Year end review: QB and RB

This season was a special one to say the least. A lot, and I mean a lot, of cornerstone players either missed significant time or struggled this season.

With the fantasy playoffs winding down, the next two weeks will primarily be a review of the 2015 season.

For each position you will see the order the players were drafted within that position and what their ADP was. The fantasy point total is the total through Week 14, so no Week 15 stats were taken into account because not all of the games have been finished.
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The quarterback position is typically the easiest to predict. Barring injury a lot of the guys don’t severely underperform to the point where your season is killed. Even those few bust candidates could have easily been replaced by the likes of Ryan Fitzpatrick throughout the season. 

Rank Overall ADP Player Total Points Position Ranking
1 8 Andrew Luck IND 130.8 28
2 13 Aaron Rodgers GB 270.5 3
3 29 Peyton Manning DEN 88.7 31
4 34 Russell Wilson SEA 269.1 5
5 35 Drew Brees NO 235.2 10
6 44 Ben Roethlisberger 177.1 22
7 54 Matt Ryan ATL 188.4 20
8 56 Tony Romo DAL 40.6 38
9 58 Tom Brady NE 308.6 1
10 73 Matthew Stafford DET 221.6 14
11 84 Cam Newton CAR 300.5 2
12 83 Eli Manning NYG 237.9 8
13 87 Ryan Tannehill MIA 204.6 19
14 95 Philip Rivers SD 233.2 11
15 100 Sam Bradford PHI 141.8 26
16 118 Teddy Bridgewater MIN 153.4 25
17 128 Joe Flacco BAL 162.1 23
18 134 Colin Kaepernick SF 110.3 29
19 148 Jay Cutler CHI 187.8 21
20 145 Carson Palmer ARI 270.4 4

Top 12 quarterbacks in total points that went outside the top 20 on draft day

Player Total Points Position Rankings
Blake Bortles 259 6
Andy Dalton 244.1 7
Ryan Fitzpatrick 236.3 9
Derek Carr 227.9 12

The Busts

  1. Andrew Luck
  2. Peyton Manning
  3. Matt Ryan
  4. Tony Romo

There aren’t many complete busts at the quarterback position, but you could nominate a few more as underperforming if you want, such as Aaron Rodgers. Even the likes of Russell Wilson and Ben Roethlisberger let owners down for a large part of the season before coming on strong late.

The Steals

  1. Carson Palmer
  2. Blake Bortles
  3. Andy Dalton
  4. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  5. Derek Carr

For the most part these guys were not drafted in a lot of leagues according to the ADP data, and all of them performed as good (if not great) starting options throughout the season.

Running Backs

Running back this season was a complete crapshoot.

Due to a high number of injuries and a lot of underperforming players at the position, unless you drafted Adrian Peterson or LeSean McCoy you weren’t happy with what you drafted in the first two rounds.

Injuries make a major impact on this position. Because of that, every season a handful of out of nowhere running backs will end up winning someone a championship after the teams starting running back went down with an injury.

Rank Overall ADP Player Total Points Position Ranking
1 1 Adrian Peterson MIN 193.7 2
2 2 Le’Veon Bell PIT 87.2 35
3 3 Eddie Lacy GB 99.4 27
4 4 Jamaal Charles KC 80.1 42
5 5 Marshawn Lynch SEA 69.7 49
6 9 Matt Forte CHI 129.6 12
7 10 C.J. Anderson DEN 89.2 33
8 11 DeMarco Murray PHI 117.8 19
9 15 Jeremy Hill CIN 118.6 16
10 19 LeSean McCoy BUF 143 10
11 23 Justin Forsett BAL 91.4 31
12 26 Lamar Miller MIA 163.5 4
13 28 Mark Ingram NO 153.4 7
14 31 Frank Gore IND 124.4 13
15 36 Alfred Morris WAS 63.3 53
16 38 Melvin Gordon SD 70.6 47
17 39 Latavius Murray OAK 130.5 11
18 40 Carlos Hyde SF 70.3 48
19 46 Andre Ellington ARI 54.3 57
20 48 Jonathan Stewart CAR 146.8 13
21 52 Joseph Randle 64 52
22 55 Arian Foster HOU 55 55
23 63 T.J. Yeldon JAC 119.9 15
24 65 Todd Gurley STL 158.5 5
25 67 Ameer Abdullah DET 69.3 50
26 68 Christopher Ivory NYJ 156.2 6
27 69 Joique Bell DET 53.6 58
28 70 LeGarrette Blount NE 116.6 20
29 71 Doug Martin TB 171.3 3
30 72 Rashad Jennings NYG 84 41
31 76 C.J. Spiller NO 45.3 64
32 78 Giovani Bernard CIN 118 18
33 91 Isaiah Crowell CLE 95.7 28
34 90 Tevin Coleman ATL 38.3 67
35 97 Ryan Mathews PHI 90.8 32
36 99 Alfred Blue HOU 72.6 46
37 102 Tre Mason STL 21.2 89
38 108 Darren McFadden DAL 122.1 14
39 109 Shane Vereen NYG 75.5 44
40 110 Devonta Freeman ATL 189.9 1

