Buy Low/Sell High Week 11


The fantasy football trade deadline is upon us. Some leagues have already passed the trade deadline and many more will be passing it this coming week. This could be your last chance to bolster your roster for a nice playoff run.

It is time to seek out an owner who has lost players to injury or one that has had a second half slide.

I would trade any and all depth possible at this point, and I would want to leave at least one capable plug and play starter at running back or receiver on my bench. I also wouldn’t worry so much about keeping a backup quarterback or tight end.

Grab the handcuffs to your starting running backs if you haven’t as well as any high upside handcuffs that are still on the waiver wire, and check for defenses with good matchups down the stretch run if you want to platoon two defenses. This is crunch time for the middle of the pack teams.

Due to the fact that at this point the trade deadline is past for just about all leagues (other than custom leagues) this will be the last buy low/sell high article of the season. I will still be producing articles for Mondays, and we have a few ideas at the moment of what to go with, but if you have anything you would like to see on Mondays or any potential ideas, post them in the comment section below or let me know on Twitter.

Just like every other week, ask any questions you may have in the comment section below, or if you need a quick answer ask me on Twitter @TheSportsGuy40.

Good luck in your matchups, and happy trading!


RB – Todd Gurley

Gurley had a “bad” week for the second time in a row. There isn’t a lot of great insight to give on Gurley. If you can get him for anything less than a top-five overall player do it immediately. 

Potential buy low offer: Allen Robinson and Mark Ingram for Gurley

RB – Darren McFadden

Tony Romo is set to return next week and it should help open things up in the running game. McFadden won’t get as many touches with Romo under center, but the touches should be of a better quality. The Dallas offensive line is still one of the best lines in the NFL, and as long as McFadden is healthy McFadden should be a top-15 running back.

Potential buy low offer: Rishard Matthews and Gary Barnidge for McFadden

WR – Dez Bryant

Bryant is getting further away from when he injured his foot which should mean his conditioning is getting better. With Romo’s return on the horizon Bryant should be back into the conversation for top-five receivers in fantasy. Since returning from the IR Bryant hasn’t done much of anything other than catch a jump ball on a crazy play in his week nine game. He should be able to provide similar value down the stretch to what was expected of him when he was drafted back in August.

Potential buy low offer: Brandin Cooks and Chris Ivory for Bryant

WR – Demaryius Thomas

Peyton Manning really has hurt Thomas this season. The Broncos have now lost back-to-back weeks and an undefeated team with a good chance at a bye is starting to turn into a team that looks like it could be fighting for a division by the end of the season with tough games left against the Patriots, Bengals, and Steelers. It might be time for Manning to get a phantom injury and Brock Osweiler to step in full-time. Thomas is the most talented receiver in the Broncos offense, probably the most talented player on offense period. With Manning and the run game struggling and Emmanuel Sanders dinged up, Thomas is going to need to be leaned on heavily down the stretch to carry the offense.

Potential buy low offer: Doug Martin for Thomas

WR – Alshon Jeffery 

Jeffery reportedly tweaked his groin midweek and it led to him being limited in practice, and then not play the full complement of snaps on Sunday. Jeffery has shown signs of a top-five receiver when he is healthy and on the field;  the downside is he hasn’t been healthy much this season. If you are looking good for a playoff berth I would go for Jeffery as a guy to help carry you through once this groin injury is out-of-the-way. I might look into trading for him if you are desperate at 3-7 or 4-6 and need to hit a home run – you could go for Jeffery now and hope that he isn’t limited in the upcoming weeks.

Potential buy low offer: Justin Forsett and Kamar Aiken for Jeffery


RB – Lamar Miller

Miller hasn’t done much on the ground in the past few weeks, although the fantasy production has been nice. Ever since he blew up back-to-back weeks against two bad teams (Tennessee and Houston) Miller has combined for only 103 yards on the ground over the next three games. Miller has managed to score four touchdowns and get 166 yards receiving in those games to overshadow his struggles in the run game. As Jay Ajayi looks better and better I think Miller starts losing more and more snaps, specifically in the redzone. You can probably get someone to buy Miller as a top-10, and possibly top-five running back because of his fantasy point production since the firing of Joe Philbin.

