Thanksgiving Day Start and Sit

Say bye to the bye weeks. From here on out everyone is available to be started.  Because Week 12 is different than every other week (three Thursday games), I am going to do an early start sit column for the guys playing on Thanksgiving.

If you are wondering where the regularly scheduled buy low sell high article is; last week was the last time it will be published for the season since most trade deadlines have passed.  However, for those select few who are still trading, I have listed several players down below that I think you can buy low or sell high on.

As always if you have any direct start player A or player B questions you can ask me on Twitter @TheSportsGuy40 or in the comment section below and I will try to help you figure out the best option.



Tony Romo vs. Panthers: Romo had some rust to knock off this week, but he should be good to go against the Panthers. The matchup is a little scary for Romo, but when he is healthy I think he should be started.

Jay Cutler at Packers: Cutler is a guy who would normally be in the digging deep section. I think the Packers can be beat through the air and Cutler has been consistently solid this season. I wouldn’t be worried that he struggled against the Broncos; it is one of the best defenses in the NFL.

Mark Sanchez at Lions: If you started him this week it was pretty ugly overall, but he got owners 13.8 points which is plenty more than Philip Rivers. If you start him it won’t be pretty, but when it is over it could be a decent fantasy day. Start him if you’re desperate.

Matt Stafford vs. Eagles: Jameis Winston just tore apart the Phildelphia defense and I think Stafford is a better quarterback. The Lions don’t have a running game and that should be a big benefit to Stafford.



Bears running back at Packers: If Forte is back he is in every fantasy lineup. If he is out then it is Langford. Whoever starts is a must play, and even if Forte returns Langford could be a desperation play as a flex.

Eddie Lacy vs. Bears: He finally looked like the guy many drafted in the first round. With the Packers’ passing game struggling this season they might try to get something going on the ground with Lacy early in the game. The Bears didn’t do too much to stop the Broncos’ running game, which has been very ineffective until this week.

Jonathan Stewart at Cowboys: He has finally turned into what I thought he would be preseason.  Unfortunately for me, it happened right after I traded him. He won’t get every goal line attempt, but the Panthers seem to get down there often enough that he gets a few chances every game.

Darren McFadden vs. Panthers: No one know how long it will last, but McFadden is healthy and running well. Teams need to defend against the pass now so McFadden’s touches are going to be more valuable now than they have been over the past few weeks.


All Lions vs. Eagles: There isn’t anyone in the running game I would want to start unless it was Theo Riddick in a deep PPR league.



Alshon Jeffery at Packers: He sat out this week, but I would expect him to be back for Thursday. If Jeffery is healthy he needs to be in all lineups; he has wide receiver one upside every time he plays.

Randall Cobb vs. Bears: This one is tough because Cobb has been so ineffective for much of the season. Aaron Rodgers struggled to complete passes, but Cobb was second on the team in targets with nine. Over the past two weeks he has gotten decent target numbers, but he hasn’t done much with them. This week I am betting on the targets turning into something.

Devin Funchess at Cowboys: His role is increasing week by week. He hauled in four of his eight targets and found the endzone. If you need a third receiver or a flex to fill in for injuries, Funchess seems like a solid play this week.


Jordan Matthews at Lions: He did nothing with Sanchez this week and I don’t expect it to change on Thursday. He will have a random good game every now and then, but he is nothing more than a 4th receiver with upside.



Zach Miller at Packers: He seems to be the new number one tight end for the Bears, at least in terms of fantasy. If you are in a deeper league and need someone for next week Miller is worth a play.



Lions vs. Eagles: This is all about Mark Sanchez and his “ability” to turn the ball over.


Eagles at Lions: I don’t think the offense can get rolling with Sanchez, even though I think he can have a decent fantasy day, and if the offense is getting off the field in a hurry the defense is going to be gassed and giving up points.

Bears at Packers: Gut call, but I think the Packers break out and put it all together this week. Yes they scored points in recent weeks, but they haven’t looked like the Packers from last year.



