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Field of Streams logoFirst off, I apologize. I don’t know quite what happened last week, but lucky for you weeks like that are few and far between. For the sake of transparency, I will show you the numbers from last week’s unmitigated streaming disaster, despite how much I would rather not do such a thing.

Last week’s eight streamers went 2-6 with an eye-popping 8.55 ERA, a 1.78 WHIP and a 5.85 K/9. Yeah, pretty bad. Well, bad may be an understatement here, but I’d like to move on. No need to go into the Ins, Outs and What Have Yous since they were primarily outs and as I said, I’d like to move on and move on, we shall…to the main course. And again, sorry about that.


Jake Peavy, Giants (vs. Reds) – Although, Peavy’s ERA is sitting over five and only one of his last five starts have been quality, I still think he might be worth a go on Monday. No, I’m not just gonna leave it at that, of course I’m gonna explain, sheesh, give me a sec to get into it, would ya? There was a recent stretch of six starts where Peavy tossed five quality starts, so I know the capability is there, but also, and this is not a big plus, but he has gone at least five innings in eight of his last ten starts. Also, over those last ten starts, Jake has thrown six quality starts and has not allowed more than four earned in any of those ten starts.

Yes, it’s a small silver lining, but a silver lining nonetheless. The Reds are also Peavy’s opponent on Monday, and they have not exactly been lighting up the ol’ scoreboard of late. I’m not saying jump on the Peavy bandwagon, but if you’re looking for some cheap fantasy goodness on Monday, Peavy might be your guy.
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Jorge de la Rosa, Rockies (@ Orioles) – Jorge seems a bit like a shadow of his former self, but let’s not be so quick to dismiss his value on Monday. Although his last start was not quality, the five before that were. Plus this is away from Coors and his last four road starts have all been of the quality variety, so he has that going for him. Jorge’s FIP over his last five starts is actually a shade under four which is right in the sweet quality start territory, plus he faces the Orioles. Did you know over the past couple of weeks the Orioles are 25th in wOBA, 22nd in ISO and 27th in runs scored? The Orioles also don’t hit lefties particular well so another check in the pros column for de la Rosa.
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Jerad Eickhoff, Phillies (@ Marlins) – It would be very easy to dismiss Eickhoff, here, since these very same Marlins knocked him around a bit just last week, but let’s look at that start a bit closer. Over his five innings his xFIP was 3.02 and his FIP was a 3.98, for whatever those numbers are worth on a game to game basis. I mean, he had a nice ground ball rate of 55% in that start while still striking out six with zero walks. So, the start may not have been quite that bad if we dig into it a bit. Now, sure, for fantasy purposes we don’t care about underlying stats, just what the players actually put up. Well, I think in the nice pitcher friendly Fish Bowl, Eickhoff should put up some decent number.
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Hector Santiago, Angels (@ Royals) – Ah yes, my man Hector. He has proven to be a roller coaster ride for those who dare own him for a full season, but when he gets going he gets you some nice fantasy goodness. For instance, five of his last seven starts have been quality, and he missed it being six out seven by just one measly inning. Over those seven starts he is 5-0 with a 2.98 ERA, which is super decent. Now the xFIP is up over five, but the FIP over that span is a respectable 3.98. So should he be putting up ace like numbers? Probably not, but he should put up decent numbers. The Royals offense is not one that makes me think Santiago is not good for a quality start – or close to it.
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Adam Conley, Marlins (vs. Phillies) – Don’t look now, but Adam Conley is putting together some decent starts. Conley has only allowed more than two earned runs once in his last six starts, lowering his implodability factor a tad bit. Granted, in those last six starts only twice did Mr. Conley get through the sixth inning to procure a quality start, but the innings part will come – possibly this time around against Philly.

We all know the Phillies offense has not been the greatest, but Conley is not only putting up decent numbers of late, but has already put up decent numbers against the Phillies this season. In his only start against the Phightin’s he allowed just one run over six innings. With the way he has been pitching lately, I don’t see why he cannot come at least close to replicating that on hump day in Miami.
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Jon Gray, Rockies (@ Orioles) – I mean, if I’m gonna recommend Jorge de la Rosa against the Orioles, I have to recommend Jon Boy, here. Gray has now rattled off three straight quality starts as well as eight of his last ten. Gray is striking out over a batter an inning and is fairly close to getting half of his batted balls to be on the ground, which makes him pretty tough in my book. I am just about fully on board the Jon Gray train, but even if I weren’t he is still pitching plenty good enough to stymie a struggling Orioles offense.
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Tyler Anderson, Rockies (@ Mets) – Apparently I have become a huge fan of Rockies pitchers, huh? Well, they’ve been getting it done of late. While Anderson may not have the strikeout numbers I look for, the K numbers he does post are still respectable. Plus, he can counterbalance any average K numbers with a ground ball rate near 60%. Yes, I said 60% – none too shabby, huh? Anderson has also gone at least 5.2 innings in all seven of his starts, and prior to his last start he had not given up more than three earned runs any start this season. All of these numbers would make me like him even if he weren’t facing the Mets, who have been absolutely dismal at the plate over the past fortnight, scoring fewer runs than any other team in the majors in that time. For me, all signs point to a good start for Mr. Anderson.
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Aaron Nola, Phillies (@ Braves) – I mentioned last week, as I recommended Nola against the Marlins, that although Nola had a string of, well, less than stellar outings, I was still on board. Nola’s FIP and xFIP are ridiculously good, and if you choose to read them this way, it seems he has been a wee bit unlucky. I thought things might turn around against the Marlins and sure enough he threw six scoreless innings against them. If he did that against the Marlins, he should certainly be able to do that against the Bravos, right? After all, even though he did give up five runs in his last outing against Atlanta, only two of those runs were earned. The bottom line is, anyone pitching halfway decent is worth a shot against the Atlanta, but it’s worth keeping an eye on Nola for the stretch run as well.
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That’s all I got, go on, get out of here, go stream!

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