Potential sell high offer: Miller for LeGarrette Blount and Allen Robinson 

RB – Charcandrick West

I think West will be a quality player down the stretch, but I don’t buy him as a constant double-digit performer like he has been over the past three games. If you can get top-10 running back value for West I’d jump all over it.

Potential sell high offer: West for Amari Cooper

RB – Alfred Morris

This is all about the Saints. Morris hasn’t been good this season and the Redskins haven’t been in many situations where they could just run the football with their big running back. If Morris was owned in your league sell him for anything you can get.

Potential sell high offer: Morris for Travis Benjamin

WR – Allen Hurns

I have to include him here for the second straight week. The touchdown production is so unsustainable it makes my head hurt that he keeps scoring. At this point someone in your league is going to buy into Hurns as a top-15 receiver. Pair Hurns with a running back to try to get a more stable running back situation going into the playoffs.

Potential sell high offer: Hurns and Ronnie Hillman for Matt Forte


RB – LeGarrette Blount

His value isn’t unbearably high right now after his game this week, but the Patriots offense is crumbling. Reports are saying Edelman has a broken foot and Brady did not have a lot of time to throw this week because of a beat up offensive line. I think Blount will be getting double-digit carries almost every week down the stretch, and in any given week Blount can have one of those three touchdown weeks that just carries your fantasy team.

I would take him over: T.J. Yeldon, Justin Forsett, Frank Gore, Latavius Murray.


WR – Randall Cobb

I really thought Cobb was going to be in for a big season after Jordy Nelson was hurt during preseason; luckily I only got Cobb on one of my teams. The Green Bay Offense has looked awful until the fourth quarter over the past two weeks. Devante Adams got 21 targets this week. One of the biggest appeals of Cobb preseason was he was going to get a lot of targets as the slot receiver in an offense run by one of the league’s best quarterbacks. I would still hold on Rodgers because I think Rodgers can still be a top-flight quarterback, but not the one people drafted as an unquestioned top-two preseason.

I would sell him for: Eric Decker, Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree, Martavis Bryant.


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I am a lifelong Pittsburgh sports fan and a graduate from Penn State. Baseball was my first love and I still play to this day in an adult baseball league. I always love helping people with their questions on Twitter so feel free to follow me and ask questions.

48 thoughts on “Buy Low/Sell High Week 11”

  1. Gurley owner lost Edelman this week to injury. She has been holding onto him all season…but I think i’d be able to make a fair offer. I was thinking Gurley and Marvin Jones for Yeldon, M. Bryant, and Hilton. I could pickup gurley’s handcuff off waivers too. I am open to all ideas. Thanks!
    Her Team: (record 5-5)
    Dalton, Tannehill
    CJ Anderson, Gurley, Andre Williams, Abdullah
    Dez Bryant, Edelman, Marvin Jones, Golden Tate, James Jones
    My Team: (record 7-3)
    Luck, Carr, Bortles
    Freeman, Yeldon, White, Bolden, Coleman
    AB, Hurns, Hilton, M. Bryant

  2. Both Hurns and Yeldon were announced to have possible injuries today…making them hard trade pieces to move….Do you still like the trade for Gurley? I’m thinking of trying to move Bryant after his solid week he had week 10. Would Bryant for D. Thomas be a fair trade? I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or bad thing…that Peyton is out with an inury…That would give me a player to start this week on his BYE…as the only WR i have available this week in Hilton. Are there any other WR’s that i could target? Do you think it’s safe to drop Bolden now? Both of those NE RB’s had poor weeks. FYI. Trade deadline is Nov 25th for this league.

    1. Ya unfortunately they didnt make it out of Sunday’s game unscathed.

      With the injury to Yeldon I dont think you have much of a chance of selling him this week until it is proven to be minor, which I have a feeling it will keep him out at least this week.

