Start or Sit Week 2

Let’s just get this out of the way early: Last week was a great week for my picks. Some of them were obvious – some weren’t. There is good and bad news that comes with that.

The good: odds are you are back because those picks hit.
The bad: trust me, they aren’t going to hit at nearly that rate again.

This week can be a turning point for a lot of people. Go 2-0 and you are looking good for a playoff berth, go 0-2 and you need a great finish to the season. Play the great matchups, and any chance you have if there is a “tie” in your mind on two players, play the one in the Saints vs. Giants matchup.

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Eli Manning vs. Saints: This might be the easiest call of this article every week. This is essentially the insert quarterback playing the Saints here type play. The Saints lost a corner on what could have already been a historically bad defense. This could be another 35-31 type game.

What you can expect: 350 yards, three touchdowns.

Derek Carr vs. Falcons:  Did you see what Jameis Winston did to the Falcons? I would expect more of the same from Carr – well, maybe not four touchdowns. The Falcons play well against the run so I expect the Raiders to air it out a lot. Cooper and Crabree are going to have big years.

What you can expect: 300 yards, two touchdowns

Matthew Stafford vs. Titans: I am a little surprised that Stafford still isn’t started by a lot of people. The Titans defense isn’t as good as the Vikings made them look. Stafford throws a lot of passes short to let the receivers do the work as an extension of the running game. Start him week in and week out.

What you can expect:  300 yards, two touchdowns


Ben Roethlisberger vs. Bengals: He never plays good against the Bengals for whatever reason. It doesn’t help that the Bengals defense is good and that this is a rivalry game. This will be a hard-fought game, not a shootout.

What you can expect: 250 yards, one touchdown, one interception

Andrew Luck @ Broncos: Sure Cam had a solid day against the Broncos, but the second half the Broncos defense took over. I don’t think the Colts move the ball well and the Broncos will have extra rest.

What you can expect: 250 yards, one touchdown, two interceptions.

Russell Wilson @ Rams: I don’t think the Seahawks will have to pass much and Wilson is hobbled after last week. I think he doesn’t run as much as he typically would in this game, and the Seahawks will be just running out the clock by the middle of the third quarter.

What you can expect: 250 yards, one touchdown

Digging deep

Joe Flacco @ Browns: Carsone Wentz just did work against this defense after taking about 30 snaps all preseason and not playing major college football. The secondary is bad, and Flacco should dial-up a couple deep balls to Mike Wallace. This is a game the Ravens should win easily and they don’t have much of a running game.

What  you can expect: 275 yards, two touchdowns

Josh McCown vs. Ravens: McCown started seven games for the Browns last year and threw for either 270 yards or at least two touchdowns in six of those games. The Browns have more offensive weapons this year with Pryor and Coleman. I think McCown picks up close to where he left off last season.

What you can expect: 275 yards, two touchdowns

Trevor Siemian vs. Colts: I don’t love Siemian, and I don’t think he looked great last week. That being said, the Colts’ secondary is in rough shape between injuries and just lack of talent. The Broncos can probably win this one with a heavy dose of C.J. Anderson, but even on 25 attempts Siemian could do some damage if you’re desperate.

What you can expect: 250 yards, one touchdown

Running Back


Rashad Jennings vs. Saints: This game will be high scoring. I think the passing game for the Giants is a lot better than Jennings this week, but the fast paced high scoring game will find room for Jennings to have a high-end running back two type day. Rashad Jennings is this week’s No Halftime play of the week.

What you can expect: 85 yards rushing, one touchdown

Jeremy Langford vs. Eagles: Langford had a solid week last week and got a big workload. While he is the unquestioned number one back he needs to start for you. 

What you can expect: 75 yards, two catches 10 yards, one touchdown

Spencer Ware @ Texans: This is the easiest recommendation to give. How he is started in under 40 percent of leagues is mind-boggling.

What you can expect: 90 yards rushing, 3 catches 30 yards receiving, one touchdown

T.J. Yeldon @ Chargers: As long as Chris Ivory is out he is a must start because of how much work he will get, it doesn’t hurt that he gets a great matchup this week.

What you can expect: 80 yards, two catches 15 yards receiving



Todd Gurley vs. Seahawks: I am not panicking on Gurley yet, but the performance by the Rams on Monday is hard to ignore. Odds are there is no one you have that you can realistically start over Gurley. But maybe you snagged a Spencer Ware or DeAngelo Williams late and already had someone like Matt Forte. Sitting Gurley is always risky as he is one of the best players in the NFL so this could really backfire.

What you can expect: 50 yards rushing, 1 catch 10 yards receiving

Jeremy Hill @ Steelers: Like I hinted at with Roethlisberger these two teams just don’t play high scoring games. Hill will get his carries and finish with a stat line where the only way he pays off is if this is one of those times he finds the end zone.

What you can expect: 60 yards rushing

Frank Gore @ Broncos: I fear for Andrew Luck’s life in this game. The Broncos’ pass rush mixed with Indy’s swiss cheese offensive line. One might think that would lead to more work for Gore, and it might, but even with the added work I can’t see him doing much against that defense.

What you can expect:  40 yards rushing, three catches 20 yards receiving

Carlos Hyde @ Panthers: Don’t let last week’s touch total make you think Hyde is a 20-touch per game back. The 49ers are not going to be able to run the ball that deep into many games, and against a good front seven he shouldn’t have great success in a game that doesn’t bode well for the 49ers. 

What you can expect: 40 yards rushing

Digging deep

Theo Riddick vs. Titans: I am going to be all over the Lions’ passing game  this season, and Riddick plays a nice role as a check down option. If he continues to get five plus carries per game and a goal line carry here and there he can be a weekly flex play.

