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Field of Streams logoWelcome, welcome, welcome to Fantasy Assembly’s feel good piece, Field of Streams. A look at pitchers who have been overlooked by most, but get there day in the sun right here.

In last week’s episode seven ragtag pitchers set forth from Field of Streams, going 2-2, with an ERA of 3.96, a WHIP of 1.49 and a 7.43 K/9. Not terrible, but not great. As you should know, streams can be like snowflakes, no two are alike. Nope, there usually tends to be Ins, Outs and What Have Yous…

Erasmo Ramirez Rays 5.2 3 0 0 4 W
Nick Tropeano
Angels 5.2 5 2 1 3 ND
Cody Anderson
Indians 4.2 9 1 5 5 L
Rich Hill
A’s 4.1 9 3 3 6 L
Jared Cosart Marlins 5.2 4 6 4 4 ND
What have you  
Brandon Finnegan
Reds 5 4 4 0 2 W
Jhoulys Chacin
Braves 5.1 4 0 3 6 ND
Total 36.1 38 16 16 30 2-2-3

Alright, now that I got you chompin’ at the bit, here’s your main course:


Nick Tropeano, Angels (vs. Mariners) – Yes, Tropeano has a 0.84 ERA through his two starts, but I don’t think many people (including yours truly) think that will last. Judging by the deeper numbers the lack of faith is somewhat warranted. Trope’s SIERA is close to five, his K/9 is below eight and his ground ball rate is under 20%. A regression is a comin’, folks. I know this may now seem confusing, seeing as I am supposed to be convincing you to use Trope, but have some patience, we’re getting there, we’re getting there.

Trope’s FIP has been solid in both starts and sits at 2.50 on the season. Regardless of whether or not he deserves the ERA, he has it, right? Plus, Trope draws the Mariners in this one. After a fast first few days of the season, the M’s offense has faded quite a bit. In the last two weeks, they are 25th in the majors in wOBA and 27th in the majors in runs scored. That regression is coming, but I think it will hold off for at least one more start.
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Erasmo Ramirez, Rays (@ Yankees) – I will say I am not super pumped when pitchers are alternating between relieving and starting, but Erasmo has generally handled it with aplomb. In Erasmo’s one start this season, which came after three relief appearances, he was quite decent. Over 5.2 innings pitched, Ramirez allowed just three hits while striking out four. That’s it. No runs, no walks. Solid. Erasmo will not blow you away with Ks, but he should give you several strong innings every time out. Plus he generally induces a lot of ground balls.

The Yanks are not quite slouches when it comes to hitting, but Erasmo was very sharp in three starts last season against the Yankees, allowing just one run in 18.2 innings.That lone run came at Yankees Stadium over six innings of work. I expect Erasmo’s success against the Yankees to continue on today.
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Chase Anderson, Brewers (vs. Phillies) – Chase has never been a flashy choice, but he has long been a friend to us here at Field of Streams. There are probably very few buying Chase’s 2.25 ERA, but judging by his FIP’s an ERA in the mid-threes is most certainly feasible. Anderson’s ground ball rate of 44% is workable as is his K/9 in the sevens. As much as I already like Chase as a streamer, he also draws the Phillies this time around.

Philly has shown some signs of life on offense, but even with said signs of life, no one has scored fewer runs than the Phillies in 2016. While their ISO is up to 20th in the bigs, the wOBA is still only at 27th overall. The Phillies have some future promise, but right now…. right now they are dealing with some struggles. Chase Anderson is solid enough to keep that struggle train going full steam ahead.
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J.A. Happ, Blue Jays (vs. Athletics) – I wasn’t too high no Happ coming into 2016, or at least did not expect him to put up those eye-popping numbers he sported in Pitchburgh, but so far Happ is making me look silly. Okay, sillier than normal. Anyways, Happ is sitting at 2-0 with a 1.89 ERA. Now, I am not jumping on board because of that, per se — the xFIP and SIERA point to a regression towards an ERA in the fours. Happ hasn’t been getting many strikeouts or grounders, which to me is living life on the edge. With a FIP of 3.42, it does seem like Happ knows what he is doing though and can still be serviceable. If that doesn’t sell ya (it’s a hard sell), let me tell you a little story about the A’s offense.

Oakland has not been good; the end. Okay “story” may have been a bit of a stretch there, but the main point still stands. Despite some ever so slight improvements at the plate, the A’s are still not very good offensively. They are 28th in the majors in wOBA, 24th in ISO and the Rays and Phillies are the only major league teams that have scored fewer runs than the Athletics in 2016. All in all, it looks a nice little stream for Happ.
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Jerad Eickhoff, Phillies (@ Brewers) – In case you haven’t notices, Jerad Eickhoff has pitching rather well. Sure he’s 1-2 (#killthewin), but see above regarding Philly’s offense (#killthewin) and you’ll understand that a bit more (#killthewin). Anyways, through three starts, Eickhoff has a 1.89 ERA. a 1.00 WHIP and a 9.95 K/9. Yowsa! The ground ball rate is over 40% (which works fine with that high strikeout rate) and the SIERA is just 3.15. A little regression may come, but it seems like one we would all be happy to live with, am I right?

That’s one of them rhetorical questions you’ve probably heard so much about. Eickhoff’s curveball is currently valued higher than that of any other regular starting pitcher right now, which is impressive even in the small sample size. The Brewers are a middling offense at best, so I don’t think Eickhoff will be tested too much in this one. Look for another quality start for the youngster.
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Wade Miley, Mariners (@ Angels) – Yeah, I know; I’ve got some justifyin’ to do with this one. Yes, Miley has an ERA over eight which… well, to say that ERA is bad would be a gross understatement. Miley’s WHIP close to two also falls into that very same category. Here’s the thing. Miley has an xFIP of 3.30, a FIP of 3.43 and a SIERA of 3.52 which all point to the very distinct possibility that Miley has not been as bad as his stats may indicate.

According to the game FIP numbers, Miley’s last start was not great, but he should have had far better outcomes in his first two starts. Miley has a strong K-rate and a fairly low walk rate, to boot. I think Miley will pitch well in this one just for the fact he gets to pitch against the Angels. Now, these are not your older brother’s Angels, no sirree, Bob! These Angels are 29th in the majors in both ISO and wOBA. The Halos are a tad better against lefties, but I still like Wade Miley for at least a QS start.
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That’s it. That’s all I got for ya. Go on, get outta here, go stream!

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