      If you need to you can probably drop one, or both, Patriot backs. Is Amendola still on your wire? He would be myfar and away number 1 add this week. Bryan Walters, Dwayne Harris, Chris Givens, and yes Wes Welker could be decent adds. Walters as a fill in if Hurns is out, Givens has the number two receiver role in Baltimore which carries some value, and Welker played very very limited snaps (I think it was 11 that I saw but I can’t verify that with 100% certainty) but he saw six targets in that limited playing time.

  3. Yeah, unbelievable, but i think (at least Hurns’) is minor and wasn’t from Sunday. What do you think about the Gurley trade offer or selling M Bryant high? Who could I target? I want to get myself setup for the playoffs with the best possible chances.

    1. I dont think the offer is enough to get Gurley but you can certainly try. I wouldnt be selling Bryant unless I got some really good, top-10 type, value. Like Brown, I see Bryant having a great stretch run.

      I do think Hurns has a fairly serious injury. He could be looking at surgery which would put him out for the year. I have no clue what the situation is but as someone who owns Hurns and Yeldon I am much more worried about Hurns.

      1. What about:
        1.Bryant, Yeldon and Carr/Luck for Gurley?
        2.Bryant + Carr for Demarius Thomas?
        3.Bryant + Yeldon for Deangelo Williams/Lynch + Desean Jackson
        4.Bryant + Yeldon for Forte + Diggs

      2. The only one I really like is the first one.

        For trade 2, rest of season I think Bryant can do similar things to Thomas with much less risk.

        The 3rd one isn’t bad but I worry about both DeAngelo and Lynch getting hurt and just typical running back struggles.

        For the 4th trade, when Forte returns he wont be the Forte we used to know. Forte will almost definitely not be in Chicago next year and they would be better off seeing what Langford can do with a good amount of touches down the stretch. I don’t see Forte returning to be a 20 plus touch guy this season, 15-18 sure.

        1. Thanks. Submitted the first one. No response yet.

          Do u think Hyde plays this week? He is top available on waivers. I basically need a flex now that Hilton and Hurns are good to go. Inman, Harris, walters, givens, ASJ, shorts, and Fleece are also available. Amendola and Walker are gone. I have 1 empty roster spot plus both NE RBs. Would u pickup hyde over both NE RBs? Do u think white could go off this week?

          1. I dont. From what I am reading it doesnt seem like it at least. I think soon they will just shut him down for the year. Hyde has the highest upside but I wouldnt pick him up if you needed to use him. Upside wise he is worth more out of a bench spot than Bolden.

            I think Inman is the best target now that it looks like Hurns is going to play, and I guess Walters had a concussion. Harris is on a bye this week so he won’t help you, forgot the Giants had a bye when I mentioned him.

          2. Quick: How much would u pay for Ingram? I am in talks with the owner to trade Yeldon for him. I realize I would essentially forfeit this week, but would be set for playoffs. Is Yeldon + Bryant too much? What about Yeldon + Hilton. I would need to get it done in the next few minutes. Thanks.

          3. Please rank these waiver wire candidates: Inman, Ajayi, Draughn, Aiken, D. Robinson, Givens, and Hyde. I need 1 flex for this week and then the best players to stash ROS. My thoughts are Inman or Aiken for this week and stashing Hyde/Inman/Aiken/Harris and Ajayi. I could stash just one (and drop Bolden) or stash 2 and drop White and Bolden. Thank you.

            Some ideas for next week: A ‘waiver wire’ article or a ‘best of the rest (of the season)’ article for pickups for the playoffs.

          4. I think Yeldon and Bryant is too much. I think Hilton and Yeldon might be too much as well, but it is closer and I could understand if you wanted to do it. I like Yeldon down the stretch, as long as he is healthy.

            For as of right now value and what they can do over the next few weeks I have Aiken as a clear cut #1 then Inman.

            Overall value and potential wise for guys who you would be just putting on your bench I would probably go Aiken, Ajayi, Inman, Hyde. After that none really jump out with potential upside or good production over the next week or two.

          5. Thanks. I doubt they’d do the trade now anyway as Yeldon would not be available this week for them. One of the enticing points of the trade was Yeldon would have filled the open spot this week while Ingram is on a bye.

