Fantasy Assembly Playoff Contest

For most of us the season has been over for a while, but now that Week 17 is in the books it is over for all of us.

For those out there who can’t give up fantasy football cold turkey, here is an option to play fantasy football throughout the playoffs in a special contest set up through

For this playoff challenge, owners will select multiple players at each position in an attempt to score the most points for the entirety of the playoffs. You will only select a team at the beginning of the playoffs, and the players you select will be your team through the entire playoff season.

The ultimate goal is to pick the best players on the teams that you think will be going the furthest into the playoffs.

For example: If you think the Texans are going to the Super Bowl, Brian Hoyer would be a good choice for your quarterback because that would mean he is going to get four games worth of points for your team. Once one of your player’s team is eliminated from the NFL playoffs you will not be given the opportunity to replace him on your contest roster.

Fantasy Assembly Playoff Contest 1

The positions

  • 2 quarterbacks
  • 4 running backs
  • 8 receivers
  • 2 tight ends


  • Passing touchdowns = 4
  • Rushing/Receiving touchdowns = 6 points
  • Passing yards = 25 yards per point
  • Rushing/receiving yards = 10 yards per point
  • Receptions = 1 point per reception
  • Interceptions and fumbles = -2


  1. Go to the playoff league page to signup.
  2. Click the “My Team” tab
  3. Below the “My Team” tab click the “log into” link
  4. Select to login as an unowned franchise; unowned franchises will have the name “Franchise” with a number after it.
  5. Enter the password “assembly1”
  6. Once you enter the password you will be brought to the league homepage. There you can see the “next steps” to take with your franchise. Make sure you change your password and update your franchise information so people do not accidentally take your team.
  7. For when you actually want to set your lineup you will need to go to “Add player” on the left side.


I hope to see you all there and wish you the best of luck in the playoffs.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below or hit my up on twitter @TheSportsGuy40.


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