants, allowing just one earned run over his last 12 innings of work against the Giants. It also helps that over the past fortnight the Giants are 23rd in wOBA, 28th in ISO and 23rd in runs scored. So, this should be a nice strong finish to Chatwood’s season.
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Joe Ross, Nationals (vs. Diamondbacks) –  The strikeout and ground ball rate have  been up and down since his return, but as I mentioned in my last post, the stuff and numbers have generally been good for Ross. He was pretty solid before his DL stint and has sort of picked up where he left off. I say sort of because his start against the Braves was rained shortened and, ya know, was against the Braves. As I write this, Ross is undertaking his second start since returning from the DL, so I won’t have those numbers to go on, but needless to say I am on the Ross train. I would have to be to recommend him against the D’backs who have been one of the better offensive teams over the past couple of weeks. That’s right, I think Ross is a must start against any team, right now, including these Diamondbacks.
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Jon Gray, Rockies (@ Giants) – Jonny Gray is looking at a bit of an inconsistent finish to the 2016 season, but I am standing by him – even if he did make me look a bit foolish on Friday night. Well, I won’t let that dissuade me because I know he has fantasy goodness in him, but also because he faces the Giants. As I already mentioned, the Giants batters, of late, have been having their troubles at the plate. Gray already had a high quality start against them this season, throwing seven shutout innings. Given the Giants’ recent offensive woes, I like Gray to cap off his 2016 with a nice quality start.
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That’s all I got… go on, get out of here… go stream!

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