Field of Streams; Week 16 Weekend Streamers

Field of Streams logoWelcome back, kids! Time once again for some streaming fun. Last weekend’s streamers fared pretty darned well, if I do say so my darned self.

The five streams compiled a 2-0 record, a 2.08 ERA, a 1.12 WHIP and a 10.38 K/9. Like I said, darned well. There were no “Outs” this week, and only one “what have you”, but there were plenty of “Ins”.

Jorge De La Rosa
6 8 3 2 2 W
Brandon McCarthy
Dodgers 6 3 0 0 8 ND
Jon Gray
Rockies 7 5 3 0 8 ND
Adam Conley
Marlins 5.1 3 3 2 9 ND
What have you
Anthony DeSclafani
Reds 6 6 0 3 8 W
Total 30.1 25 9 7 35 2-0-3

All right, enough apps, let’s get to the main course…


Jon Gray, Rockies (vs. Braves) – I like Jon Gray – there, I said it. Gray’s xFIP is almost a full run lower than that 4.33 ERA, and he is pretty darned good at striking batters out. I’ve already mentioned to someone, at some point, that Gray is good at keeping the batted ball on the ground, especially at Coors, where his ground ball rate is  a hair over 50%.

I like Gray against most folks, but I can only get so far into this without pointing out the fact this outing is against the Braves. Yes, the very same Braves that have been at or near the bottom of most offensive categories throughout this season. The Braves were just stymied by Gray this past weekend, so why not another stymying? Exactly! No reason whatsoever.
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Archie Bradley, Diamondbacks (@ Reds) – Archie has not quite lived up to the ace like prospect hype that came with him, but he’s still young. I mean, do you think you had lived up to your full potential at age 23? Oh wait, now that I’m thinking about it, that’s where I peaked in life. Oh well, I digress. Different situation altogether here, but hopefully you are picking up what I’m putting down – Archie still has time. There are small glimmers here and there; four of his last six starts have been quality, and he has allowed more than three earned runs in just one of those last six starts. The Reds may be hitting somewhat better in July, but they are still ranked in the bottom-third of the league in batting average, OBP and runs scored.
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Aaron Nola, Phillies (@ Pirates) – Nola had a bit of a rough patch, allowing four or more runs in five consecutive starts, which allowed his ownership numbers to drop to streamable levels. Now, that came after nine straight quality starts, so who knows what to believe? Nola’s  threw a quality start in his last outing, and in his last three starts his FIP and xFIP were below three. Also, over those starts his K/9 was over 10 and his ground ball rate was 55% – which are a couple of numbers I really love.

Now, Nola’s opponent, the Pirates, have been somewhat sub-par over the past two weeks. Over that time the Buccos are 27th in ISO and 19th in runs scored. I already think Nola is headed for some good outings, and this should be one of them.
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Tyler Anderson, Rockies (vs. Braves) – You I like Anderson for many of the same reasons I like Gray (above average GB%, decent strikeout numbers, good FIP and xFIP, weak opponent). The K-rate is not quite as strong as Gray’s, but is still respectable. Against the Bravos I think Anderson should give you some solid fantasy goodness.
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Brandon Finnegan, Reds (vs. Diamondbacks) – Finnegan has not been overly consistent when it comes to fantasy goodness, but he pitched well his last time out, so there is that. Now, that is not a ton to go on (OK, it’s really nothing to go on), especially since that start was against the Braves (no need to go into their lack of offense, again). Well, the thing is, Finnegan’s opponent this time around, the Diamondbacks, have been very Brave-like of late. Over the past two weeks, the Diamondbacks have been dead last in wOBA and 29th in ISO and runs scored. I don’t trust Finnegan much, but he seems to pitch well against struggling offenses, and the Diamondbacks currently fit that mold.
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Tyler Chatwood, Rockies (vs. Braves) – Yep, here we go again. Another Colorado pitcher against the Braves. Chatter is a bit riskier than the aforementioned Rockies pitchers, since his Ks are lower and his FIP and xFIP are higher than both Gray and Anderson. Chatty has also struggled since returning from the DL as well, so, like I said, he’s a bit riskier. That being said, it is still the Braves. I’ve been somewhat bashing the Braves a bit, here, but the Bravos have shown some mild life at the plate lately, but not enough for me to not stream modestly decent-ish pitchers against them.
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Well, that’s all I got. Seriously, go on, get outta here, go stream!

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