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Draft Kings 160x600I am proud to announce that Fantasy Assembly has partnered with Draft Kings and will provide you daily insight into the best DFS choices each and every day. The site you trust for your seasonal leagues is now looking to earn that same trust for your daily contests. I have been slow getting aboard the daily tournament game; you could call me a traditionalist when it comes to [fantasy] baseball. The old adage “Any team can beat any other team on any given day” summed up my feelings on the subject. As I watched more and more brilliant baseball writers move into the daily contest games, I searched to find what the appeal could really be.

What my old-school brain hadn’t digested was that Fantasy Baseball as I knew it and DFS were not mutually exclusive or in competition with each other. They could be played simultaneously, and each would have their own challenges and advantages. For example, the idea that I’d need to research and set a lineup for one day only, never to use that same lineup again, sounded like a great challenge. Or the idea that I could skip a day and not have it affect my whole season; a really nice advantage.

Of course, even if when I do skip a day, someone here at Fantasy Assembly will carry the torch in order to give you coverage every single day of the season. That team will include Jim Finch, Neil Schnurbach and Ricky Schnurbach.

If you are new to Draft Kings and/or Daily Fantasy Sports, here is a quick look at the basics. As we move forward throughout the year, we will discuss different strategies for different games.

The Fundamentals:

1. Starting Pitching. Starting Pitching. Starting Pitching. Draft Kings uses 2 starting pitching slots, making it even more important to get it right. While the goal will be to stick to a 35/65 split, we won’t be locked into that number, looking to find the best value every day. Strikeouts and innings pitched are emphasized on Draft Kings and we’ll use every tool in the book to give you the best options to play every day:

  • Vegas Lines: looking for games with favorable money lines as well as low runs-scored totals.
  • High Strike Out arms: especially on Draft Kings, these top pitchers will produce big numbers.
  • Ball Park Factors: some parks are obviously much better for pitchers than others: San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, among others
  • Opposing Lineup: how the opposing team produces against same-handed pitchers. Fangraphs, if it wasn’t already, will be my best friend for this.
  • Batter VS Pitcher: I’m not a big proponent of this, being more inclined to credit the last two mentioned factors, but we’ll give this a look every day as well.

2. Hitters. Finding value bats will be key, as there just isn’t space for Mike Trout and Giancarlo Stanton in your lineup every night. With the two starting pitching slots being locked in first, we’ll have to work extra hard to find good-priced hitters that are in a position to succeed each night. Opportunities include:

  • Vegas Lines: looking for games with high run-scored totals.
  • Opposing pitcher: how the hitter fares vs other same-handed pitchers.
  • Ball Park Factors: there are some great hitting ballparks out there, including Colorado, Toronto and Texas.
  • Stacking: For tournament games especially, stacking can be a pretty sound strategy when looking for as much upside as possible. Stacking simply means carrying 3 or 4 bats from the same lineup. We’ll use this strategy when the right opportunities arise.
  • Batting Order: It’s all about volume, and hitters at the top of the lineup will always give you more.
  • Batter VS Pitcher: Again, not a big proponent of this, but we’ll give this a look every day as well.

draftkings_256x256Why Draft Kings?

Just this week, MLB and DraftKings entered into an exclusive partnership, securing DraftKings position as the leader in Daily Fantasy Sports. Even before this news, our choice was pretty clear for the following reasons:

  • Pitcher Scoring: Fewer points for a win and more for strikeouts and innings pitched. Draft Kings rewards quality and penalizes negative outcomes for pitchers. It really puts the focus on making smart SP choices.
  • Two Starting Pitchers: The only thing better than choosing one Starting Pitcher is choosing two.
  • Hitter scoring: There is a 2 pt penalty for caught stealing, but otherwise there are no negative scoring values. Outs are simply worth 0 points.
  • Late-Game Lineup Changes: Probably most important, Draft Kings allows you to make changes right up until each ball game starts. If your late-game pitcher is scratched, you are not locked in to him simply because the early ballgames have been played.
  • Beginner Contests: If you haven’t played before, this can all be a little intimidating. No question, there will be sharks looking to take your money in H2H contests. Draft Kings has beginner contests for players with less than 50 contests played. We’re participating (and please join us) in tomorrow’s free Beginner’s Contest with a $15K bankroll.
  • Multitude of Contest Choices: With H2H matchups, tournament play, beginner play, 25 cent contests, and 50/50 games, there is something for everyone. Not to mention the huge payouts! With their partnership with MLB, watch for even more unique MLB game prizes.

What to Expect from Fantasy Assembly?

Since we’re playing in tomorrow’s beginner contest, you can safely assume that we’re new to this. What we’re not new to though is fantasy baseball. The four of us have been playing for 80 years combined and each have proven track records of success. It may be a different game, but choosing Starting Pitchers and forecasting optimum lineup production is already a skill we’ve learned.

DFS 7up Feature Image DKEvery day we will post our 6 top player options, including two Starting Pitchers as well as a 7th wildcard play for the brave at heart. Couple your daily visits to Fantasy Assembly for advice and rankings, with a free look at our DFS plays of the day.

There are no premium fees to see our picks, no email lists to join and no need to sign up through us to see our daily lineups. Of course, we’d sure appreciate it if you did!

Why Sign up through Fantasy Assembly?

You don’t get anything special by signing up through us, but since we do not charge a fee for our site, do not have obnoxious banner ads to slow down your browser and do not solicit donations, this is your way of helping us out. We’ll be sure to provide special offers from Draft Kings as they are made available. Tomorrow, you can play for free, with a chance to win a share of $15,000. I’ll be playing, and will be providing my picks in the morning. Good luck!

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Paul Hartman

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Fantasy Baseball player since 1987. Creator of Fantasy Assembly, yet just fortunate enough to be a part of it.

4 thoughts on “Introducing NEW DFS Coverage at Fantasy Assembly”

  1. Hey Paul, I just signed up at Draft Kings. I’ve never played DFS before but I’ll give it go and see how I like it.

  2. I think batter vs. pitcher is pretty important. I am not going to get too excited about a guy who is 4-10 lifetime with 1 HR against the pitcher he is facing, but you need to look for those hitters who absolutely own the guy who they will face. When I say own, I mean like the way Goldschmidt makes Lincecom his biotch.

    Here are 4 players to try and work in tomorrow:

    Miggy_ 16/31 with 5 HR vs. Hughes
    Longoria- 13/33 with 5 HR vs. Tillman
    Kendrick- 14 for 26 with 1 HR and 6 XBH vs. SHields
    Buster Posey- 11 for 18 with 3 HR vs. Collmenter

    Try to work a couple of these guys in

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