Field of Streams; Week 19 Weekend Streamers

Field of Streams logoHello there, ladies and germs! You looking for weekend streamers? Well, you are in the right place, folks! But before we get to that, let’s see how last weekend’s streamers fared.

Well, it was something of a mixed bag, but the overall numbers could have been worse I suppose. The six streamers recommended in this very space last week went 3-2 with a 4.88 ERA, a 1.18 WHIP and a 10.91 K/9. So, the ERA could have been better, but the WHIP was manageable, and the K/9 was just plain spectacular.

As I said, though, it was a mixed bag, or more accurately there were Ins, Outs and What Have Yous…

Blake Snell
3 2 1 7 ND
Ervin Santana
Twins 6.1 6 0 2 8 W
Dylan Bundy
Orioles 6 4 1 2 9 W
Homer Bailey
Reds 3 8 1 5 4 L
Matt Andriese Rays 4.2 6 1 3 5 L
What have you  
Jerad Eickhoff
Phillies 6 5 0 4 5 W
Total 31.2 32 5 17 38 3-2-1

Alright, dem’s the apps. On to the main course!


Ross Stripling, Dodgers (vs. Pirates) – After missing time and then hitting the bullpen for a bit, Ross Stripling has successfully returned to the Dodgers rotation. It was only one start, but five scoreless innings against the Red Sox is a good starting point, right? His FIP and xFIP were under three in that game as well, so that is neat as well. On the season, Stripling is posting a 3.79 ERA and a 3.41 FIP so there is definitely some fantasy goodness to be had from him. You won’t generally get a large number of Ks from Stripling, but he has a good shot at helping you in the other categories – especially against the Buccos. Over the past two weeks, only  the Astros have posted a lower wOBA and ISO, so they are not exactly knocking pitchers around at the moment. I think this start is ripe for at least a quality start.
1.5% owned in ESPN, 9% owned in Yahoo!

Jon Gray, Rockies (at Phillies) – So Jon Gray is a shade above 50% owned, but the rest of the streaming is kind of light on Friday so I’m gonna call it close enough – Deal with it (Winky smile). Okay, so Gray’s last start was, well, terrible, but before that he was cruising along, throwing quality starts in five of the previous six and going five straight starts without allowing more than two earned runs in a game. Plus, even if that last start scares you (I’m not scared), this on is at least versus the Phillies and we all know they have struggled at the plate for most of the season. While their offense is improved and somewhat middle of the pack recently, I am still all aboard the Jon Gray train.
52.7% owned in ESPN, 52% owned in Yahoo!


Brandon McCarthy, Dodgers (vs. Pirates) – Looking at the overall numbers for McCarthy, you wouldn’t think he’d be widely available. His ERA is 3.00, the FIP sits at a highly usable 3.61, and his K/9 comes in at 9.55. Well, that makes things seem all hunky dory for B-Mac, but then you look at his last three starts and see that in none of those starts did he pitch more than four innings en route to posting an ERA just under six over those starts. I would say a string like that is a valid reason for ownership numbers to drop. Nevertheless, I am still all in on McCarthy, especially against the struggling Pirates (see above). I will understand your hesitancy, but I’m trusting my gut on this one. Hey, at least he should boost your K/9, right?
28.8% owned in ESPN, 33% owned in Yahoo!

Tyler Anderson, Rockies (@ Phillies) – I think I have fully addressed the Phillies offensive situation so no need to rehash that. Instead we can dig right on into the other reasons Anderson is worth streaming. I guess I’ll start with that 3.04 ERA which, based on a FIP and xFIP in the low threes, seems fairly legit. Next I’ll throw out the fact that in only one of his 11 starts this season has he allowed more than three earned runs. So far, so good, right? Anderson has rattled off four consecutive quality starts and has quality starts in seven of his last eight. The K/9 is even a respectable 7.54, to boot. I really don’t see much of anything pointing to him not giving you some fantasy goodness this weekend.
24.4% owned in ESPN, 18% owned in Yahoo!


Tyler Chatwood, Rockies (@ Phillies) – Well, the Phillies offense jibber-jabber once again applies, although Chatwood is the Rockies starter I am not quite as confident in this weekend. Chatter has been a bit up and down lately, and inconsistency is not great for a starter. For streaming, though, we just have to hit on the ups and I think against the Phillies is where that could happen. Chatwood is coming off of a very nice start against Texas, and I am putting my faith in him using that as a stepping stone for further fantasy goodness. Like I said, I am not as confident in Chatwood, and of all this week’s streamers he is probably the bottom of the list, but I still have a hunch that a quality start is in the offing.
25.2% owned in ESPN, 36% owned in Yahoo!

Brett Anderson, Dodgers (vs. Pirates) – Yep, it’s a Field of Streams first! All the streamers are against just two teams! Isn’t that neat? Well, like the Chatwood portion of our show, this one has me slightly less confident. Anderson is returning from a back injury so tough to know what to really expect, here, but last season Anderson was very decent in Dodger blue. Yeah it’s not much to go on, but the Pirates are struggling and the streamer card on Sunday is a bit light. I would really only recommend streaming if you absolutely must, and if that is your situation, Brett may be your best bet.
.8% owned in ESPN, 1% owned in Yahoo!


Well, that’s all I got. Seriously, go on, get outta here, go stream!

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