A Look at a New Keeper Draft

This year, I started a brand new 16 team H2H points keeper league on Fantrax. I’ve played in tough leagues, but my plan was to set up my most difficult format yet. I invited some of the best competitors I’ve played against in my 25 years playing fantasy baseball, as well as some new baseball friends I’ve recently met.

I wanted an insanely stupid draft and I got it! With 20 active roster spots per team and a 15 man minor league system to go along with 5 bench spots, the draft of 640 players is huge. To make things more interesting the draft includes major league players and minor league players! The keeper format is simple: each team can keep 20 players total; major league and minor league combined.

My plan was to, you guessed it, draft young players everywhere. I don’t mind losing for a year or two if I’m going to dominate for a decade in short order. Unfortunately with a draft this huge things don’t always go as planned. As you can tell my plan went to hell in a hand basket. The added minor league component to the draft threw out all ADPs and I was left to change my strategy. I drafted #2 as the Toro Tigers. Fellow Fantasy Assembly members Kevin Jebens (Team: Kevin Jebens) and Jeff Quinton (Cecil Barlow’s Cow) join me in this fascinating draft.

Here’s a look at the first ten rounds. We’ll be nearing Round 25 at this point.

Draft Results – Paul’s Ball Park Place

Round 1

Pos Team Player Pk Ov
OF New Team 6 Trout, Mike – LAA 1 1
1B Toro Tigers Cabrera, Miguel – DET 2 2
OF Chop Talk Harper, Bryce – WAS 3 3
1B Cecil Barlow’s Cow Goldschmidt, Paul – ARI 4 4
OF Kevin Jebens McCutchen, Andrew – PIT 5 5
SS Biscuits Bogaerts, Xander – BOS 6 6
SP Schnurbach Foundation Kershaw, Clayton – LAD 7 7
1B BIG HURT Votto, Joey – CIN 8 8
2B Young Guns Cano, Robinson – SEA 9 9
P The NY Mets Darvish, Yu – TEX 10 10
OF Blast from the Past Stanton, Giancarlo – MIA 11 11
OF Anaheim Angels Bruce, Jay – CIN 12 12
OF TKOut Puig, Yasiel – LAD 13 13
1B New Orleans Squids Freeman, Freddie – ATL 14 14
OF Hydroxyl Teds Braun, Ryan – MIL 15 15
1B Speedy Davis, Chris – BAL 16 16
Round One really didn’t have a ton of surprises in it except for Xander Bogaerts. I immediately
questioned my decision to invite Biscuits into this league. Not because it was a bad pick, but
because everyone knows that Bogaerts is MY GUY. It’s kind of like being invited to somebody’s
house and then drinking his last beer. As wrong as that was, I really didn’t expect him to make it
back to me at pick 31.
MY PICK: Miguel Cabrera was a no doubt selection for me.
JEFF: Paul Goldschmidt at #4 KEVIN: Andrew McCutchen at #5   Can’t argue with those picks!
BEST PICK: I love Stanton at 11 in this format. There are few guys I want more for the long haul.

