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Field of Streams logoWelcome, once again, to America’s favorite source for streamers. It doesn’t matter if you believe that or not; mama says it’s true, and who are you to argue with mama. After this weekend there will be just two more weeks left of fantasy baseball. I know, dry your eyes. If you’re reading this then you’re either in the playoffs in your H2H league and need an extra push this weekend, or maybe you’re looking to gain a category point or two in your roto league to claim that top prize. Hopefully my picks can help you achieve that. Before we get to this weeks pitchers, though, we need to address Jim’s picks from last weekend.

Last week’s eight pitchers went 1-2 with a 4.80 ERA, a 1.17 WHIP, and a 7.20 K/9. It seems all the outs operated on a hive mind, each with two walks and four runs along with an odd number of hits and even number of strikeouts – I blame the borg. I know, enough of the jibber-jabber, you came here for streamers. Well, before we get to them, we still have to look at the Ins, Outs, and What Have Yous from last week.

Seth Lugo
7 6 1 2 5 W
Luke Weaver
Cardinals 6 3 1 1 8 ND
Chad Bettis
Rockies 7 4 1 2 5 ND
Robert Gsellman
Mets 5 7 2 4 6 ND
Jimmy Nelson
Brewers 6 5 2 4 4 L
Tom Koehler Marlins 5 7 2 4 4 L
Robert Stephenson Reds 3 5 2 4 2 ND
What have you  
Bartolo Colon
Mets 6 4 1 3 2 ND
Total 45 41 12 24 36 1-2-5

And there you go – now on to this weeks streamers.


Tyler Chatwood, Rockies (vs. Padres) – It has not necessarily been a consistent ride with Chatterbox as evidenced by exactly half of his starts this season being quality. He has generally proven he should only be considered for streaming in ex-stream-ly (like that) favorable matchups, and facing the Padres is one such matchup. Everyone reading this should already know that the Padres have not been stellar with the bats in 2016, which has generally made them some good pickins for a stream. They can have their moments, sure, but Chatterly has already faced the Friars three times this season and each of those starts has been quality. Trust me, when I say, I have very little hesitation throwing Chatwood out there come Friday.
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Tom Koehler,  Marlins (at Phillies) – TK was a Field of Streams regular in the past, but has not graced our presence here this season – at least not on my watch. Well, he’s here now, and now I will tell you why. First off, eight of his last ten starts have been quality, and over those ten starts he is sporting a sub-three ERA. Now his FIP and xFIP are still in the fours over those starts, but we can still work with that.

What we can also work with is the Phillies being a very subpar offense. Even if they are not a bad offense (they are), Koehler has sort of owned him them this season, going four-for-four in quality starts against the Phightins. In those four starts he has allowed just four earned runs total over 28 innings. Yeah, that’s pretty darned good, and the Phils don’t make me believe TK’s trend of fantasy goodness against them will cease anytime soon.
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Jeremy Hellickson, Phillies (vs. Marlins) – Hellboy has long been a favorite of mine and has been a recurring character here at Field of Streams. Unfortunately Hellickson and consistency have not been colliding much these days, throwing a quality start in just six of his last eleven starts. But hey, that’s more quality than non-quality, right? Well there is also the fact that he has had good success this year against his Saturday opponent, the Marlins. Sensing a pattern here? Yes, much like the above two streamers, Hellboy is facing a lineup he has had great success against this season. Four starts, and all high quality. How high quality? How about just six earned runs total over 26 innings? The Marlins are struggling at the plate in general so add that ingredient to the pot and you got yourself a stew, baby!
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Ervin Santana, Twins (at Mets) – Yep, I am on the Big Erv train again, and why shouldn’t I be. Santana has allowed more than three earned runs just once in his last fifteen starts, and in 12 of those 15 starts he has allowed two or fewer earned runs. Over those 15 starts Santana has a 2.48 ERA and a 3.42 FIP which are both darned good numbers. The Mets offense has been middling over the last couple weeks, but seems to me Big Erv has been getting the job done against all degrees of offense so I am not so concerned. Santana has just been too darned good over the past three months for us not to stream him here.
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C.C.  Sabathia, Yankees (at Red Sox) – Yes, yes, I  know this is not the Sabathia of old. And yes, I know the Red Sox are a pretty good offensive team, but I am looking at something else here. As has been mentioned in this space at least a couple of times this season, C.C. has been a much better pitcher on the road than he has been at home, rocking a 3.30 road ERA which is just over a run and a half lower than his home ERA. The FIP and xFIP still leave something to be desired, but they are certainly still serviceable. This is still a bit of a shaky stream, but his last two road starts have been high quality, allowing just two earned runs over 13 innings. I know it is not a ton to go on, and I will admit not many streaming options really overfill me with confidence for Sunday, but I still think this could be a surprisingly good start for Sabathia.
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Alec Asher, Phillies (vs. Marlins) – Asher does not appear to be on many people’s radars, or at least not on many people’s rosters, but I think maybe he should be. He has made two starts and they have both been high quality, allowing just two earned runs over 12.1 innings. Although the xFIP is over five, his FIP sits at a respectable 3.46. Now the sample size is extremely small, and he has struck out very few batters, but we sometimes have to take what we can get. I already mentioned the Marlins have been struggling at the plate, but allow me to elaborate. Over the past two weeks the Fish are 27th in wOBA and dead last in ISO, making them prime targets for streamers.
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Well, that’s all I got. Seriously, get outta here, go stream!

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