The Prospect Grid: All Minor League Players

It all started with a tweet:

I’m not sure whether to thank Goose over at, or to ask him for the 100+ hours of my life back.

This is it, the final product after months of grueling work and effort, the 2015 MiLB Prospect Grid with over 1,500 prospects.  This tool isn’t just for those in deep leagues with minor league systems and can be of use to those in redraft leagues.
The purpose of the grid is to:

  • help identify prospects that can help your team at each position
  • help identify which prospects are nearest to a big league promotion
  • help identify which prospects are most likely to produce the best fantasy numbers

The prospect grid will allow you to sort players based by their team, position, offensive ceiling as well as their proximity to the majors.

Remember this is not a rankings piece.  I have not seen video on each of these players, nor have I done the same level of research on every single player listed that would be required for those types of pieces.  This is a quick tool to show a large number of prospects and help spotlight players that may give immediate or long-term fantasy value.

Prospect Grid Legend
I used too many resources to list, but special thanks to,, and

As always, feel free to leave comments or suggestions below.

Fantasy Rundown BannerIf you are looking for prospect rankings, I will be rolling them out starting in January.  If you can’t wait, visit Fantasy Rundown where Goose has been compiling prospect rankings
 from the top sources as well as rankings for the 2015 season

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6 thoughts on “The Prospect Grid: All Minor League Players”

  1. Just a quick question. Are the “ceiling” rankings based on 2015 only, or for the player’s career going forward? Thanks

    1. Thanks for the question.
      For ceiling, I’m looking at their overall future, not just 2015.
      Now.. things can change.. some players breakout, develop more than expected, etc.
      I’ll redo the grid every year to re-look at ceilings (and proximity). Any roster moves (ie trades) I’ll adjust immediately.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Likewise, thanks for answering. I kind of figured that out after my post. I think I was thrown a bit by the ‘3’s’ given to Stratton and Beede. The Giants have had such great success with their #1 picks, especially with SP’s, that I thought that number might be higher.
    Just found your sight, so thanks for all the hard work. I wrote for another site for 2 years; so I know there is a lot of sweat involved! From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like I’ll be back a lot 🙂

  3. Lol, too much New Year’s Eve I’m afraid. “Site”, not ‘sight.’ And Beede has a 4, not a 3. My bad; I was looking at Blach. Sigh, it’s been a while since I wrote, lol.

  4. I’m noticing a player or two in each teams’ list that aren’t in that organization anymore. When was the last time these were updated? If you need me to rattle off the list let me know so this feature can be more accurate.

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