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Field of Streams logoThis is my first full week back recommending streamers for you, and I gotta tell ya, it feels great! Now, as we look at last weeks numbers let’s keep in mine that Wade Miley absolutely imploded on Thursday raising all the numbers significantly.

Last week’s eight streamers, went 2-4, with a 5.48 ERA, a 1.47 WHIP and a 6.99 K/9. Yeah, pretty bad, but if we take out Miley’s start then the ERA was 4.18, the WHIP was 1.30 and the K/9 was 7.33. Not quite as bad, and now I can give up on Wade Miley….for the time being.

Well, anyways, as evidenced by the above, not all starts are created equal. There were Ins, Outs and What Have Yous…

Nate Karns
6.2 6 1 2 6 W
Mike Foltynewicz Braves 6 3 2 1 4 W
Matt Wisler Braves 7 4 2 3 2 L
Jerad Eickhoff Phillies 6.2 8 2 2 4 L
Kevin Gausman
Orioles 6 5 2 5 8 L
Tyler Chatwood
Rockies 5.2 8 3 4 5 L
Wade Miley
Mariners 4.2 12 2 9 2 ND
What have you  
Robbie Ray
Diamondbacks 5 6 2 3 6 ND
Total 42.2 52 16 29 37 2-4-2

Dems the apps, now let’s get to the main course!


Tyler Chatwood, Rockies (@ Dodgers) – Okay, so Chatty wasn’t so hot against the Reds this past week, but prior to that start he had pitched quality starts in five of the previous six starts, and even in this recent ugly start against the Reds he still posted a 2.96 FIP. The SIERA and xFIP were over four for the start, but makes it seem like Chatwood is still at least a quality start, er, starter?

The numbers have been solid overall, and the Dodgers could be just the team Chatty needs to get back to those solid numbers. The Dodgers of late have struggled a bit at the plate, down near the bottom of the league offensively over the past couple weeks. Chatwood’s previous start against Dodger blue was not great, but this is one is not in Colorado making things lean a smidge more in his favor.
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Williams Perez, Braves (@ Padres) – Not the sexiest of streaming options, but three of Perez’s last five starts have been quality, and if four of those five the FIP and xFIP were a shade under four. Perez relies on grounders which helps, but not enough to make up for his low strikeout total. So, yeah, I am not 100% on board with Williams Perez, but luckily I am 100% on board with streaming against the Padres.

Even though the Padres offense is showing signs of life, I still won’t shy away from streaming against them. The Padres are still roughly in the middle of the pack offensively even with the somewhat improved offensive output. Might be an iffier stream than most I recommend, but the Padres bats have been good to my streamers so I will stick with that.
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Juan Nicasio, Pirates (vs. Mets) – I’m not gonna tell you about Nicasio’s overall numbers, because they are not too appetizing, instead I will tell you about two things.

The first is how Nicasio pitches in Pittsburgh. Three of Nicasio’s five home starts have been quality, and he missed the other two starts being quality by an inning. Nicasio’s home ERA is just 3.49, with a 3.22 FIP and 3.26 xFIP. Nicasio also strikes out more than a batter per inning at home which I like.

The second thing is that Nicasio is facing the Mets. The Mets offense has not been good lately. How not good? Well, in this most recent fortnight, only the Braves and Phillies have scored fewer runs. This could be a sneakily nice stream folks, so get on board.
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 Miguel Gonzalez, White Sox (vs. Nationals) – The 4.09 ERA is decent enough for streaming, but the xFIP (4.69) and SIERA (4.64) point to a bit more risk in streaming Gonzalez. Good news though, my streaming faithful! Gonzalez’s last few starts have been kind of decent. It’s true! In his last three starts, Gonzalez has a 3.12 ERA with a 3.49 xFIP and 3.60 SIERA, so things are looking up. Plus, Miguel’s only home start was a very nice one, so maybe he can carry that over to home start number two?

Yeah, I am really going out on a bit of a limb here since the Nationals are hitting the ball pretty well. Honestly Wednesday does not have a ton of great streaming options, in my opinion, but if you absolutely have to this is one of the few I might risk.
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Jesse Hahn, Athletics (@ Brewers) – Hahn was solid for the most part last season, but he has been up and down this year. The ERA is not great, but not terrible, and Hahn has thrown a quality start in three of five starts. The xFIP (4.57), SIERA (4.90) and FIP (5.87) are not promising and paint an ugly picture. At least he’s keeping the ball on the ground (56.4% ground ball rate), and he gets a shot at the Brew Crew here.

Over the past couple of weeks, only five teams have scored fewer runs than Milwaukee, so they are not exactly lighting up scoreboards. I am banking on Hahn returning a bit more to last season’s forms in this one. As I’ve already said, Wednesday does not have a ton of great, or even good streaming options. If you absolutely have to stream, Hahn may be your best option.
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Martin Perez, Rangers (vs. Astros) – Yes, I know, that 3.12 ERA is enticing, but I don’t think many expect that to last, and Perez’s ownership numbers support that statement.The FIP numbers point to a somewhat significant regression, and Perez doesn’t even strikeout a lot of batters. So why is he here?

Well first off, as we all know, what should happen is not always what does happen, and for fantasy the only numbers that count are the ones that actually do happen – those numbers have been good for Perez. I mean, if you are in any league where you can get anything for him, I’d sell high, because the ERA is sure to balloon.

Here’s the thing, though, as lucky as it may seem Perez has been, his home luck is even more ridiculous. All six of Perez’s home starts have been quality, and not only that, but he has not allowed more than two earned runs in any of those starts. Just in case you think, “hey, maybe he is actually pitching better at home”, let me point out the 4.29 xFIP and 4.48 FIP at home this season.

I trust the luck to continue against the Astros, who are near the bottom of the barrel offensively over the last couple weeks, and they are in the bottom third of the league offensively when facing southpaws. Martin Perez just happens to be a southpaw, so another check in the Martin Perez column. I’d bet on the home quality start streak continuing against Houston.
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Nate Karns, Mariners (vs. Indians) – I beat plenty of dead horses here at Field of Streams, and one of those horses is constantly urging folks to stream Nate Karns. Karns has hardly been a consistent ace or anything, but he has been quite serviceable with his 3.43 ERA and striking out almost a batter per inning. Something must be going right here and there, am I right?

Five of Karns last seven starts have been quality, and he hasn’t allowed more than three runs in any of those outings.He has posted a 2.76 ERA with a 3.58 xFIP over those last seven starts while still maintaining a K/9 over eight, so maybe things are starting to click for Karnsey. I’m not saying he should be universally owned or anything, but seems like he should be a go more often than not.

Indians are hitting the ball fairly well, so this won’t be a cake walk, but I choose to believe Karns will keep rolling.
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That’s all I got, go on, get out of here, go stream!

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