Field of Streams; Week 22 Weekend Streamers

Field of Streams logoAnother weekend brings with it another set of weekend streamers. Last weekend was a bit of a bumpy ride, as the six streamers went 3-2, with a 5.79 ERA, a 1.56 WHIP and a 7.71 K/9.

Overall not a spectacular weekend of streaming, but it was not all bad, of course. No, no, there were Ins, Outs, and a What Have You..

Kevin Gausman
7 7 0 0 7 W
Ryan Vogelsong
Pirates 5.1 4 4 2 6 W
Jimmy Nelson
Brewers 3.2 7 3 5 1 ND
Jeremy Hellickson
Phillies 4 7 3 5 4 L
Anibal Sanchez Tigers 5.2 8 0 5 2 L
What have you  
Bartolo Colon
Mets 7 6 2 4 6 W
Total 32.2 39 12 21 26 3-2-1

Alright, dem’s the appetizers, now let’s get to the main course!


Jeremy Hellickson, Phillies (vs. Braves) – While Hellboy’s last outing was not so hot, he has been pretty darned good in most other starts. In fact, that start was only the second one in his last 12 starts where he allowed more than three earned runs. Over those same 12 starts Hellickson has a 3.07 ERA and 3.61 FIP, so he has been getting the job done. Hellickson also faces a Braves team that has generally not been too intimidating at the plate for much of the season. The Bravos have also not fared particularly well against Hellickson this season, and I don’t think that will change much this time around.
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Jorge de la Rosa, Rockies (vs. Diamondbacks) – Over Jorge’s last seven starts he has allowed more than three earned runs just once, and more than two earned runs three times. His ERA over those starts is 3.4o which is quite serviceable.  He hasn’t been very flashy, and his FIP is 4.58, but even that is somewhat good for streaming purposes – especially in a nice matchup like this one. Over the past couple of weeks, the Diamondbacks are 21st in wOBA and 29th in ISO, so not exactly knocking the baseball around. Jorge’s last start against the Diamondbacks in Colorado was pretty decent as he allowed just one run over six innings while striking out six. Sure he walked five, but overall the start was pretty decent and I like him to do that once again.
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C.C. Sabathia, Yankees (@ Orioles) – I have  touched on this before, but CC has pitched much better on the road than he has in the Bronx this season. On the road this season, Sabathia has a nice little 3.45 ERA as opposed to a home ERA over five. But throw that out for a second. Well, kind of. First off, Sabathia just had a quality start against the Orioles, and he has not allowed a single run over 12 innings pitched at Camden Yards this season. I could probably dig a bit deeper and get some more data that will encourage you to stream C.C., but I think he has the Orioles number in Baltimore and that is enough for me.
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Kevin Gausman, Orioles (vs. Yankees) – If you don’t like the Sabathia side of this game, how about the other side (is the grass greener)? As much as Sabathia has owned the Orioles in Baltimore, Kevin Gausman has seemed to own the Yankees, everywhere. Gausman has four quality starts against the Pinstripes this season, allowing just three runs over 29.2 innings. Don’t adjust your monitors, you read that right, folks. Gausman has utterly dominated the Yanks this season, and I don’t know why that would stop now.
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Tyler Chatwood, Rockies (vs. Diamondbacks) – I already addressed the Diamondbacks recent,  um, “less-than-goodness” at the plate, but if you forgot already, go ahead and scroll up to the Jorge de la Rosa bit to refresh your memory. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Oh good, you’re back. Chatwood hasn’t been exactly putting up ace-like advanced stats, or even any stats for that matter, but two of his three starts against the Diamondbacks have been quality this season. I think that, what with the Diamondbacks recent struggles, the odds of a quality start are pretty darned good for Chatterbox.
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Bud Norris, Dodgers (vs. Padres) – I’ve been somewhat adamant that Bud is my homeboy. In fact, he is the Dodgers’ homeboy as well. Since landing with the Dodgers, his four starts in Chavez Ravine have been pretty good – not counting the start he left due to an injury after a third of an inning. Norris did not allowed more than three earned runs in any of those four starts, and has allowed less than three earned runs in all but one. That even includes holding the juggernaut Cubs to just two runs over five innings. The Padres are sort of on the other end of the offensive spectrum than the Cubs, so I think Bud is in for a nice little quality start.
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Seth Lugo, Mets (vs. Nationals)- So far, so good for Seth Lugo as a Mets starter. Over three starts Lugo has a very good 2.55 ERA and a highly respectable 3.54 FIP. Now, Lugo has not been striking out batters left and right or anything, but he is limiting baserunners which is nice, and the ERA and WHIP have been helpful. The Nats sure can put runs on the board, so I understand there is a bit of risk, but Lugo does have two scoreless innings of relief against them this season, so that’s a another small thing moving the needle in Lugo’s favor. I understand the hesitancy here, but my gut says go with Lugo.
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Well, that’s all I got. Seriously, go on, get outta here, go stream!

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