Field of Streams logoAs the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. The end is where we find ourselves today. Seems like just yesterday, I was picking the first set of streamers for the season, but it was not yesterday, it was many moons ago. You know, April. I’ll try to not get too sentimental as I bring you the very last weekday streamers for the 2014 season. I know, I know. Look, dry your eyes, we’re only roughly 30 weeks away from the first Field of Streams of the 2015 season. But hey, we’re not quite done with the 2014 season and, so, am not quite done giving you streamers for said 2014 season. Huzzah!


Danny Duffy, Royals (at Indians) – Do I buy Duffy’s 2.42 ERA? Of course not A sub 40% ground ball rate combined with a K/9 below seven does not really appeal to me, as such. The Indians are no pushovers at the plate and Duffy is nursing a shoulder injury, but Monday doesn’t have too many options and, of them, Duffy has had the best results. Two of Duffy’s three starts against the Indians this season were high quality starts and the other one was not so terrible. After his first start against the Tribe this season, where he gave up four earned runs over six innings, he went on to allow only two runs (one earned) over 13.2 innings pitched over two starts. That makes Duffy a decent stream on Monday.
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Josh Collmenter, Diamondbacks (at Twins) – In case you haven’t noticed, and judging by his ownership numbers you haven’t, the “Coll”-miner has had some nice looking digits next to his name in the box scores. Collmenter has thrown five consecutive quality starts, allowing only four earned runs, total, over those five starts. I know what you’re thinking, and I miss Breaking Bad, too. But what you should probably be thinking is, “The overall numbers have looked good, but are they legitimate?” Good thinking. To answer your question, no, not quite. The numbers Collmenter is putting up are a bit too good, but with his FIPs mostly being low in those starts, the regression should not be to numbers you can’t live with. Twins play in a safe-ish park for pitchers, so I’d give Collmenter a chance on Monday.
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Danny Salazar, Indians (vs. Royals) – Color me a fan of Danny Salazar. I actually drafted Salazar in a couple of leagues only to drop him after a the slow start and then demotion. Still waiting for Salazar to really flip the switch, but I feel like he may be closing in on that moment. Yay! Salazar has given up more than three earned runs only once in his last seven starts and he has struck out 29 batters over his last 26.2 innings. Salazar has also fared well in his last two starts against the Royals. In those starts, Salazar allowed three earned runs over 12 innings, including shutting them out over five innings that last time he took the hill against them. Time to get bold, folks, throw Salazar out there.
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Henderson Alvarez, Marlins (vs Phillies) – Henderson Alvarez has been a Field of Streams regular in 2014, and many of those recommended streams have been against the Phillies. Alvarez has started against the Phightins five times this season and each start has been quality. In fact, all but one, were what I like to call high quality starts; six or more innings with two or fewer runs. In three of those starts, Alvarez went seven innings and allowed two or fewer runs. If you were to find a streamer that looked to have the best odds on Tuesday, Alvarez would be that streamer.
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Jose Quintana, White Sox (at Tigers) – Q is another Field of Streams regular. Quintana hold a FIP below three and K/9 that is just a hair under eight, so naturally he is a good streaming option. One thing you see here is that this matchup is against the Tigers how are, well, pretty good. Generally streaming against good lineups is ill-advised but, maybe surprisingly, Q has fared very well against the Tigers. All four of his starts against the Tigers in ’14 have been quality starts. In Q’s last outing against the Tigers he only allowed two runs over seven innings. I like Q in most situations, but I especially like the chances of a QS against the Tigers.
(48.8% owned in ESPN, 50% owned in Yahoo!)

Kyle Hendricks, Cubs (vs. Cardinals) – The low ownership numbers for Hendricks are certainly understandable. I mean who would want a guy who is 7-2, with a 2.28 ERA? Yuck! Notice the sarcasm? Cause I am laying it on pretty thick. Look, I understand not believing in the numbers, since it is a small sample size, but the FIP is 3.22, aided by a nice groundball rate hovering around 50%. Hendricks is decent enough to be more owned than he is, is what I am getting at here. Plus, Hendricks has pitched well against the Redbirds. In two starts against St. Louis this season, Hendricks has allowed three earned runs over twelve and one-third innings, on 12 hits. I’m looking for another quality start from Hendricks, come Tuesday.
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Marcus Stroman, Blue Jays (vs. Mariners) – It almost doesn’t matter who the Stroman Candle starts against when he is pitching at home. Of 11 Stroman starts in Canada, this season, ten, yes ten, have been quality, including three where he has gone at least eight innings. In those ten quality home starts, only once did he allow more than two runs. So, right there, I say Stroman is a must start at home, but having the Mariners on the docket don’t hurt neither. Regardless of record, the Mariners are not a very good hitting team, being in the bottom third of the league in wOBA and runs scored over the past couple of weeks, so this should be another high quality start for Stroman Candle. The only thing that could change things a bit, would be the result of Stroman’s suspension appeal on Sunday. If he loses that, he will not pitch this week.
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Tom Koehler, Marlins (vs. Phillies) – Yeah, the Phillies are not a great hitting team, this much we have established. That fact has been something Tommy “TK” Koehler has been able to take advantage of, throwing quality starts all three times out against the Phils, this season. Koehler’s ERA in those starts is 2.00, and over 18 innings, allowing only 19 baserunners. So it would be accurate to say TK likes pitching against the Phillies. Koehler also likes pitching at home, where he has an ERA below three and has gone at least five innings each start. Look for Koehler to take advantage of pitching against the Phillies once again.
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Yusmeiro Petit, Giants (vs. Padres) – Padres have been one of those teams that you should hesitate very little to stream against throughout this season. I will say that, yes, this is the main reason that Petit is a go on Thursday, but he also had a few nice outings recently, including a complete game against the Diamondbacks a couple starts ago. Three of Petit’s four starts since joining the Giants rotation have been quality and in the only start this season that Petit had against the Padres, he threw six scoreless innings. I don’t see why you can’t expect a similar type of outing this time around, run with Petit.
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Well there ya have it, the final Field of Streams: Weekday Streamers of the 2014 season. Don’t worry, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. Happy streaming and I’ll see ya back here, Friday for your weekend streamers. Happy streaming!

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