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This year, I was granted the honor of joining the “League of Extraordinary Expert GMs” (LEEG) hosted by Mick Wayne of VicariousSports.com.  The competition has been fierce with the standings atop the leaderboard changing hands on what seems like an hourly basis.  Since the all-star break has given us a couple of days without any movement on the leaderboard, I wanted to take the opportunity to update our loyal readers on how things are going.

Basic Settings

Before we get into the details, lets take a look at the league settings and all the participants.

The format closely follows that of the NFBC with one exception; trading is permitted in this league.  It is a standard 5×5 roto league with weekly line-up changes and also a weekly FAAB waiver process.  There are 15 teams in the league with the following roster requirements:

2  Catchers
1  each for all infield positions, MI, CI and UTIL
5  OFs
9  P- no designation for reliever vs. starter
7  bench spots

Here is a list of all the participants:

Jon Williams – AdvancedFantasyBaseball.com@bigjonwilliams
Dan Schwartz – Razzball.com@RotoBanter
Smokey – Razzball.com – @Smokey_Loogy
Doug Anderson – Fantasysportsnetwork.com@rotodaddy
Devin Jordan – DavidGonos.com@devinjjordan
Gregory Jewett – RotoAnalysis.com@gjewett9
Rich Migliorisi – TheFantasyFix.com@Rich_Migs
Brent Richard – VicariousSports.com@VicariousSports
Timothy Kolar – RotoBanter.com – @thelastpoint2
Pat Donovan – WarRoomTalk.com@Warroomtalk
Mick Wayne – VicariousSports.com@VicariousSports
Tommy Landseadel – Fantasy Assembly.com@tlandseadel
Nick Ligotino – WarRoomTalk.com@Warroomtalk
Robert Burghardt – TGFantasyBaseball.com@TGFantasy
Matt Moczygemba – TheFantasyFix.com@MattMoczy

Team Recaps

In this section, I will highlight each team in order of where they currently reside in the standings. The number beside the owner’s name is the roto point total for their team.

1. Doug Anderson – 111- Saying that the rotodaddy had a good draft would be a severe understatement. Anderson still has plenty of FAAB $ and he sits atop the leaderboard in 4 of 5 offensive categories (HR, RBI, SB, BA). Mid to late round value picks such as Evan Gattis, Jose Abreu, Dee Gordon, Nelson Cruz, Justin Morneau, Marcell Ozuna and Mark Teixeira all amazingly found their way onto the roster. Considering that we have not even talked about his early round hitters, that is a ridiculous collection of offensive production. Anderson’s pitching staff is middle of the pack in most categories, but if Justin Verlander and Joe Nathan remember how to pitch, we could all be fighting for 2nd.

2. Tommy Landseadel – 110.5 – My team has ascended the ranks lately due to some hot hitting from a patchwork outfield and continued production from Tulo, Todd Frazier, George Springer and Robinson Cano. Madison Bumgarner, Jon Lester, Hisashi Iwakuma and Koji Uehara have anchored my pitching staff, but whether or not my team is able to stay in contention will be determined by players like Steve Pearce, James Jones and Lorenzo Cain. A healthy Tulo would also be helpful. My team is currently top 4 in every offensive category (except BA) and has between 9 and 12 points in every pitching category, so balance has been the key so far.

3. Greg Jewett- 109.5  – I told you it has been crazy close! Jewett’s offense has been awesome. He is second in runs, third in HRs, RBI and SBs, and 4th in BA. His pitching staff is above average, but not quite as dominant as the hitters. Jewett has been the most active on the waiver wire thus far and has spent most of his FAAB $, but I fully expect his team to be in the hunt for the top spot at season’s end. Charlie Blackmon and Derek Norris were the headliners of many an acquisition, but it has been guys like Aramis, Hanley, Joey Bats, Werth, Belt and Calhoun who have led the offensive charge. Meanwhile, Price, Hamels, Porcello and Robertson have been Jewett’s best arms.

4. Jon Williams – 103  – Led by Trout, Donaldson, Mesoraco, Rendon, Wainwright, Scherzer, Greg Holland and Johnny Cueto, Big Jon’s team is lurking close behind the top dogs. His balanced squad is top 6 in 8 categories, with team speed being the only real weakness. Jon also has a team very capable of taking home the title.

