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Field of Streams logoAlright, well I righted the ship a bit last weekend, although once again a couple of streamers ended up not taking the hill so only four starters ended up throwing, but they did just fine…ish. Three out of the four starts were quality and the other was, well, not good, but I have certainly seen worse. Overall the four starters went 3-1, with a 2.74 ERA, a 1.26 WHIP and a 5.09 K/9. In other words, you’d take it over four starts, probably. Anyways, with only four pitchers, I figure Ins, Outs and What have yous is probably not necessary. Instead here are all four streamers and what they did..

Player Team IP  BB  ER  W/L
Robbie Ray Diamondbacks 4.1 6 4 3 0 L
Danny Duffy Royals 6 5 0 1 2 W
Patrick Corbin Diamondbacks 6.2 3 3 0 8 W
Brett Anderson Dodgers 6 6 2 3 3 W
 Total 23 22
9 7 13 3-1

Alright, dem’s your apps, now onto the main course!


Chris Bassitt, Athletics (vs. Rays) – Somehow what Bassitt has been doing escaped my scope (I may be getting a bit overworked), but the kid has a 2.60 ERA and a 1.01 WHIP through 62.1 innings of worked for Oakland. Now, I am not one to hastily read those numbers and immediately hop on board as you should darned well know that by now (pardon my French). No, I need to dig a bit deeper and first thing I found after tossing the shovel aside is that the ERA is bound to regress. The FIP point to an ERA in the high threes – maybe low fours, but in streaming it can be more of what you are doing that what the numbers say you should be doing. If a guy is putting up good numbers for your fantasy team, that is all that counts in the here and now, especially if you’re streaming. Bassitt’s last six starts have all been quality, he has gone at least five in all of his eight starts, and he has yet to allow more than three runs in any of them. The rays are not the punchless wonders I once though them to be, but in Oakland, where Bassitt has a 1.91 ERA and a 2.89 FIP, I like the Hound’s chance.
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Kendry Flores, Marlins (vs. Phillies) – Friday’s streaming options are not spectcular so why not go with a pitcher making his first major league start (whom I know very little about)? The Phillies have started getting the bats going a bit lately, but they are still not an ominous opponent for Kendry Flores, right? Sure. Anyways, in the tiny sample size we have, Flores has a 2.45 ERA in 7.1 innings of relief work, though a SIERA of 4.09 points to that being maybe a bit of a mirage. Again, the sample is small, so tough to even take much from the data we have. He has not been a strikeout pitcher (with a 4.91 K/9 that may be an understatement), but is able to keep the ball on the ground. While the move from the pen probably means a fairly short outing and he may have trouble getting through the lineup a second time around, the Phils haven’t seen Flores yet and I think that tips the scales ever so lightly in Flores’ favor. Yeah, I wouldn’t call myself super confident in this pick, but hey, in a desperate pinch he could get you five nice innings.
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Chris Tillman, Orioles (vs. Twins) – Another week, another Field of Streams appearance for Till the Thrill. Five of Till’s last six starts have been quality including his last one against Oakland, which was recommended right here in Field of Streams (#humblebrag). Basically Till is having great success against struggling offenses and there’s not a thing wrong with that! Rays, Tigers, Braves and Athletics all came up against Till with some struggles at the plate but that is a bit different here. Yeah, the Twins have been quite red-hot at the plate of late (#poetry), but I am sticking with Till. This is at Camden Yards and not only have Tillman’s last five home starts been quality, but in those starts he has a sub-two ERA – so I am going with Till to shut down the Twinkies’ bats.
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Erasmo Ramirez, Rays (at Athletics) – Erasmo’s 3.57 ERA and 1.09 are fairly pretty to look at; while the FIP points to a minor regression towards a four ERA, that is still fine for our streaming purposes. There have been some blips here and there, sure, but he has allowed more than two earned runs just twice in his last 17 starts. Granted both of those starts came in the last three weeks, but still, in that time frame more of his starts have been goodish than bad. Something else going for Erasmo is the fact he is facing Oakland. Over the past couple of weeks only three teams have scored fewer runs. Plus this is in a pitcher’s park, giving Erasmo some wiggle room for mistakes. All in all, I think the odds of Erasmo getting a quality start are pretty high.
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Eduardo Rodriguez, Red Sox (vs. Royals) – Sticking with my Costanza theory of doing the opposite with regards to starting/streaming Eduardo, I have been spot on. Against my natural instincts I threw Eduardo out there against the Tribe on Tuesday and he was borderline brilliant, allowing one run on six hits over eight innings whilst fanning five and walking none. I’ll take that stream any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Now, despite this start being on Sunday, it will not count twice. Basically Eduardo is still nothing more than a possible streamer, but now I like him against hotter bats and not the offenses languishing at the bottom of the league. What I can offer you other than me doing the opposite, is the fact Eduardo has one start against the crowns already and he was quite good in that outing, allowing one run on six hits over 6.1 innings whilst fanning five and walking one. I like Eduardo for another QS against KC.
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Aaron Nola, Phillies (at Marlins) – The FIP and ERA are in the fours which is not spectacular but generally means Nola should have the potential for a quality start, right? In theory, of course. Nola has gone at least five innings in all six of his starts and has yet to allow more than four runs in any of those six starts. Not a great measuring stick, sure, but the silver lining is that he has been really knocked around in his six starts. Plus Nola gets to face Miami. I understand the Marlins have been strapping together some hits here and there lately, but over the past two weeks they are still dead last in the majors in ISO so when they get those hits they are not quite tearing the cover off the ball. This one still may be leaning a bit more towards my gut making the decision over statistics and such, but sometime it has to be done.
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Well, that’s all I got. Go on, get outta here, go stream!

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