Minor League Report: Prospects to help for the final month

On Thursday rosters will expand and change both major league and fantasy baseball dramatically. Playing time will change around the league and now there is essentially no use for the disabled list.

Now is the time, if you haven’t already, to grab the prospects in the major leagues that could be potential league winning players in the final month.

The must haves

Manuel Margot

Margot provides a very nice combination of a high batting average and good stolen base potential. He doesn’t strikeout a lot; he has a career 11.9 strikeout rate in the minors, but he doesn’t offer much power. Of the true minor leaguers, not counting the players that have just been sent down in the past few days and are about to immediately get called back up, Margot is the safest to come up and get playing time as well as perform. For all fantasy owners he should be a top option, and for those needing a batting average stabilizer and some steals he is the number one choice.

Grab him if: Anyone can use him but he is a must have for average and steals.

Jose De Leon

I have him below Margot only because they have recently said he isn’t getting called up unless they really need him, and Kershaw is on the verge of rejoining the rotation. De Leon is the best strikeout pitcher in the minor leagues, and if he gets a shot down the stretch could really bolster a team’s strikeouts. Grab him now if he isn’t owned, and if on Friday he is still in the minors you can let him loose.

Grab him if: You need a high strikeout arm

The next best

Joey Gallo

Gallo has nowhere to play, serious batting average concerns, and the Rangers have done everything they can to keep him out of the major league lineup. So why is he here? Gallo could be a huge home run threat down the stretch, but that is about it. He will probably be most valuable in daily lineup leagues where you can sub him out when he doesn’t play. Of all the players still in the minors he is the odds on favorite, in my eyes, to lead in September homers.

Grab him if: You are safe in ratio stats but need power.

Hunter Renfroe

Renfroe, like Gallo, has some nice power potential, and has put up some eye-popping numbers in the PCL. His biggest issue is he isn’t on the 40-man roster. Now I do think Renfroe still gets the call; the Padres have alluded to him and Margot coming up in September for a while, but again there is an issue with playing time. He could also struggle mightily down the stretch if the strikeout issues that plagued him in the low minors return.

Grab him if: Any of the above options are gone and you have dead weight

If you’re desperate for a spark

Bradley Zimmer

He is one of my favorites, although I have gone back and forth on him a lot. I am still not sold on the Indians outfield, and he could be a nice power speed threat for them.

Grab him if: You need something in homers or steals.

Tom Murphy

On fire lately and played briefly last season in the majors. Murphy is a catcher so a lot of people should already be interested. I don’t think he has any real elite skill, but he can do a lot of things well and would be playing in the most hitter friendly park in the majors.

Grab him if: You’re like everyone else and need a catcher.

Austin Hedges

He tore up the PCL and could get a call in September. Hedges should be on your radar unless you own one of the top few catchers.

Grab him if: You don’t own one of the top catching options.

Dan Vogelbach

I think he is one of the better pure hitters in the minors. He can hit for average, but the power isn’t there yet. If you are grabbing him for one month where he probably wont play everyday you are hoping he can run into a few homers while hitting for a higher average.

Grab him if: You need a batting average stabilizer that could hit some homers

Byron Buxton

We all know what he has done this season. It doesn’t change his potential. The speed is elite, but the average is abysmal.

Grab him if: A .200 average doesn’t scare you and the potential for 7-10 September steals can make a big difference.

Don’t count on it

Yoan Moncada

He would be the top option if he was getting the call, I just don’t think he will. Average, home runs, steals, and he would get thrown into one of the best lineups in baseball. Moncada would be a true game changer down the final stretch.

Grab him if: I would in any scenario, and if he doesn’t come up drop him. The upside is too high to leave him go for someone else.

Ozzie Albies

He has struggled in AAA so far, but there is some hope he will rejoin Dansby Swanson in the middle of the Braves infield. He doesn’t offer power at all so if essentially a zero in home runs is a killer, don’t invest. However if you could use five plus steals in the final month here is a dart throw that not a lot of people will be looking for.


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