            So to clarify…you’d rank Aiken, Ajayi and Inman over White and Bolden as well? Would you pickup Hyde over White if I lose out on one of those 3 or would you keep White?

          6. Ah… i just noticed the Aiken is not on the waiver wire until tomorrow night…(the 18th)…i guess that changes things even more…

          7. In that case..would you sit this waiver wire day out in order to move up the ranks for Aiken? I’m thinking that may be a better option…as there aren’t really any other standout candidates…I will probably lose out on Inmam, Ajayi and Hyde in order to do that though…tough call.

          8. I would take Aiken over both of the Patriots backs. He should be pretty much a lock for 70 plus yards plus a decent chance to get in the endzone.

            Inman I could take or leave. I dont think he has a lot of upside but he can give some decent points if youre desperate.

            Hyde has more upside than Inman but there is a chance he doesnt play again this season.

            It depends on what you think your roster needs more. Hyde’s upside or Inman’s 6 or so points as a plug and play.

          9. Okay.. so your take is ONLY Aiken over both Patriot backs. I’m fairly low on the order of waiver wire… so i doubt I’ll get him (especially with Edelman going out). I’ll look more into White and try to decide if his upside is more than Hyde, Ajayi and Inman. Thanks for the help!

          10. Thanks. You know what the crazy part of it all is….? Aiken was dropped by the Freeman owner during the trade for Forsett and Marshall….so he could have been included in the deal…

        2. Missed out on Aiken by 1 rank on the WW. I picked up Inman and Ajayi and dropped Bolden so far. I’m not sure who else to pickup for White. Should i go for week 11 value (Joique Bell or Fleener) or one of these guys for ROS value…ASJ, Jacob Tamme,Draughn, D. Robinson, Givens, CJ Spiller, or DGB. I just saw Keshaun Martin is available you think he steps in for Edelman? It may be best to ride it out one more week with White though…as I feel he may be better this week as they may pass more without Edelman.

          1. Stinks that you missed out on him but he won’t be a huge difference maker. I think hes a nice guy to have on your bench but he isnt a big threat to have a 100 yard 2 touchdown game. Solid floor with a limited ceiling.

            Of the guys you listed I think only DGB really has good rest of season value, second would be Givens.

            I dont think anyone really steps in completely for Edelman in a “next man up” type of way. The Patriots adapt and use their players to the best of their abilities. Similar to Lewis going out and not just throwing Bolden or White in there to a big workload just to get the “receiving back” role.

            Obviously the Edelman injury bumps up everyones value, but other than Amendola going from 2-3 targets to 7-10 I doubt anyone gets more than a 2-3 target bump.

        3. Just saw that Hankerson is also available. Would you rank him above DGB, White, and Givens? What do you think the odds of White having a good week are? I don’t know why.. but almost feel like he could go off this week for NE, but if that’s not likely then I can pick up best available.

          1. I wouldnt take Hankerson over those guys.

            White might have a good game. It is really hard to tell with him because he isnt a great talent but he is in a great offense. I dont see him getting the ball a lot this week

        4. Wow, do you think JAX will ever learn to stop giving it to D. Robinson for goal line situations? From what I could tell he was stuffed at least 4-5 times…and a tough night for Hurns too…

          1. Ya that was upsetting to see. Even more upsetting that even after it was unsuccessful a few times they kept going to it.

            Thursday night games can be bad for offenses and Hurns was bound to fall off. His production was unsustainable. Still I am pretty upset looking at his statline in 2 of my leagues.

        5. Torrey Smith, Vereen, David Johnson, Vincent Jackson, Ellington, Colston, Morris still available as well. Would you pickup Jackson for ROS value once healthy or is his ceiling low? Starting to think i should look for players with high ceilings/matchups as they would be more likely to play.

        6. Picked Up Givens. My team is looking pretty WR heavy. I almost feel like I need to trade to get another RB…beyond my 2 starters I only have handcuffs…any ideas on who to target? Last day for trades is Wednesday.