Alshon Jeffery – When on the field he is one of the best.
Buy Low Sell High LogoAmari Cooper – I don’t know if he is the number one or two for the Raiders. Either way I think the passing game will be a lot better than it was this week.
Jordan Reed – Still should be one of the better tight ends in fantasy.
Todd Gurley – Might not really be low because he is still finding the endzone. The yardage output has been low so you might be able to get him cheaper.


DeSean Jackson – Boom or bust all the time.
James Jones – He can’t be trusted on a weekly basis.
Kamar Aiken – Not really selling high, but without Flacco I think you should get what ever you can.


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Andy Germani

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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

33 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day Start and Sit”

  1. Assuming Rawls gets the start next week, I have some tough choices to make for my lineup (not that I can complain!). Which three would you start (RB, WR, FLEX)?

    V. Jackson

    They would join Rodgers, Hopkins, Robinson, Gurley, and Eifert as my starters.

      1. Thank you. The other owners have gone quiet despite the trade deadline. It looks like the waiver wire is going to be the only way to get players ROS. How do you rank Givens and Inman compared to top waiver wire players – J. Allen, spiller, Sims, Powell, Coleston, and V. Jackson. Are there any other players I should be looking for?

        P.S. Thank you for all of your help and advice over the season. I am new to fantasy and hope I haven’t overdone it with the discussions in the comments section like Chris suggested. This site has made the season 1000x more enjoyable and I have enjoyed our ‘conversations’. I figured you welcome the discussion with your articles as the new content and website traffic will also only help your rankings on search engines. If this is not the case, please let me know and I will stop. Again, thanks for everything.

          1. Thank you. Glad to hear it. You have been extremely helpful!

            So you would keep Givens and Inman over everyone except Allen? I am 9/12 on waivers so I doubt I’ll get Allen, but I will certainly put a claim in. I was thinking of getting Sims as Ingram’s handcuff due to the nice playoff schedule. Is he a handcuff type guy? I have to LOL about James white going off for 2TDs after I dropped him on Sunday… But i doubt that is sustainable. I have Hurns, Hilton, M Bryant and AB for WRs the ROS. So I think I’m set there… I just want to get the guys who will be best ROS for flex or RB play.

          2. Andy…here’s an idea…Would you rather have Freeman or Ingram ROS/playoffs? I am debating trading Freeman due to the 2 tough matchups with Carolina coming up and his uncertainty in health. Would you do it and if so, what other value would i need to get alongside Ingram to make this worth it? The owner has A. Rodgers, Ingram, Martin, stevie johnson, Wes welker etc… He is available right now and I could talk to him about it and possibly get it done tonight. Thoughts?

          3. After Allen they are even with those other guys and not worth wasting a waiver claim on. I wouldnt worry about White. He had 3 targets and 2 carries I think. And his touchdown run came on the classic Patriots big play lets run to the goalline and not let the defense substitute so he was the back on the field. Nine times out of ten that will be Blount.

            I would rather have Freeman. Keep an eye on the concussion protocol but I would assume that he plays next week if he doesnt he will be ready for the playoffs. I still think Freeman is one of the top three running backs in fantasy.

          4. Thank you sir. (FYI, my waivers reset every week if that makes a difference) I am getting nervous about the RB position with the trade deadline tomorrow. Do you think I should make a move for another RB? Or pickup a RB on waivers? My RB’s are Freeman, Yeldon, Coleman, and Ajayi. It sure would be nice to have a 3rd startable one/flex option.

            One owner has Newton, Lamar Miller, Langford, Rawls, C. Michael, Karlos Williams, and Alfred Blue. His top 3WR or Julio, Hopkins, and Lafell. I was thinking of offering Hilton + Luck for one of his RB’s. What one do you think is a possibility/worth it? That team seems to be setup for a nice playoff run…

          5. Whoa… I just realized Delanie Walker was dropped this past week. He looks like a solid pickup for a Flex/TE play over Givens or Inman moving forward (especially this week against Oakland) right? I do have Hurns and Hilton for a flex play, but isn’t having Walker on the bench vs Givens/Inman a solid play?

