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Field of Streams logoWelcome back, my friends! Time to kill some time at work reading Field of Streams as you countdown to the start of your weekend. Last weekend was about average-ish for my streamers, but I did get a few good cases for the #killthewin campaign.

Overall last weekend’s six streamers, went 0-2 (yep, four no decisions), with a 5.67 ERA, a 1.50 WHIP and a 5.67 K/9. I know, that doesn’t look average-ish, but Matt Wisler kind of blew up the numbers on Sunday. Without Wisler the ERA would drop all the way to 4.29 and the WHIP would fall to 1.30. The K/9 would rise, but not to  a spectacular number.

Now, as you peruse the Ins, Outs and What Have Yous, you will see where the #killthewin stuff comes in…

Kevin Gausman
6 7 2 1 5 ND
Bartolo Colon
Mets 5 5 1 1 1 ND
Nate Eovaldi
Yankees 5.1 8 1 5 5 ND
Matt Wisler
Braves 4 9 3 8 5 L
What have you  
Junior Guerra
Brewers 6 6 2 3 3 ND
Chris Rusin Rockies 7 4 2 3 2 L
Total 33.1 39 11 21 21 0-2-4

All right, dem’s the apps, let us get to the main course!


Junior Guerra, Brewers (vs. Mets) – Junior is rocking a 3.61 ERA and a K/9 over eight starts right now, which is plenty serviceable for streaming, folks! Sure the xFIP and SIERA are around four, but even that points to some decent opportunities for streaming, right? It sure does, and it sure has! Guerra has pitched a quality start in four of his last five starts, and in the lone non-quality start he threw five scoreless innings – so yeah, you could say he has been quite serviceable of late.

Now, while we can expect some modest regression from Guerra, we can also look for good matchups for him while we wait. Pitching against the Mets right now falls into that “good matchup” category. Over the past couple weeks the Mets are 26th in ISO, 27th in wOBA and dead last in runs scored. So, yeah, I’d throw the serviceable Junior Guerra against the Metropolitans right now.
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Patrick Corbin, Diamondbacks (vs. Marlins) – First things that stand out about Patrick Corbin are his numbers, but not in a good way. Corbin has an ERA approaching five, a 1.35 WHIP, and a K/9 below seven. Yeah, not so good.On a somewhat positive note his xFIP (4.04) and SIERA (4.19) both fall into the serviceable streaming range, the ground ball rate is above 50 which I like, and the fly ball rate is below 30 so he’s been somewhat unlucky when it comes to home runs this season.

Now, Corbin has not even been good at home. In fact, his home splits are downright terrible. I assume you know I have something up my sleeve here, right? Well, I’ll stop rambling and give  you that something right this instant… it’s the Marlins. The Fish have been about as bad offensively as the Mets have been over the past couple of weeks, ranking 29th in ISO, 27th in wOBA and 26th in runs scored.

Yeah, from what we have seen lately from Corbin, this still may not look like enough. But Corbin did just toss a quality start against a good offensive team in the Cubbies, and when Corbin has faced struggling offenses he has done fairly well. I know it’s scary, but I’m sticking by Corbs, here.
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Dan Straily, Reds (vs. Athletics) – Now, of course I don’t think Mr. Straily’s 3.34 ERA is sustainable based on both his FIP and xFIP being over a full point higher, but he is getting the job done for now. This is not the type of play I might normally go with, but Saturday’s streaming options are not spectacular so getting it done at the moment may just suffice.

Seven of his last eight starts have been quality, and he threw five scoreless innings in that non-quality start. So, the job, as I mentioned, is getting done. Plus, Straily is facing the team he started with; who doesn’t step up for that? Oh, and also only five teams have scored fewer runs than the Athletics over the past fortnight. Even if Straily shouldn’t be doing what he’s doing right now, he is, and I don’t think the Athletics will stop him from keeping it going.
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Jake Peavy Giants (vs. Dodgers) – Sunday’s streaming options don’t look much better than Saturday’s, so maybe take these recommendations with a grain of salt, okay? Great! So…. Jake Peavy. Peavers has a quality start in three of his last five starts, and in four of those last five starts he had a FIP below three – for whatever a one game FIP can mean.  But, over his last five starts, Peavy has a 3.76 ERA and a 3.12 FIP.  Yes, I will somewhat ignore that xFIP of 4.42 right now, but that is still manageable for a stream, in my humble opinion. Well, in the right matchup, that is. Enter the Dodgers. So far this month the team is ranked 28th in OBP and dead last in batting average (.178). They’re also in the bottom third of the league in scoring runs. Like I said, it’s all about the matchups, but the timing helps too. I feel somewhat comfortable predicting a quality start for Peavy, here.
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Jon Niese, Pirates (vs. Cardinals) – The numbers won’t exactly blow you away, but for streaming, we can work with a sub four ERA, even if both FIP numbers point to mild regression. Now, I have long been a fan of Niese as a streamer, but this season started off a tad rocky. Niese now seems to have settled in with the Pirates, not allowing more than two runs in any of his last five starts, sporting a 1.74 ERA over those starts. The FIP point more to an ERA in the mid threes for those starts, but that is still pretty decent.

Now the Cardinals are not a light hitting team by any means, and Niese struggled with them the first time around back in April, but that was awhile ago, and Niese is looking much better lately. While the Cardinals may not be offensive lightweights, they have only been around the middle of the pack on offense recently and against lefties, so I’d roll the dice on Niese.
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Well, that’s all I got. Seriously, go on, get outta here, go stream!

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