Well, here we are. If you aren’t already in the playoffs, this is probably the last weekend of your regular season, so it is crunch time. Let’s get right into the nitty gritty and help fetch you a championship.


Jacob deGrom, Mets (vs. Phillies) – Young Jacob, I will admit, has turned out to be much better than I thought he would be. deGrom has a 3.13 ERA (and a 3.10 FIP to match) with a K/9 of 8.55 I can certainly get on board with. deGrom had a very nice July, which turned into a nice August. Up until Jacob’s blip of a last start in La-la-land against the Dodgers, he was cruising. In eight of the nine starts before that Dodger game, deGrom tossed quality starts and in only two of those starts did he allow more than two earned runs. Even if, let us say, that Dodgers start was not a fluke and he is not as good as those previous nine starts made him seem, he draws the Phillies on Friday. Although they have been sort of middle of the pack offensively over the past couple weeks, the Phightins have been at or near the bottom of the league offensively all season. Look for deGrom to bounce back this weekend.
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Danny Salazar, Indians (@ Royals) – Alright, get the chuckling and general guffawing out-of-the-way. With an ERA of 4.52, Salazar is not high on many people’s lists right now, as he continues to try to find consistency. But, Salazar has a K/9 near ten and a FIP just a shade under four. The inconsistencies are certainly an issue, but I love the K-rate! In Salazar’s last two starts he has allowed only three earned runs on seven hits over 11 innings, whilst fanning eleven. Salazar is by no means a safe bet, but if you are looking for a streamer on Friday, you are probably getting into desperation mode and will need to take some risks. Take the Ks and hope for the QS.
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Jake Odorizzi, Rays (vs. Red Sox) – Every time I think Odoreater is ready to make the leap, he goes and has a start like he did in Baltimore on Monday. Right now Jake is a fantasy spot starter, good in the right situations. One of those situations arises this weekend when he pitches against the Red Sox at the Trop. At home this season Odoreater has a 3.18 ERA and a 10.10 K/9. The last time Odorizzi faced the BoSox in St. Pete, he threw six strong innings, allowing one earned run on four hits, while striking out five. The Red Sox are showing some life at the plate lately, but I still think they struggle against Odorizzi on Saturday.
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Bartolo Colon, Mets (vs. Phillies) – Yeah, I am going to pick on the Phillies some more, deal with it. The Phillies offense does not impress me much and, well BFBC thrives in starts against offenses that do not impress me much. Case and point, Colon has taken the hill against Philly three times this season. In those three starts, BFBC is 3-0, with a 1.59 ERA and a .1.19 WHIP. Okay the WHIP needs work, but all three starts were still pretty dandy for a stream. It might not be flashy, with not many Ks and that middling WHIP, but it will certainly get the job done.
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Nate Eovaldi, Marlins (@ Braves) – Alright, so Nate the Great’s season didn’t quite pan out the way I thought it would, but hey the FIP is 3.30, that’s something, right? I like Eovaldi, although once he started striking out fewer batters he did lose some of his sheen, in my eyes. Here’s the thing, Nate has faced the Braves four times and in those starts has a 2.57 ERA. Most of that number is due to his last start against the Bravos, where he gave up five earned in seven innings. Even in that start the stuff must have looked good enough if he got through seven, I would think. Like I said, I still like Eovaldi and feel like most of the time he has Atlanta’s number.
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Jose Quintana, White Sox (vs. Tigers) – Alright, yes, Q has given up four or more runs in three straight starts and sure, that is not great. The overall ERA is still in the mid threes and the K/9 is decent enough,so I think he bounces between that SP4 and SP5 slots. Now, I know what you are thinking, “but Will, oh sage and wise fantasy streaming guru, this is against the Tigers, why would you recommend such a thing?!” Well, I am actually glad you asked and my answer would be, “Eight innings, three earned runs. Seven innings, no earned runs. Six innings, three earned runs. Six innings, three earned runs. Six innings, two earned runs.” Those are Q’s results in his last five starts against the Tigers. Not always flashy, but every time…quality.
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And there you have it, it’s now or  never.  Last week of the season, so if you are not already in the playoffs, you can’t hold anything back, kids. Good night, good luck, and happy streaming!

Will Emerson

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Affectionately know by close friends as Willie Moe, Will is back living in Boston after brief, 11 year stint, in upstate New York. Will loves numbers and baseball, so it is no surprise that he has been addicted to fantasy baseball for over two decades. That’s right, Will was playing fantasy baseball since before the internet was providing up to the minute stats and standings, and you had to get your hands inky checking box scores in the newspaper.