Rounds 2 and 3

Pos Team Player Pk Ov
OF Speedy Jones, Adam – BAL 1 17
OF Hydroxyl Teds Gonzalez, Carlos – COL 2 18
C New Orleans Squids Posey, Buster – SF 3 19
1B TKOut Hosmer, Eric – KC 4 20
1B Anaheim Angels Fielder, Prince – TEX 5 21
SP Blast from the Past Fernandez, Jose – MIA 6 22
P The NY Mets Scherzer, Max – DET 7 23
SS Young Guns Tulowitzki, Troy – COL 8 24
OF BIG HURT Ellsbury, Jacoby – NYY 9 25
3B Schnurbach Foundation Machado, Manny – BAL 10 26
2B Biscuits Profar, Jurickson – TEX 11 27
1B Kevin Jebens Encarnacion, Edwin – TOR 12 28
2B Cecil Barlow’s Cow Kipnis, Jason – CLE 13 29
3B Chop Talk Longoria, Evan – TB 14 30
SS Toro Tigers Ramirez, Hanley – LAD 15 31
P New Team 6 Strasburg, Stephen – WAS 16 32
Pos Team Player Pk Ov
P New Team 6 Hernandez, Felix – SEA 1 33
3B Toro Tigers Beltre, Adrian – TEX 2 34
OF Chop Talk Myers, Wil – TB 3 35
OF Cecil Barlow’s Cow Gomez, Carlos – MIL 4 36
SP Kevin Jebens Bumgarner, Madison – SF 5 37
OF Biscuits Buxton, Byron (R) – MIN 6 38
OF Schnurbach Foundation Upton, Justin – ATL 7 39
3B BIG HURT Zimmerman, Ryan – WAS 8 40
3B Young Guns Wright, David – NYM 9 41
2B The NY Mets Pedroia, Dustin – BOS 10 42
SP Blast from the Past Price, David – TB 11 43
P Anaheim Angels Verlander, Justin – DET 12 44
CI TKOut Rizzo, Anthony – CHC 13 45
P New Orleans Squids Moore, Matt – TB 14 46
RP Hydroxyl Teds Kimbrel, Craig – ATL 15 47
3B Speedy Donaldson, Josh – OAK 16 48
While in my perfect scenario I would have gotten Bogaerts and Machado at 31 and 34, Hanley
Ramirez and Adrian Beltre are what those two aspire to become. I have 3 first round players in
a 16 team league, though my vision of a young squad has gone right out the window. This
Biscuits guy has a strangle hold on the best young talent after only 3 rounds. I’m determined at
this point to get a couple of my young favorites before it is too late. 6 third basemen were gone
by the end of Round 3. I’m glad I got mine!
MY PICKS: Hanley Ramirez and Adrian Beltre
JEFF: Jason Kipnis and Carlos Gomez  KEVIN: Edwin Encarnacion and Madison Bumgarner
FAVORITE PAIRING: Some really good ones: Strasburg/Hernandez , Machado/J.Upton,
Tulowitzki/Wright stand out.
Rounds 4 and 5
Pos Team Player Pk Ov
2B Speedy Carpenter, Matt – STL 1 49
SP Hydroxyl Teds Sale, Chris – CHW 2 50
P New Orleans Squids Miller, Shelby – STL 3 51
SS TKOut Segura, Jean – MIL 4 52
P Anaheim Angels Hamels, Cole – PHI 5 53
SS Blast from the Past Reyes, Jose – TOR 6 54
1B The NY Mets Trumbo, Mark – ARI 7 55
1B Young Guns Gonzalez, Adrian – LAD 8 56
P BIG HURT Tanaka, Masahiro (R) – NYY 9 57
SS Schnurbach Foundation Desmond, Ian – WAS 10 58
SS Biscuits Correa, Carlos (R) – HOU 11 59
OF Kevin Jebens Cespedes, Yoenis – OAK 12 60
OF Cecil Barlow’s Cow Bautista, Jose – TOR 13 61
SP Chop Talk Cole, Gerrit – PIT 14 62
OF Toro Tigers Taveras, Oscar (R) – STL 15 63
P New Team 6 Wacha, Michael – STL 16 64
Pos Team Player Pk Ov
SS New Team 6 Baez, Javier (R) – CHC 1 65
CI Toro Tigers Sano, Miguel – MIN 2 66
OF Chop Talk Kemp, Matt – LAD 3 67
OF Cecil Barlow’s Cow Rios, Alex – TEX 4 68
SP Kevin Jebens Wainwright, Adam – STL 5 69
SS Biscuits Russell, Addison (R) – OAK 6 70
OF Schnurbach Foundation Heyward, Jason – ATL 7 71
C BIG HURT Santana, Carlos – CLE 8 72
OF Young Guns Choo, Shin-Soo – TEX 9 73
SS The NY Mets Andrus, Elvis – TEX 10 74