            Also. i’m torn on who has better ROS value between Givens and Inman. I believe Inman due to SD theoretically having a better passing game….

          6. In that case ya use your claims. I was assuming it didnt reset.

            Allen would still be my number 1 claim but I doubt you get him. Walker is a very nice consolation prize if you cant get Allen.

            I agree with Inman over Givens for the exact reason you mentioned.

          7. Would you hold off on tradings that one owner then? I feel like he has a ton of RB’s of decent value….

            Thanks. Yeah, i’m not sure how I feel about the waivers resetting…b/c the lower ranking teams actually get all the good picks…but it is how the league is setup. How do you like the Rams DST? I was thinking of picking up Ravens D/ST to play vs CLE this week instead of my Rams vs CIN if i don’t get replacements for both Inman and Givens.
            I also see that Spencer Ware is available as well.

            I realize this has been a mess…so in summary would you rank them:

            D. Walker
            Ravens D/ST
            Vincent Jackson
            CJ Spiller
            Inman (own)
            Givens (own)

          8. Missed out on Allen by one person. Picked up ware and v Jackson. Do u like Allen ROS? Would u trade Hilton or someone else for him? Just over an hour until trade deadline. Thanks Andy.

          9. Looks like I missed the deadline but I wouldnt have done that anyway.

            I don’t like Allen enough to trade Hilton for him.

            I worry with Hilton with Luck out but I still don’t think I could trade him for Allen

          10. Just got this notification and I couldn’t find the post and now I realize it was nearly 12 hours off. Might have an issue with my email notifications. Sorry about that

        1. Wasn’t trying to be a dick here FYI. New guys asking questions is one thing, but I’ve seen experienced guys doing this as well. Those guys need to learn to stop asking questions and learn to manage their team. That’s one thing I like about this site compared to others, they actually respond.

          1. No worries man. I see your points and I totally agree… this site is heads and shoulders above others with the fresh info and responsiveness.

  2. Thanks for the early start/sit, and love the buy and sell articles as well. Is that B K guy a buddy of yours because if he’s not….WTF? I ask an occasional question on sites but this guy is over the top.

    1. I am glad you’re enjoying.

      And no, at least I don’t think, it is anyone I know. Just someone who wants some help with their fantasy team.

      I try to keep my writing on the down low with the people I am in leagues with. Don’t want to be giving away all my secrets!

  3. My team in a 12 team. 5ppr
    qb : Dalton
    Wr : B. Marshall
    Wr : D. Thomas
    Wr : C. Johnson (mega)
    Rb : D. Murray
    Rb : Lacy
    Te : Barnidge
    flex : D. Adams
    K : McManus
    Def : Car
    Bench : R. Matthews, K . Williams, Rawls, Shaun Draughn, J. Ajayi, Ertzs

    Hey , Andy. How’s it going? Thanks for the tip of picking up Rawls. The last time I asked for an assist I needed upside players. So, I gave you a few names and Rawls was your top choice. I picked him up from waivers and this weekend I had the opportunity to started him and he paid off huge. Thanks.
    Now, I’m back to get some input on a couple of more questions. The first is about waivers. I’m number 6 in priority and instead of holding and hoping to get a better priority pick later in the season is it time to use it? My player to drop is Ertzs and my pickup choices would be S. Ware, A. Bradshaw, R. Turbin, wr. Funchess, or k.c def. What do you think?
    My next question has to do with defenses. What defenses will you be looking to stream during the playoffs? I have Carolina, but should I look elsewhere for the playoffs? K. C plays sd, bal, cle weeks 14-16.
    Last, question. What about D. Murray vs. Detroit?

    1. Ware would be my number one guy.

      After that I wouldn’t really want to use a claim on anyone else. No clue if West plays this week or not but I would go for Ware with the chance West misses this week.

      That Chiefs playoff schedule looks pretty good. Can’t ask for a much better three game stretch than that.

      I think you have to start Murray if you own him. He gets a ton of volume.