5. Mick Wayne – 102 – Mick currently sits in 5th place, but he is just 9 points back from first and primed for a second half run despite lingering injuries to Votto and Wacha. His pitching staff is almost as ridiculous as Anderson’s hitting. King Felix, Teheran, Richards, Jansen and Janssen have helped Mick earn first place in wins, second in ERA, WHIP and Ks, and 5th in saves. Now that Harper and Arenado are back, this team looks really scary.

6. Timothy Kolar– 91 – Kolar went with an outside the box pitching strategy, taking Kershaw, Smyly and a ton of relievers. He recently traded for Jeff Samardzija, but is still pretty far behind everyone in innings. Predictably, he is first in ERA, WHIP, and saves, but last in Ks and tied for last in wins. On the hitting side, his team is built around the speed of Billy Hamilton, but Victor Martinez and Evan Longoria have not been enough to yield better than mediocre results in the HR and RBI categories.

6. Robert Burghardt- 91 – Burghardt is currently tied with Kolar, but he has gotten there in a vastly different way. Again, the offense is built around the speed of hitters like Carlos Gomez, Ellsbury and Kinsler, but the lineup also produces enough pop to be average in the power categories. On the pitching side, he has amassed the third highest innings pitched total thus far and is doing well in wins and Ks as a result. Since he lacks a frontline starter though, the ERA and WHIP have been below average.

8. Devin Jordan- 84 – Devin’s team does not have any glaring weaknesses, but his team is right near the middle of the pack in all categories but batting average. Considering that Jordan has been forced to deal with lengthy DL trips for Cargo, and Cliff Lee along with poor performance by Joe Mauer, he may be able to force his way back into contention with a healthier second half.

9. Smokey Razzball – 73.5- Led by Goldschmidt and Stanton, Smokey’s offense has done quite well in most categories, but his pitching has struggled somewhat. Disappointing first halves from starters like Homer Bailey, Shelby Miller and C.J. Wilson have hurt Smokey’s ERA and WHIP, but he does have 5 active closers who are all pitching well.

10. Nick Ligotino – 69 – Ligotino did an awesome job assembling his SP core and currently stands first in wins, second in Ks and 4th in both ERA and WHIP. The trouble is, he has 0 saves on the season, and injuries/poor performance from early round studs like Braun, Fielder, Segura and Zimmerman have torpedoed the offense.

11. Pat Donovan – 68.5- Donovan’s hitting has not been quite as bad as Ligotino’s, but his pitching has not been as good either. His team is solid, but there are too many holes in the hitting lineup for this team to contend.

12. Brent Richard – 57 – Perhaps no team has been hit by the injury bug quite like Richard’s squad has. Jose Fernandez, Wil Myers, Aroldis Chapman and Brett Lawrie were all expected to do big things, but have been either slowed or derailed by injury. It might be easier to list the players that have not been injured than to list those who have. Given his injury luck, Richard has done quite well to avoid last.

13. Dan Schwartz – 53.5 – Miggy Cabrera, Rizzo, Posey, Ortiz and Freddie Freeman are all doing their jobs, but a lack of speed and a few BA drainers like Gyorko have limited the upside for this offense. Dan’s team was built around his hitters, and it just has not materialized as planned this year. Danny Salazar was the only pitcher Schwartz drafted before round 12.

14. Matt Moczygemba – 42.5 – Moczygemba has been absolutely crushed by some bad pitching. When we drafted, I fully expected the staff anchored by Darvish, Minor and Medlen, Rosenthal and Lincecum to be among the best in the league. Injuries and poor performance have really held this team down.

15. Rich Migliorisi- 34 – Migliorisi has had some tough luck. Studs like Chris Davis and David Wright have under performed. Trumbo and Cuddyer have been hurt and the pitching staff never really came together.

Closing Thoughts

I have really enjoyed the amazing competition in this league. Thanks to Mick Wayne for putting it all together and good luck to everybody in the second half!


Tommy Landseadel

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Tommy is also known as tlance on the CBS and Sports Hoopla message boards. He has been playing fantasy baseball for 16 years in many different format types and looks forward to helping you with your fantasy baseball questions! You can now follow me on Twitter @tlandseadel

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  1. I feel Rich’s pain. I had Davis as an early pick, and it’s handicapped my team. Those first few round picks aren’t absolutely essential if you can hit on most of your later picks, but if you have 1-2 busts for whatever reason in the first four rounds, you’re fighting an uphill (and likely losing) battle all season.

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