Field of StreamsThe fantasy season is dwindling down, that’s for darned sure! If you are still in the “hunt”, first off, congrats, secondofly it is time to step it up. Crunch time, the home stretch, final push, whatever you’d like to call it, that’s where we are, fantasy ballers! Hmm, has to be a better way to phrase that. Oh well, we can address that at a later date. You know the drill, let’s see how last weekend’s streaming warriors fared.

Six starters were recommended and those six starters went 4-2, with a 2.13 ERA, a 1.13 WHIP and a 6.15 K/9. Not a great K/9 number, but I think the other numbers more than make up for that. Really the numbers were even better without that clunker of a line BFBC dropped on us against the Phillies. Without Colon’s six earned runs over five and a third innings, last weekend’s streamers had an ERA below one! Yeah, I am sort of on a hot streak right now, so, you best listen up, as just as in streaming, knowing who to believe in can most of the time just be riding the hot hands! Alright, well time for my hot hands to work their magic (figuratively, folks, I am no George Costanza, after all) and type you up some winning streams for this upcoming weekend!



Vance Worley, Pirates (@ Cubs)- I know it is spelled differently but whenever I hear Vance Worley I think of the movie Dragnet, starring Dan Akroyd and Tom Hanks. If you haven’t seen it, you should really get with the program. In that movie the talented Christopher Plummer plays Reverend Jonathan Whirley and there you go, in the words of Elastica, “the connection is made”. What does Christopher Plummer have to do with Vance Worley? Nothing really, but I needed to fill space and my stream of consciousness seemed the best way do so. I mean how many times do I have tell everyone that the Cubs offense is not strong? Well, by asking that question, I have again mentioned the Cubs are not a good offensive team at this point in time, so that right there makes Worleygig, streamable. Worley ain’t flashy, although he has some pretty hip eyeglass frames, so there is that. Worley projects as a guy who won’t get you Ks, but will generally get you five or six non-flashy, but sort of solid innings. In his only start of 2014 against the Cubbies he allowed three earned runs on five hits over six and two-thirds innings pitched. So, bottom line, screen Dragnet and stream Worley.
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Jarred Cosart, Marlins (vs. Braves)- In case you haven’t noticed (and judging by the ownership numbers, you haven’t), Jared Cosart has been fairly good since joining the Marlin rotation. In his last four starts Cosart has allowed just two earned runs…combined. That’s over 27.2 innings, my friends. The FIPs were under three in three of four of those starts and despite not many Ks, Cosart has generally looked good. Maybe not a sub-one ERA good, but good nonetheless. Cosart is pitching against the Bravos in Miami, which is matchup I am diggin’! The last time Cosart faced the Braves, he allowed just one earned run over seven innings, and that was in the hitter’s haven that is Minute Maid park, so how could he not pitch that well against them in Miami? Well, I mean, he could very easily not do that, but just go with me, will ya?
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Nathan Eovaldi, Marlins (vs. Braves)- Well, another Field of Streams: Weekend Warriors, another start for Nate the Great against the Braves. If you want the full skinny on this matchup, check out last week’s Field of Streams: Weekend Warriors for the highlights. The only thing that has changed since then is Eovaldi added another nice looking start against the Bravos. Eovaldi went six and two-thirds innings allowing one earned run, while fanning six and allowing nine hits. Four of Eovaldi’s five starts against Atlanta this season have been quality and in all four of those quality outings, Eovaldi gave up two or fewer runs. Eovaldi is a good dice roll right now against Atlanta.
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Cory Rasmus, Angels (@ Twins)- Time to get weird and head a bit off the beaten path, with a guy who I will probably never stop accidentally calling “Colby” and who has only one start under his belt in 2014. Well, to be fair, I probably shouldn’t qualify it, as Rasmus has actually made exactly one start in his major league career. So, do you want the good news first or the bad news first? Bad news? Okay. Rasmus’ one start only lasted three innings. But before you roll your eyes and keep scrolling, let me slap you in the face with the good news! The early exit had nothing to do with Cory’s performance. You heard me! In those three innings, Rasmus allowed no runs on one hit while striking out six. Nice start to an outing, am I right? It’s not a trick question, folks, I am right. Rasmus will get you Ks, but seems like there is a bit of a pitch cap for him, making this risky if you are looking for the “W” or a “QS”. I like Rasmus to get to five in this one, with a shot at the “W” and at least five strikeouts.
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Carlos Carrasco, Indians (vs. White Sox)- I have been touting Carrasco for days, now! Days! Carrasco has a 2.94 ERA and a K/9 over nine. Commence swooning. Look, I don’t know what happened, what the Indians coaching staff did in those almost four months where Carlos was in the bullpen, but whatever it was, it worked! In five starts since returning to the rotation, Carrasco has allowed three, yes three, earned runs over 30 innings pitched. Pretty good, right? Well, you think that’s good, hows about the jaw dropping 34 batters he has struck out in those 30 innings? Stop your drooling. Carrasco is striking out more than a batter an inning and when they do put the ball in play, he is keeping said ball on the ground with a GB% of over 50! The numbers have been impressive and I have little reason to believe that changes this weekend. 
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James Paxton, Mariners (@ Rangers)- Since Paxton’s return to the Mariner rotation, he has been pretty good. In his last six starts he has not allowed more than two earned runs….in any of them. Granted, in a couple of those he did not make it out of the fifth inning, due mostly to some control issues, but still, J-Pax (finally a reason to use a nickname somewhat referencing the Kevin Spacey vehicle, K-Pax) didn’t allow many runs, so he would not have hurt your ERA all that much. Look here, readers; J-Pax has good stuff and the Rangers lineup is a shambles of its former self. In fact, in J-Pax’s last start against the Rangers he didn’t allow a run…over six and two-thirds innings. Now, that’s good, but would I like the K numbers to be higher? Sure, sure I would. Bottom line, though, I will take the nice ERA, a shot at a QS and a chance at a “W”, ya know, if you’re in to that sort of thing (#killthewin).
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Well, that’s all I got, this time around. Be safe and happy streaming!

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Affectionately know by close friends as Willie Moe, Will is back living in Boston after brief, 11 year stint, in upstate New York. Will loves numbers and baseball, so it is no surprise that he has been addicted to fantasy baseball for over two decades. That’s right, Will was playing fantasy baseball since before the internet was providing up to the minute stats and standings, and you had to get your hands inky checking box scores in the newspaper.