Daily Fantasy Quick Hits – July 30

DFS Baseball LogoWelcome to the weekend. It’s been great hanging out with you this week while Neil has been away. I hope that I have been of some service to you! Today looks like a hitting day for me, and I plan on using plenty of Cubs, Royals and Blue Jays. Fortunately I have found what I believe are some very good valued starting pitchers in order to execute my hitting plan. Whichever way you decide to play it, I wish you the best of luck.

Here are your quick hits of the day:

Batter versus Pitcher Warriors:

  1. Edwin Encarnacion vs Yovanni Gallardo – 6/17 with 3 home runs and 5 walks
  2. Dexter Fowler vs Wade Miley – 6/17 with a double, a home run, and 4 walks
  3. Carlos Gonzalez vs Bartolo Colon – 4/7 with 2 home runs and a walk
  4. Xander Bogaerts vs Hector Santiago – 5/9 with a double and 2 walks
  5. Chris Davis vs J.A. Happ – 3/9 with a double and 2 home runs

Stacks to Target:

  1. Royals vs Martin Perez – The Royals are the third worst hitting ball club in the majors over the past two weeks, but this match-up is enough to break them out of  it. Kansas City hits very well against LHP (.322 wOBA), and were even better before losing Lorenzo Cain. Cain is back now, and ready to feast on Perez who allows RHH a .298/.367/.460 line. Perez has a 5.95 ERA on the road, where he has issued 30 walks and just 26 strikeouts in 65 innings of work. I really like this stack today.
  2. Cubs vs Wade Miley – If you thought the Royals were good against LHP, take a look at the Cubs!! They’re second in baseball with a .350 wOBA, and number one with a 171 wRC. Today they face Wade Miley who has been a train wreck on the road, allowing a .307 BAA, a 1.56 WHIP and a 5.94 ERA. Miley allows RHH to hit a .363 wOBA, and between Bryant, Baez, Russell, Contreras, and switch-hitting Zobrist and Fowler, it could be a very long (read short) day for Mr. Miley.

Weather Factors to Target or Avoid:

  • Nationals at Giants – 12 MPH wind blowing out
  • Mariners at Cubs – 10 MPH wind blowing in
  • Athletics at Indians – Chance of rain
  • Astros at Tigers – Chance of thunderstorms

Pitchers of the Day:

  1. Jameson Taillon vs Brewers – The Brewers have been hitting well over the past two weeks (9th overall), but a lot has come on the back of a league leading 11% BB rate during this time. Their K rate is the worst though at 27%. Enter Jameson Taillon, who hasn’t walked a batter in his last 3 starts, and has only walked 2 batters in a game once in his 7 big league starts. His three road starts have been outstanding (2.50 ERA and .242 BAA). Taillon’s price is just $8,200, which is $600 less than when he faced the Brewers 11 days ago. He allowed just one run in 6 innings in that outing.  
  2. Nathan Eovaldi vs Rays – I can’t say that Eovaldi has been recommended too often in this space this year. But, then again he has only faced the Rays once in 2016. You see the Rays are scuffling offensively and now LoMo and Arcia are on the shelf. Eovaldi already dominated them once for 24.7 FPTS on Draft Kings, and if nothing else he makes for a great play in GPP at just $6,900. 

Platoon Split Hitters:

  1. Ozuna, Prado and Ichiro vs J. Garcia – Combined vs LHP: .397/.464/.598 in 209 at bats
  2. L. Cain and P. Orlando vs M. Perez – Crushing LHP with a .397 BA and a 1.099 OPS
  3. Bogaerts, S. Leon and Hanley vs H. Santiago – We knew XB + Hanley mashed lefties. Add Leon to mix (.484/.568/.806)

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