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Field of Streams logoWelcome back to Field of Streams, on the day before America’s birthday. I was off celebrating a good friend’s nuptials last week, so I don’t have any Ins, Outs and What Have Yous to share, so before you head out to the BBQ and fireworks, let us find you some lightly owned pitchers that just may be sparklers for you…


Tyler Anderson, Rockies (@ Giants) – Just not getting what you folks out there are doing? How is Tyler Anderson so readily available? I mean, it is a small sample size, but in addition to 2.66 ERA, Tyler has a 2.62 xFIP and a 2.32 FIP. Those numbers are all mostly aided by a grounder rate of 60.3% and by him striking out just over a batter per inning. I will grant you the Giants are hitting the ball well of late, but they ain’t see Tyler yet and I think that keeps the needle pointing in his favor.
7.2% owned in ESPN, 9% owned in Yahoo!

Jerad Eickhoff, Phillies (vs. Braves) – Now let me start by saying Eickhoff has been plenty serviceable with a 3.38 ERA. The FIP and xFIP average out to about four which means in the right spots he can be, again, serviceable. Unless you live under a rock that doesn’t have MLB Network, you know the big thing here is the fact he is facing Atlanta. The Braves have the worst offense in the majors right now. Yeah, I’m not even gonna say arguably. They are flat out a bad hitting team. In fact, the last time Eickhoff faced Atlanta he tossed seven scoreless innings. I feel like a similar start could be seen on America’s birthday.
30.9% 0wned ESPN, 47% owned in Yahoo!


Jameson Taillon, Pirates (@ Cardinals) – I fell like I, and most Pirate fans, have been waiting for forever and a day for Taillon to join the big league roster. Well, he’s finally here, and while he’s not blowing batters away just yet, he is being serviceable and is a valid streaming option. The FIP of 4.14 is not that far from his 3.86 ERA, and the grounders are coming at just a tad over 50% of the time he allows contact. Based on his game by game xFIP he has been pitching better just about one start to the next, and his individual game FIP have been sub three in three of his last four starts. Plus the K rate is improving with an 8.13 K/9 over the past three starts. More good news is that his opponent, the Cardinals, have not been crushing the ball of late. Over the past two weeks St. Louis is 25th in wOBA and 23rd in runs scored. So I think a good start is in the…Cards…Taillon.
37.8% owned in ESPN, 49% owned in Yahoo!

A.J. Griffin, Rangers (@ Red Sox) – In A.J.’s two starts since returning from the DL he has pitched fairly well. Although he did not go more than five innings in either start, the sub three ERA and 3.27 xFIP are somewhat promising, as is the K/9 over 13. With the low rate in which Griffin induces grounders, the K rate will need to remain high. Fenway is not necessarily the greatest venue for a fly ball pitcher, but neither is Texas and he pitched a decent enough 4.1 innings against the BoSox there, so who’s to say he can’t do it again? Well, probably several things, but I’m not gonna dig for those things.
28.2% owned in ESPN, 33% owned in Yahoo!


Anthony DeSclafani, Reds (@ Cubs) – Yeah, yeah, I know, streaming against the Cubs at Wrigley, I must be insane, right? Well, the Cubs are not generally an ideal matchup, but you have to like what Tony D has been doing since his 2016 debut. There was one sort of bump in the road, but four of his five starts have been quality and he has yet to allow more than two earned runs in any of those five starts. DeSclafani has also posted game FIPs below three in his last two outings. I know this seems somewhat iffy due to the opponent, but I am fully on board with Tony D and think he stymies the Cubs a bit.
33.7% owned in ESPN, 46% owned in Yahoo!

Kevin Gausman, Orioles (@ Dodgers) – It has been a bit touch and go with Gaus for a bit, but his last start was more go than touch, or more touch than go? It was good is what I am saying here folks. The strikeouts and groundballs have been there for the most part, and I feel like he will maybe rattle off a few good starts in a row  if those stay solid. Plus the Dodgers have been slightly below par at the plate, of late, ranking 20th in wOBA and 21st in runs scored over this most recent fortnight. Granted I’ve had more solid cases before, but for some reason I like this matchup for Gausman.
27.1% owned in ESPN, 30% owned in Yahoo!


Bartolo Colon, Mets (@ Nationals) – If I’ve said it once, I’ve said five times, Bartolo Colon just doesn’t implode. In only one start this season has Bartolo allowed more than three earned runs, and in ten of his 15 starts he has allowed two or fewer earned runs. Yeah the FIP, xFIP and SIERA make it seem like that shouldn’t really be happening, but also make it seem like he is still a serviceable streamer, regardless.

Now, he is not flashy, that’s for sure. A lot of strikeouts won’t come with a Colon outing, but the other numbers should help you out just fine. While one of his starts against the Nats was one where he gave up three runs in only 4.1 innings, his last start against them he allowed just one run in seven innings, so he can shut them down as well. It’s possible things go awry; that’s always the case with streamers, but the odds of him giving you a quality like start are almost forever in your favor.
34.9% owned in ESPN, 43% owned in Yahoo!

Blake Snell, Rays (vs. Angels) – Okay, well, Snell does have a 3.54 ERA, but the xFIP is close to five and only one of his starts has been quality, but stay with me here. Snell does have a 3.21 FIP, although it has been heavily waited by his first outing. I am not really on board the Snell train, but he seems like he will be a good start from time to time, given the right circumstances. Those right circumstances could be when facing the current Angels lineup. Over the past two weeks the Halos are 20th in ISO and 25th in runs scored, so they are not tearing covers off the ball. The Angels have also been mostly average to below average when facing lefties, which is another small tidbit in Snell’s favor. This one is not as backed by data as some of the other streamers in here, but I’m trusting my gut here and going with Snell.
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That’s all I got, go on, get out of here, go stream!

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