What you can expect: 40 yards rushing, 5 catches 60 yards receiving.

Shane Vereen vs. Saints: Just another player playing against the Saints. As I have mentioned I think this is a high scoring game, and Vereen is the primary passing downs back for the Giants. He should be a great PPR play this week and a solid flex in standard.

What you can expect: 30 yards rushing, five catches 50 yards receiving.

Alfred Morris @ Redskins: I don’t think he leapfrogs Eliott at any point this season. However, I do think he will continue to get carries. With 8-10 carries against a bad Redskins run defense you could do worse as a desperation play.

What you can expect: 55 yards rushing

Wide Receiver


Marvin Jones vs. Titans: He was targeted a team hight 10 times last week and at an average depth of 12 plus yards per target. He is the teams only downfield threat and he will keep getting peppered with targets from a team that has a game plan to throw nearly 40 times per game. I think he has his breakout game this week in this one.

What you can expect: 5 catches, 100 yards, one touchdown

Willie Snead @ Giants: He is easily the number two target in the passing attack right now. I don’t think Snead does what he did last week often, but in what should be another high scoring game for the Saints Snead should get the ball a lot. I am not worried that the Giants were good against Dez Bryant last week. The Cowboys don’t have Eli Manning at quarterback.

What you can expect: Six catches, 100 yards, one touchdown

Michael Crabtree vs. Falcons: He kept things going from last season last week with a 7-for-87 day in a great matchup. He gets another nice matchup this week.

What you can expect: Seven catches, 90 yards, one touchdown

Emmanuel Sanders vs. Colts: Last week might scare people off, but the Colts’ corners are not good and injured. With Demaryius not a lock to play, Sanders should have a solid day for the Broncos even if they only pass 25 times.

What you can expect: Four catches, 80 yards


Donte Moncrief @ Broncos: I hate this matchup, and with T.Y. Hilton possibly dinged up, he might get even more attention from the defense. Sit him if you can this week. 

What you can expect: Three catches 40 yards

Jarvis Landry @ Patriots: The only receiving threat to be worried about for New England will almost definitely be the target of the defense. Landry doesn’t possess high upside, but his usually high floor could be in danger.

What you can expect: Four catches for 45 yards

Digging deep

Victor Cruz vs. Saints: All aboard. Cruz found the end zone last week and should be able to again against a porous defense.

What you can expect: Five catches, 65 yards, one touchdown

Cole Beasley @ Redskins: He was used a lot in the underneath passing game in week one and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen again. If he didn’t drop a short gimme touchdown last week he would have been a much more highly regarded name on waiver wires.

What you can expect: Six catches, 70 yards

Tavon Austin vs. Seahawks: His team and his stat line were the butt of a lot of jokes this week, but you can’t ignore the 12 targets even if it only ended up in 13 yards.

What you can expect: 15 yards rushing, 5 catches 50 yards receiving

Phillip Dorsett @ Broncos: I hate a lot of his teammates this week, but Dorsett is not bad as a deep option who might get a lot of work with a banged up starter. If you’re looking this far down you should be looking for opportunity more than matchup. I think he is very similar to Hilton in the role he plays in the offense, so if Hilton is out Dorsett should fill the big play role.

What you can expect: Four catches for 60 yards

Tight End


Antonio Gates vs. Jaguars: Weekly Gates is at the top of the list for tight ends most likely to find the end zone. Without Keenan Allen, Gates should see more work in a better matchup.

What you can expect: Five catches, 60 yards, one touchdown

Jason Witten @ Redskins: I think he again serves as a safety blanket for Prescott. Nothing exciting, but you don’t need exciting from your tight end unless you have Gronk or Reed.

What you can expect: Seven catches, 70 yards

Eric Ebron vs. Titans: Ebron is going to be a big part of this passing game as well. This could be a 40 attempt game for Stafford, and Ebron only played one fewer snap than Marvin Jones.

What you can expect: Five catches, 50 yards


Dwayne Allen @ Broncos: I think he is kept in to block this week more than his owners would like to see, but in order to keep their franchise quarterback healthy they will need to use him to block, or at a minimum chip, defenders first and catch passes second.

What you can expect: Three catches, 40 yards



Ravens @ Browns: I don’t like taking road teams for defenses, but the Browns, even after a lot of preseason hype, aren’t a good team. The Ravens offense isn’t special either, but it’s better than the Browns.

What you can expect: 14 points allowed, two sacks, one interception.

Packers @ Vikings: Another road team. The Vikings did nothing on offense and still have an unsettled quarterback situation. Don’t be fooled by this week’s point total, they scored two defensive touchdowns. 

What you can expect: 17 points allowed, one sack, two turnovers.


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

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  1. Giovani Bernard, James White, Christine Michael, Michael Floyd, Tyler Lockett, DeVante Parker, Eli Rogers, Tyrell Williams. Need to pick one WR and one flex out of this group. I am thinking Floyd and Williams. Thanks!

    1. Floyd is my locked in choice. While I do like Williams potential upside I cant start him yet without an idea of how much he will be used in the offense.

      I would say Bernard would be my guy. He should get his normal 6-7 carries and 3-5 catches. With Shazier gimpy, or potentially not playing, the Steelers might not have a great option to cover Bernard. I wouldnt worry about Bernard’s down week 1.

      When all is said and done Bernard will end up with a respectable 50-80 total yards with the potential for more if the Bengals need to come from behind in the second half. Nothing overly exciting but always a solid flex play.

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