          QB: Luck, Carr, Bortles
          WR: Antonio Brown, T.Y. Hilton, Martavis Bryant, Allen Hurns, Chris Givens, Dontrelle Inman
          RB: Freeman, T.J. Yeldon, Tevin Coleman, Jay Ajayi

          1. Missed this one. Sorry about that. I wouldnt pursue a trade now because you never know who will get hurt and the trade wont go through until after the games will get over.

        7. Cutler owner is without a QB as P. Manning is her backup. She is soon to have an 8-3 record. Her RBs are shady, Blount, and Hillman. Could I offer a trade including one of my QBs to get another RB? If so, what would u offer and for which RB? FYI, I’m soon to be 7-4.

          1. My Team:
            QB: Luck, Carr, Bortles
            WR: Antonio Brown, T.Y. Hilton, Martavis Bryant, Allen Hurns, Chris Givens, Dontrelle Inman
            RB: Freeman, T.J. Yeldon, Tevin Coleman, Jay Ajayi
            TE: Olsen
            D/ST: Rams
            K: Gostkowski

        8. The Flacco owner also has Amari Cooper if he could be included as a potential buy low (although i’m not sure they would believe in buying Carr if they are selling on cooper). I’m not sure if Carr + M. Bryant for Cooper + Blount/Shady is doable. FYI, trade deadline is Wednesday.

          1. See if you can trade Hilton for one of those running backs. Obviously wait until tonights games play but if you can trade Hilton for one that would be great. You could also try Hurns.

          2. Do I include a QB as a selling point? If so, who would you pair with them? This owner has not accepted any prior trades so I may have to sweeten the deal to get her to buy.

          3. I would trade Luck if you can. I have a feeling he doesnt play until week 15ish and if he does do you really want to start him in his first game back in the fantasy playoffs where youre on and done?

            I just dont know if Luck will be usable again this year. Bortles and Carr had down weeks but I think they are still good options.

          4. Very good points. I am thinking of starting talks now for potential trades after the game tonight. One of the issues is she has pretty good WR’s already…so her main need is QB.
            1. Luck + Hilton for Blount
            2. Carr + Luck + Hilton for Blount + Cooper (or do you think I’d need to include Bryant to get a chance at Cooper)

        9. Would you trade for Gore, Stewart, Lynch or D. Williams? The Cutler owner is on the Fringe of the playoffs at 5-6 and may be more likely to trade if I can make him a good offer. Are there any buy low options there?

  4. I need to start two of the following (WR3 and FLEX): De’Anthony Thomas, Givens, Boldin, Lacy, Funchess, V.Jackson, and Rawls.

    It’s a 0.25ppr + returns league, so Thomas has some value there (he’s average 6+ points per game). It makes me sad that Lacy is even in this conversation.

    What do you think?

  5. I was thinking of trading for Charcandrick west and giving up Eifert, you don’t think with the easy playoff schedule that he can keep producing at a high level?

    1. I am perfectly fine with a deal like that for buying him. Eifert is a solid tight end but he is definitely worth parting with for West.

      I just dont think West is going to put up double digits every week.

  6. I was just offered Cobb for j stewart I have a.p. blount west and buck allen for rb and green calvin wright and moncrief at wr should I concider

  7. Hey Andy,

    Hope you’re doing well!
    I had a question on who to drop in this FULL PPR league. It’s unusual b/c you can only start 2 RBs, and 4 WR/TEs (so QB/2RB/4 wr-te/K/Dst)
    I can’t help myself and i keep picking up stud rbs off the ww, so i’m a little thin at WR depth.

    I need to drop 2 ppl–one for a D/ST, and one for a better backup or 4th WR.

    QB: Brady/Big Ben (playoffs weeks 15-17–not my choice, so i bet brady will be benched at least one week)

    RB: AP, Rawls, C West, J Allen, Woodhead, L murray, Fat Eddy Lacy
    WR: AB, Julio, Landry (return yds!), Sammy Watkins, and Jordan Reed

    I’d like to pickup one of:
    Stevie johnson, TWill, John Brown, VJax (not keen on him), to solidify that 4th wr spot and/or bench spot

    Need to get a D–as i dropped mine to grab Javorius Allen


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