Touts That Went South: Preseason Review

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening — whichever is applicable to you. Nagging can be defined as someone continually fault-finding, complaining, or being petulant. Using that word to describe my wife may be overstating it to a degree. Without hesitation my wife will tell you of wrongdoing and instruct you on how to correctly address said issue. The frequency of this process is entirely up to the person doing or saying the wrong things.

Over the years I have been the source of her frustration countless times. More often than not my intellectual limitations are the primary reason for that frustration. I’ll be the first to admit, my conversational focus can be intermittent at best. So often times, in the midst of important parental strategy sessions, a big moment will happen in a game causing a loss of focus on my part. At the end of the parental session when she demands a Cliff’s Notes version, I’m unable to give her anything. I could only wish temporary gaps in focus were the only problem.

Once while playing a heated game of Trivial Pursuit the question was asked, “What continent is North of North America?” In a state of panic my response was “South America” (Winces). Okay, so that may not be one for the highlight reel of life’s accomplishments, but to remind me of this moment on a weekly basis is a little much. That happened over a decade ago so I believe the statute-of-limitations has passed. Clearly the pressure of the moment broke my concentration just enough.

Do I lose focus? Absolutely. Do I tend to talk faster than I can process? Absolutely! Am I truly the idiot my wife paints me to be? Well, I WAS the first person in my grade to memorize the multiplication tables. If that’s not enough to establish my intellectual capabilities, then I don’t know what more it would take to convince you.

If the critiques from the wife have taught me anything, it’s that humility is necessary for survival. So while every other website is touting all of their great calls this season (don’t kid yourself: my hit list will post next week) I want to highlight some of the stupidest things these fingers have typed. I joined the Fantasy Assembly in January. From that point until the season began I wrote 12 preseason posts touting various players as either guys to target or to avoid. After taking a trip down memory lane a couple of days ago, I highlighted some of the dumbest things this simple-minded brain came up with.

As you could imagine, my wife approves of the following message……….

Primer for 1B Slumming: 1/15/16

In a post targeting late round first base flyers I mentioned Richie Shaffer; that suggestion in itself deserves billing the lowest point of my advice……

“I would easily prefer the roll of the dice on Shaffer over similarly skilled players such as LaRoche (nailed it), Howard (okay, Howard was better, but you could also view it as bad for longer), and Mike Napoli (.253 with 31 HR and a real shot at 90 Runs and 100 RBI – oops).”

Let the GAWKing Do the Talking: 1/29/16

A post highlighting pitchers who excelled with a combination of ground ball rate, strikeout potential, and good control. Two particular players that really stuck out during the post were Michael Pineda and Clay Buchholz. The following are my snippets of knowledge I dropped…..

On Michael Pineda: Pineda will surface as a very strong SP 3.”
2016 Results: 6 wins, 5.10 ERA, 1.35 WHIP

On Buchholz: it’s nice to find that type of skill set for a SP 5/6.”
2016 Results: 6 wins, 4.99 ERA, 1.36 WHIP

Honing Down On the Home Stretch: 3/21/16

This post focused on players outside of the Top 300 NFBC draft players who I felt could be strong additions to your fantasy team. In this particular post I targeted 10 players – among them you would see the following names: Jesse Hahn, John Lamb, Nick Tropeano, Colin Rea, Desmond Jennings, Austin Jackson, and Chris Owings. I will say Owings has at least shown some signs of life this season so I’ll take some credit here, although injuries really hurt his playing time totals.

  • The 4 starting pitchers combined for 11 wins with a 5.11 ERA, a 1.55 WHIP and 229 strikeouts.
  • The 3 hitters combined to hit .255 with 9 home runs, 94 runs, 73 RBIs, and 20 stolen bases.

Draft Board Busted: 3/27/16

The subject matter of this post was 5 draft day pitfalls to avoid. Players who I felt would finish perhaps 200 spots below their ADP. Among those five players: Corey Seager, Francisco Lindor, Gregory Polanco, and Rougned Odor.

Those 4 hitters have combined to hit .298 with 89 home runs, 338 runs, 295 RBIs and 42 stolen bases.

Going Bold or Going Home: 4/4/16

This whole purpose of this post was to stick my neck out by making bold calls. Stick it out I did, and cutting it off is exactly what happened.

“Clay Buchholz, not David Price will be the Red Sox best fantasy starter.”

Ok so maybe I should get a ½ point for this? One particular excerpt from the entry was this gem:

“……with an improved defense behind him and better offensive support, a sub 3.00 ERA with 18 Wins is certainly obtainable.”

Certainly….Not. Moving on.

“Michael Pineda will be the highest rated Yankee on the majority of website Player Ranking systems”

I’m just going to elect to move forward from this one.

“Troy Tulowitzki tops the SS rankings”

Tulo has managed a .253 batting average with 22 home runs as of this point. Typically those are respectable numbers, especially for the position. But when Starlin Castro can manage to clear 20 by early September, it points to how home run value league-wide has been watered down.

“Christian Yelich becomes Nick Markakis”

The excerpt that would appear most laughable from this section is:

“Many claim 20/20 is the ceiling, but nothing he has shown thus far would suggest to me that 11/13 wouldn’t be a more reasonable expectation.”

Yelich has easily had his best season thus far posting career highs through September 7th in batting average (.302), home runs (18 – double his previous best), and RBIs (86 with over 20 games left). When I saw this post I rushed to include this as one of the head-scratching calls, but in reality I’m not sure how far off this call really is.

When I first think of Markakis I view him as the player he is now. In reality Markakis was an excellent player earlier in his career. In his age-24 season Markakis managed a .306 mark with 20 home runs and 10 stolen bases to go with the 106 runs and 87 RBIs. For the record I would reclassify this selection that may have been off slightly in spirit, but dead on in actual detail.


Being wrong is obviously nothing new to me. My wife reminds me on a daily basis of the things I could have done better. In my day-to-day life I spend a large amount of time dedicated to fantasy. She has often told me how much better I would be as a person, should I devote even ½ that time to day-to-day life. The work has been put in, the time has been devoted, and here I am with yet more  examples of just how dumb I can be.


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