2015 Kicker Rankings

You will often hear fantasy writers tell you to wait until the final round to draft your kicker. We often speak of them as they are largely irrelevant pieces to the puzzle that is your fantasy football roster. There are two mistakes that I see novice players make while drafting kickers. The first is obviously reaching too early to draft a kicker, but the second is assuming that they don’t matter. Kickers can contribute a fairly significant point total to your weekly score (averaging between 8 and 10 points) so it is important not to overlook the position entirely.

The reason that owners are advised not to reach for kickers in the draft is not because they aren’t important; it is because their production is difficult to predict and there is little separating elite options from the middle tier. While it is never a good idea to draft a kicker too early, waiting until the last round may not be the best value play depending on where you pick. Because so many owners draft kickers with their final pick, I often find that taking a K in the second to last round can yield a high-end option without really giving away any value at other positions. This strategy can be especially helpful if you pick near the end of the last round.

Here are just a few things to consider when drafting your kicker:

– You want a kicker from a winning team. Teams that are behind in the second half are less likely to kick field goals and more likely to go for two.

– Kickers from good offenses will get more scoring chances than kickers from bad offenses, but if the offense is too efficient, your guy is going to get one point a lot more often than 3.

– Sometimes, the best kickers to own come from good, defense first teams with below average offense. These teams often keep the score close and kick a lot of FGs.

– If you are trying to break a tie between two kickers, consider their home stadium environment. Weather has a big impact on the kicking game, so kickers who play home games in indoor stadiums and warm weather climates have an advantage over guys from colder climates.

– Lastly, the new extra point rules are designed to incentivize coaches to go for two more often. I don’t think it will accomplish that goal in most cases, but be careful with kickers who play for risk loving coaches like Chip Kelly and maybe even Bill Belichick.

Now, on to the ranks! As always, feel free to discuss in the comments section.

Rank Player Team Tommy Joe Andy
1 Steven Gostkowski NE 1 1 1
2 Adam Vinatieri IND 3 3 2
3 Steven Hauschka SEA 4 2 3
4 Mason Crosby GB 8 4 5
5 Connor Barth DEN 2 7 9
6 Dan Bailey DAL 7 5 7
7 Justin Tucker BAL 10 6 4
8 Matt Bryant ATL 5 8 8
9 Cody Parkey PHI 12 10 6
10 Dan Carpenter BUF 6 12 17
11 Nick Novak SD 15 11 11
12 Matt Prater DET 13 15 10
13 Blair Walsh MIN 18 9 13
14 Garrett Hartley PIT 11 20 12
15 Caleb Sturgis MIA 16 14 15
16 Randy Bullock HOU 14 16 16
17 Chandler Catanzaro ARZ 20 13 14
18 Josh Brown NYG 9 NR NR
19 Mike Nugent CIN 17 18 NR
20 Robbie Gould CHI NR 17 NR
Players marked NR were not ranked.

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