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Field of Streams logoWelcome, welcome to the post of posts, the one and only (possibly) Field of Streams! (pause for applause) Thank you, thank you! Alright, settle down, settle down, let’s get down to business. We have a bevy of guests this weeks ready to stream for you, but first let’s take a gander at how last week’s streamers fared!

Last week, seven of my recommended streamers took the hill during the week, and went 3-2, with a splendid 2.38 ERA, a delightful 1.13 WHIP and, well, a kind of, um, well, not so bad K/9 of 6.35.

Now they weren’t all gems. No, no, as usual there were Ins, Outs and What Have Yous..

Matt Moore
6 3 5 2 7 W
Bartolo Colon
Mets 7 7 1 1 8 ND
Ryan Vogelsong
Pirates 6 3 1 0 5 L
Jameson Taillon Pirates 8 3 2 0 4 W
Hector Santiago
Twins 5.1 7 1 4 4 L
What have you  
Kyle Davies
Brewers 7 8 0 3 3 ND
Matt Garza Brewers 6 7 3 2 1 W
Total 45.1 38 13 12 32 3-2-2

Alright, dem’s the appeteasers, let us move the main course!


Daniel Norris, Tigers (vs. Royals) – I’m sure I’m not the only one who is rooting for the former Blue Jays prospect due in large part to the fact he was not dissuaded by Matt Foley and basically lived in a van down by the river. Norris is a dude, and I am all for him succeeding in MLB.

The harsh truth is, like many, he has not quite lived up to any of his prospect hype thus far. I’m not saying Norris is starting to do that right now, but his nice start against the Mariners after being recalled from Triple-A is at least something. In that start Norris allowed just one run over five innings. So those numbers we like, but the seven hits and just three strikeouts are not as appealing – nor is that xFIP over five for that game. The FIP was 3.14 though, so there is a speck of fantasy goodness maybe hiding in there?

The good news, here, is he is facing the Royalsm and they have been a strugglin’. Over this most recent fortnight the Royals are dead last in wOBA and third to last in ISO, which makes it not so surprising that only five teams have scored fewer runs than the Crowns in that time period. I like a nice Norris for a cheap bit of fantasy goodness in this one.
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Martin Perez, Rangers (vs. Athletics) – Although I have recommended Perez on several occasions, I have also been pretty adamant about not buying a lot of the numbers he was posting. Well, as I, or the advanced stats, kind of predicted, Martin started regressing quite a bit. As you may have already guessed there is probably some sort of something causing me to recommend him in this space once again. Well, two of his last three starts have been decent, but fun fact: Perez has posted a FIP of 3.28 or lower in those three starts. Happy days, some sliver of hope arises! So there’s that, and there is the fact that only the Cardinals are having more trouble scoring runs than the Athletics, these days. Point, Perez!
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Ervin Santana, Twins (@ Braves) – Big Erv has not allowed more than three earned runs in any of his last nine starts, and in only one of those starts did he allow more than two earned runs. Over those nine starts Erv  has an ERA of 2.05, with a 3.09 FIP and a 0.95 WHIP. So, although he isn’t striking out a ton of batters, he is sort of dealing, am I right? Of course I am. Combine his recent dealings with a matchup against the less than intimidating Braves offense and you have yourself a heaping helping of fantasy goodness.
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Braden Shipley, Diamondbacks (vs. Mets) – Shipley has a sub-three ERA over his small sample size of four starts, which makes him worth a peak for streaming. Okay, yes, I see that FIP over five. I knew you’d be quick to point that out, and yeah that overall number is alarming, but you think I wouldn’t dig a bit deeper? Come on, now. Not only did he have a FIP below two in his last start, but that start was against the Mets, the very same team he will face on Tuesday. In that outing he allowed no runs over seven innings, which is pretty darned good. I do have a bit of hesitation with him facing the same team in back-to-back starts, but this team is the Mets, after all. Over the past few weeks the Mets are 28th in wOBA and 22nd in ISO and runs scored, so I think that gives him a bit of a better shot at coming close to duplicating that last start.
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Anibal Sanchez, Tigers (vs. Royals) – Well, just when I thought Sanchez was turning things around, he goes and gets knocked around by the Rangers. I am gonna just gloss over that and focus on the good numbers over the preceding four starts and call this last start a minor bump in the road. In those previous four starts, Sanchez posted a 3.12 ERA, a 2.64 FIP and a 9.35 K/9 – all very good numbers. Things happen, aka that disastrous start against Texas, but sometimes those are just the bumps one needs to refocus and get right. Another way to help get right is, as I already mentioned, facing the Royals. You can be hesitant, but I like this matchup for Anibal.
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Ivan Nova, Pirates (@ Giants) – Ivan Nova is the latest Ray Searage reclamation project, and so far, so good-ish. In two starts with the Buccos, Nova has allowed just four earned runs over 12.1 innings for a respectable 2.92 ERA. I know, sample size, but Searage and the Pirates have a bit of a larger sample size getting good numbers out of pitchers, making me think Nova could be in for a resurgence in Pittsburgh. Well, a surgence, at least. Good news for those of you who are still skeptical, though! This start is in a pitcher’s park against a Giants team that is 27th in both wOBA and ISO over the past couple of weeks. If that doesn’t ease your mind just a little bit, then I don’t know what else to tell ya!
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Joe Musgrove, Astros (@ Orioles) – Judging by the numbers, it doesn’t look Musgrove will be available to stream for very much longer. In fact if this start goes the way I think it will, this may be your last chance to stream him for a bit. Both of Musgrove’s starts have been quality, as he has allowed just three earned runs over 14 innings, posting a nice 2.42 FIP and an 8.35 K/9. Those are some pretty good numbers, aren’t they? Yup, that’s a classic rhetorical question from Will, of course those are good numbers. The sample size is for sure small, so I am not saying take a swig of the Kool-Aid just yet, but for now I’ll buy in on this being a decent bet at a quality start.
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Adam Conley, Marlins (@ Reds) – Yeah, there’s no way I’d be confident starting Adam Conley every time out given his consistency (or lack there of), but in certain times and places he is good to go. While only three of his last seven starts have been quality, in only one of those starts did he allow more than two earned runs, so he has that going for him. For the most part the FIP and xFIP point to him being right around a basic quality starter, which works for streaming purposes. More good news is that Conley already had a decent, though not quite quality, start against the very same Reds he will face on Thursday. The Reds bats have been right around the middle of the pack lately, so I like Conley to throw a borderline quality start this time out.
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That’s all I got… go on, get out of here… go stream!

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