Savvy Add: Kole Calhoun

Calhoun has recently seen his ownership rise rapidly in fantasy formats.  On ESPN he is now owned in more than 89% of leagues with a recent rise of more than 17%.  He is also owned in 87% of CBS leagues, starting in about 80% of leagues.  Yahoo leagues are still behind with his availability at 29%.  I picked up Calhoun off the free agent wire back on June 30 in a ROTO league and currently own him in several of my leagues.

I was bullish on Calhoun heading into 2014 ranking him as the 40th overall OF in the preseason, certainly ownable in any league with at least 10 teams.  Calhoun showed potential in 2013 in 58 games for the Angels.  He batted a solid .282 with 8 home runs.  He scored 29 runs and drove in 32.   The Baseball Cube does a great job of tracking college, minor league and MLB stats.  Analysis of Calhoun’s post-high school career would indicate that what he has done this year may be the tip of the iceberg.

In 124 games at Arizona State, Calhoun swatted 29 homers and stole 17 bases.  He batted over .300 and slugged over .600.  He drove in 112 runs and scored 115.  The left-hand batting Calhoun has a strong frame (5′ 10″ and 200 pounds) with a power score of 87.  He offers a nice combination of speed and power, and there may not be a better spot to hit than in front of Mike Trout.  Calhoun sees fastballs more than half the time (57%).  According to Fangraphs, Calhoun rakes at 14.9 runs above average on fastballs.

On the ESPN Player Rater, Calhoun finished the first half as the 44th rated outfielder.  However, he missed some time on the DL.  Over the last 30 days he is rated as the 5th best outfielder (behind teammate Mike Trout, Billy Hamilton, JD Martinez and Andrew McCutchen).  He is the 11th rated batter over that period with a .340 average, 6 homers, 1 steal, 29 runs scored and 16 RBI.

I like Calhoun to continue to produce in the second half.  He is a savvy add if he happens to be a free agent on your waiver wire.  He is someone to target in a trade if his owner is looking to deal.  I actually rated him the 92nd hitter over the remainder of the season (ranks coming out this Friday), but if I was to re-rank I would have him much higher.  I would probably have him somewhere in the 40’s, rated as a top 20 OF.  If you are in a year-to-year league, I would trade Gregory Polanco for Calhoun.

Calhoun will be heading into his 27-year-old season in 2015.  If you are in a deeper keeper league (more than 12 teams or leagues with more than 8 keepers per team), Calhoun is an interesting keeper.

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  1. if you added him when I did it was savvy, because he has been the 5th best OF in fantasy over that time. Looking ahead to the second “half” of the season he is still a great trade target. If you own Charlie Blackmon, JD Martinez, Melky Cabrera, even Gregory Polanco as I mentioned above, I would deal any of those guys and many more to get Calhoun on my roster. Timing is everything when you make moves in fantasy, there is still time to get on the Calhoun bandwagon.

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