  4. Hey Andy,

    Hope you’re doing well!
    Posted this in the old buy low, but saw you had this column. I had a question on who to drop in this FULL PPR league. It’s unusual b/c you can only start 2 RBs, and 4 WR/TEs (so QB/2RB/4 wr-te/K/Dst)
    I can’t help myself and i keep picking up stud rbs off the ww, so i’m a little thin at WR depth.

    I need to drop 2 ppl–one for a D/ST, and one for a better backup or 4th WR.

    QB: Brady/Big Ben (playoffs weeks 15-17–not my choice, so i bet brady will be benched at least one week)

    RB: AP, Rawls, C West, J Allen, Woodhead, L murray, Fat Eddy Lacy
    WR: AB, Julio, Landry (return yds!), Sammy Watkins, and Jordan Reed

    I’d like to pickup one of:
    Stevie johnson, TWill, John Brown, VJax (not keen on him), to solidify that 4th wr spot and/or bench spot

    Need to get a D–as i dropped mine to grab Javorius Allen

    Thoughts? I’m leaning twds dropping Lacy and Reed or Watkins–seems unreliable week to week, and lacy idk what to expect from him but can’t see starting him over my guys.


    1. Lots of good players. Hurts to have to drop two. I would actually probably just drop 1 rb I think you have solid options at receiver right now.

      I actually think I would drop Woodhead. Reason being in a start 2 RB league he is never going to start over Peterson and even if full PPR are you going to start him over Rawls? Lacy has that chance to be great so if I am keeping someone on my bench its the guy who has a ton of upside.

      If you want to drop a second guy it would probably be Murray or Lacy. I would lean Murray for the reason I just said. If you wanted to add a receiver I would go for Johnson. I would probably rather hang on to those running backs though.

      1. Hey Thanks Andy!

        Hope you had a great thanksgiving.
        I wound up dropping woody and reed for GB DSt and stevie johnson.

        Another question:
        I lost romo in 2 leagues, trying to decide who to pickup for ROS–i’m looking good for the playoffs

        League 1:
        have hoyer (grabbed for this wk); 4 pp TD
        -available: Mccown, Osweiler, Tannenhill, Cousins, T Taylor, Hasselbeck, Schaub, Cassel, and Gabbert

        League 2:
        Have luck, 4 ppTD
        Available: Winston, Mccown, Osweiler, Mariota, Cousins, Alex Smith, Cutler, Fitzpatrick, Hasselbeck, Bridgewater, Schaub.
        Typing those out, i think that Winston and Alex smith are pretty solid. Unfortunately can’t drop romo until end of wk since he started for me yesterday.


        1. No Winston or Stafford available in league 1?
          League 1
          Week 12: Hoyer v Saints
          Week 13: Tannehill v Ravens; Osweiler at Chargers; Taylor v Texans
          Week 14: McCown v 49ers
          Week 15: Hoyer at Colts; Taylor at Redskins; Tannehill at Chargers
          Week 16: Cousins at Eagles; Hoyer at Titans

          If you want 1 steady guy I would prefer Hoyer. If you can manage to roster 2 quarterbacks and be a week early for each matchup I would try to do that. Essentially have your week 12 and 13 quarterback rostered so no one takes your guy.

          League 2
          You could prep yourself for the streaming lineup of
          Week 12: Mariota v Raiders
          Week 13: Tannehill v Ravens; Mariota v Jaguars
          Week 14: Winston v Saints
          Week 15: Hoyer at Colts (if he becomes available); Taylor at Redskins; Tannehill at Chargers
          Week 16: Cousins at Eagles; Hoyer at Titans (if he becomes available)

          If you don’t want to stream and want a weekly option I would say Winston would be my pick.

          If Stafford becomes available at any point I would want his Week 15 matchup with the Saints more than the Tannehill or Hoyer matchups. You could also keep him for his week 16 matchup with the 49ers.

          1. Hey Andy thanks for the thoughtful advice as always!
            That’s awesome that you mapped out a week by week stream. I may try to get tannenhill in league 1 for next week, and I’ve picked up Winston in league 2 for now but I’ll keep my eye out for the other options.

            Ironically I’m facing Stafford in both leagues this week! And 3 overall!

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