Top 25 running backs not drafted in the top 40

Player Total Points Position Ranking
DeAngelo Williams 152.4 8
Thomas Rawls 118.6 17
James Starks 116.4 21
Danny Woodhead 116.1 22
Ronnie Hillman 108.7 24
David Johnson 108.3 25

The Busts

  1. Le’Veon Bell
  2. Eddie Lacy
  3. Jamaal Charles
  4. Marshawn Lynch
  5. C.J. Anderson
  6. Justin Forsett
  7. Alfred Morris
  8. Melvin Gordon
  9. Carlos Hyde
  10. Joseph Randle

There are a lot more that I could have named. The “good” news is with a handful of these running backs, if you were prepared with a handcuff you got rewarded when your star went down with an injury. In the case of Lacy, Anderson, and Morris you constantly got burned with low totals.

Based on ranking within the running back position someone like Frank Gore had a “good” year, but that was mostly attributed to playing in every game this season

The Steals

  1. Devonta Freeman
  2. Doug Martin
  3. Todd Gurley
  4. Chris Ivory
  5. DeAngelo Williams
  6. Thomas Rawls

Here is where you see how injuries to the likes of Marshawn Lynch and Le’Veon Bell might not have been season killers. By the time of their season ending injuries all fantasy owners knew, with very little doubt, who the main man would be if the starter went down.

Check back next week for a review of receivers, tight ends, and defenses for this season as well as an early looks at your 2016 draft.


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7 thoughts on “Year end review: QB and RB”

  1. Hey Andy, interesting article…. So many rankings skewed thus year due to injuries.

    I am thinking of dropping coleman for lions or dolphins DST. I am debating about dropping the rams… But do u think they have a good match up at St in my championship week (17)…Although Tommy made a point that SF has been good at home. I figure coleman won’t do me any good at this point in the year…. And I’m debating about dropping Robinson… Are there any players I should “block” from other teams… Such as ware, c Michael, or tannehill.

    PS… Big thanks to your steelers and AB for dominating this past week. AB for MVP! 🙂

    1. I like hanging onto Coleman even though the only use you will have for him is in Week 17 if Freeman gets hurt this week. You block him from your opponents by not dropping him.

      If you can manage to roster both I like the Lions this week and the Rams next. If the Steelers are on the wire I like them more than the Lions.

      I am ok with leaving Ware, Michael and Tannehill on the wire.

      Loving the AB production as well. I am only in 1 title game and Brown is a huge part of it. In this PPR league with bonuses Brown scores me like 40 per week.

      1. Hmmm… Tough one. The only drops I have for the Lions (steelers not available) are coleman, Robinson, Yeldon, Hurns, Hilton, Hightower, Carr, or luck. I am debating about dropping Carr… Cuz my opponent this week has Newton… And Carr’s week 17 match up is at KC. Lucks week 17 is Tennessee even though he’s ruled out for week 16 already.

        1. Missed out on the Lions. They were picked up by my opponent this week. :-/ Do you think the rams are even startable at Seattle this week? I almost think that not starting any dst is better than starting the rams in that environment. Miami is still available to pickup if there is someone on my team worth dropping for them….

          1. I would have a really hard time starting them. The Seattle offense is really rolling right now.

            The Dolphins are a decent option I guess if you’re desperate. They have given up 30 or more points in 3 of the last 4 games. The only one they didnt was against the Ravens.

            If I recall correctly you have Bortles as well at QB? I think you can drop Carr if that is the case.

          2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, i have bortles and Luck. I just dropped Carr for Miami… However I also just noticed the Vikings are available (vs the NYG this week). I’m thinking of staying with Miami… But just wanted to throw that out there in case that was a better play. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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