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Field of Streams logoMy brief hiatus prevented me from providing you with Field of Streams last week, but Jim “Bull” Finch was able to ever so graciously step up to the plate and pinch hit for me. So let’s see how the talented Mr. Finch, did!

Well, Jim ended up with seven streamers going and… well, it wasn’t spectacular. Those seven starters went 1-4, with a 4.79 ERA, a 1.50 WHIP and a K/9 of 8.27. All in all not really too terrible (I know I’ve certainly done worse), but let’s check out his Ins, Outs and What Have Yous…

Steven Wright Red Sox
7 3 3 1 8 W
Ross Stripling
Dodgers 5.1 8 3 3 3 L
Drew Pomeranz
Padres 4.1 7 3 3 6 L
Clay Buchholz
Red Sox
6.1 8 4 5 2 L
What have you  
Ubaldo Jimenez
Orioles 6 6 3 3 6 L
Ricky Nolasco Twins 7.1 5 0 4 9 ND
Bartolo Colon Mets 5 8 1 3 4 ND
Total 41.1 45 17 22 38 1-4-2

Alright, dem’s your appetizers, let’s get to the main course…


Nate Karns, Mariners (@ Athletics) – One thing that can always help for streaming is doing it in a pitcher friendly park, like the one Nate Karns gets to throw in on Monday. Another thing that helps is facing a not so good offense, which is also sort of what Nate has facing him on Monday. Now the A’s offense is not atrocious, but it has been middling at best which bodes somewhat well for Karnsey. Okay, sure, Nate has already thrown against Oakland this season and it was not great, at least on the surface. Although Karns allowed four earned runs over five innings in that one, he had a FIP of 3.91 and a very nice 10.80 K/9, so it wasn’t all gloom and doom. Plus that was the first start of the season so I’ll cut him a modicum of slack here.

I was on high-ish on Karns as a late round sleeper coming into the season, so maybe I am being a bit of a softy? Karns has not really delivered on my promise of fantasy goodness thus far this season, that is until his last outing where he shut down the Astros. Karns induced a lot of grounders and struck six batters over seven innings, so I am banking on that being Karns’ turning point in 2016. Look for a second consecutive quality start for Karns come Monday.
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Bartolo Colon, Mets (vs. Braves) – Remember how I said, “Another thing that helps is facing a not so good offense”? It was only several sentences ago, but if you don’t remember, I did say that and now you know. Good news for Bartolo Colon, as he is facing a not so good offense this week. Three teams have scored fewer runs than the Bravos, but no team in the majors has a lower ISO, wOBA or number of home runs hit on this young season, and it’s not really close. The Braves offense is bad folks. Fact of the matter is, Bartolo doesn’t seem to really even need that caveat since he has pitched fairly decent in his own right. Bartolo has a 3.42 ERA which, judging by the FIP, is pretty much what he has deserved thus far. Look, it may not be flashy, but BFBC can still get the job done in a pinch, so grab him for this start.
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Chris Tillman, Orioles (vs. Yankees) – Till has long been a frustrating pitcher for myself, and I am sure, many others. Consistency has not been Till’s forte which will really get a fantasy owner’s goat, am I right? Sure I am. The season numbers have looked good for him: he’s 2-1 (for those of you into the whole win-loss record thing) with a 3.24 ERA, a 1.08 WHIP, and a K/9 of 8.64. The FIP is under three, but the SIERA is closer to four, so again, Chris Tillman equals frustration. I am still all about just using Tillman when the matchup looks good, and from where I’m sitting it looks pretty darned good. The Pinstripers are 25th in ISO and 22nd in wOBA on the season and over this past fortnight, they are 28th in wOBA, 29th in ISO and dead last in runs. The Yankees have scored 13 fewer runs than the next lowest team in the past two weeks, which makes this seem like a nice matchup for Tillman.

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Tyler Chatwood, Rockies (@ Padres) – With the way the  FIP numbers are pointing for Chatter, it would be foolish to believe his sub-three ERA will last, but it’s there now, at least. The advanced data points to a regression towards an ERA in the high threes or low fours. Not spectacular, but certainly workable for our streaming purposes. The K-rate is below average, but Chatwood’s early success has probably been greatly aided by a groundball rate of just over 50%. Chatter has also been limiting hard contact, as only 28 qualified starting pitchers this season have allowed a lower hard contact rate and only 30 qualified starting pitchers are inducing more soft contact. I mean, I still think Tyler is only for streaming in good matchups, of which this is one – a good matchup that is. There are not many better matchups for pitchers right now than the Padres (except maybe the Rays). The Friars of San Diego are 27th in the majors in wOBA and 28th in ISO. Yes, the Padres have shown some signs of life, but even over the past two weeks they have only been a middling offense, certainly one Chatwood can handle.
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Rubby de la Rosa, Diamondbacks (@ Marlins) – Ignore that 4.18 ERA, kids; it’s a mirage – I think. Well, the advanced data and FIP numbers think that. Rubby has a 3.88 FIP and a 3.14 xFIP, but what I really love is his 2.94 SIERA. That has to point to good things on the horizon, doesn’t it? I like to think so. Right now, Rubby is also working with a K/9 over ten (yes ten), and a groundball rate close to 60%. If that don’t scratch you right where you itch, then there’s something wrong with you. Not to mention since being thrust back into the rotation, Rubby has been kind of dominant. In his last two starts, Rubby has allowed one run (that’s one run total) over 13 innings pitched. The K/9 in those starts was over 11 and his ground ball rate was over 60%. All good news in my book. Even better news is Rubby gets to pitch against the Marlins who have been bottom third of the league offensively, and they are now without their leadoff hitter for the next 60 days. Looks like everything’s  coming up Rubby!
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J.A. Happ, Blue Jays (vs. Rangers) – Apparently all Happ does is throw quality starts. It’s all he has done thus far, this season. Four starts – all quality. Of course, most of the numbers point to a large regression in the ERA department ,and by all accounts there will be some rough outings and this could  very well be one of those starts. Yes, I am mostly going with the gut on this one and banking on Happ to continue his quality start streak. The Rangers offense has been up and down this year; it’s so tough to really tell what you will get from them in any particular game, but I’m just gonna keep going with Happ, until he lets me down.
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Mike Wright, Orioles (vs. Yankees) – Both of Wright’s home starts this season have been quality, and while his home ERA is 3.75 his home FIP is 2.66, so he knows how to pitch at Camden. Want more data that points to you getting the Wright stuff in Baltimore? Of course you do! Well, Wright has a 7.50 K/9 which is manageable, but Wright has also been inducing grounders at almost a 50% rate and has allowed very little hard contact at home. More things to entice you into this stream? How’s about the fact the Yankees are no quite the power hitting Yanks of yore. It’s true. Over the past two weeks only two teams have a lower wOBA than the Pinstripes, and only the Braves have a lower ISO  in that time period. I think you can’t go wrong with Wright in this one.
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Alright, that’s all I got, go on, get out of here, go stream!

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