2B Blast from the Past Kinsler, Ian – DET 11 75
C Anaheim Angels Wieters, Matt – BAL 12 76
SP TKOut Teheran, Julio – ATL 13 77
OF New Orleans Squids Marte, Starling – PIT 14 78
1B Hydroxyl Teds Pujols, Albert – LAA 15 79
RP Speedy Rosenthal, Trevor – STL 16 80
Hell bent and determined to fill a couple of minor league roster spots before the top 20 were
all off the board, I selected Oscar Taveras and Miguel Sano at 63 and 66. I’d have taken Gerrit
Cole first but he was selected just before me. Chop Talk would prove to be a formidable
adversary throughout the draft. I was disappointed to see Addison Russell go this early, but
Biscuits is still stealing all of the top prospects. Adam Wainwright at 69 to Kevin seemed like
the best deal of these rounds.
MY PICKS: Oscar Taveras and Miguel Sano
JEFF: Jose Bautista and Alex Rios  KEVIN: Yoenis Cespedes and Adam Wainwright
FAVORITE PAIRING: Cole/Kemp, Correa/Russell, Sale/Pujols are some of the best ones.
Rounds 6-10
Pos Team Player Pk Ov
RP Speedy Robertson, David – NYY 1 81
SP Hydroxyl Teds Lee, Cliff – PHI 2 82
SS New Orleans Squids Castro, Starlin – CHC 3 83
RP TKOut Jansen, Kenley – LAD 4 84
OF Anaheim Angels Hamilton, Josh – LAA 5 85
RP Blast from the Past Holland, Greg – KC 6 86
3B The NY Mets Alvarez, Pedro – PIT 7 87
OF Young Guns Holliday, Matt – STL 8 88
RP BIG HURT Chapman, Aroldis – CIN 9 89
1B Schnurbach Foundation Abreu, Jose (R) – CHW 10 90
C Biscuits Mauer, Joe – MIN 11 91
OF Kevin Jebens Craig, Allen – STL 12 92
SS Cecil Barlow’s Cow Cabrera, Everth – SD 13 93
P Chop Talk Giolito, Lucas (R) – WAS 14 94
P Toro Tigers Harvey, Matt – NYM 15 95
3B New Team 6 Bryant, Kris (R) – CHC 16 96
Pos Team Player Pk Ov
P New Team 6 Bradley, Archie (R) – ARI 1 97
P Toro Tigers Greinke, Zack – LAD 2 98
SP Chop Talk Walker, Taijuan (R) – SEA 3 99
OF Cecil Barlow’s Cow Pence, Hunter – SF 4 100
2B Kevin Jebens Hill, Aaron – ARI 5 101
P Biscuits Syndergaard, Noah (R) – NYM 6 102
SP Schnurbach Foundation Cain, Matt – SF 7 103
SP BIG HURT Zimmermann, Jordan – WAS 8 104
SP Young Guns Shields, James – KC 9 105
OF The NY Mets Hamilton, Billy – CIN 10 106
1B Blast from the Past Belt, Brandon – SF 11 107
P Anaheim Angels Weaver, Jered – LAA 12 108
OF TKOut Yelich, Christian – MIA 13 109
P New Orleans Squids Gonzalez, Gio – WAS 14 110
2B Hydroxyl Teds Phillips, Brandon – CIN 15 111
UT Speedy Ortiz, David – BOS 16 112
Pos Team Player Pk Ov
MI Speedy Gyorko, Jedd – SD 1 113
MI Hydroxyl Teds Altuve, Jose – HOU 2 114
3B New Orleans Squids Lawrie, Brett – TOR 3 115
OF TKOut Springer, George (R) – HOU 4 116
UT Anaheim Angels Butler, Billy – KC 5 117
3B Blast from the Past Headley, Chase – SD 6 118
OF The NY Mets Gordon, Alex – KC 7 119
MI Young Guns Zobrist, Ben – TB 8 120
SP BIG HURT Iwakuma, Hisashi – SEA 9 121
SP Schnurbach Foundation Latos, Mat – CIN 10 122
RP Biscuits Bundy, Dylan (R) – BAL 11 123
3B Kevin Jebens Castellanos, Nick – DET 12 124
SP Cecil Barlow’s Cow Bailey, Homer – CIN 13 125
C Chop Talk Rosario, Wilin – COL 14 126
P Toro Tigers Sanchez, Anibal – DET 15 127
P New Team 6 Cobb, Alex – TB 16 128
Pos Team Player Pk Ov
CI New Team 6 Seager, Kyle – SEA 1 129
2B Toro Tigers Rendon, Anthony – WAS 2 130
SP Chop Talk Minor, Mike – ATL 3 131
SP Cecil Barlow’s Cow Salazar, Danny – CLE 4 132
SP Kevin Jebens Ryu, Hyun-jin – LAD 5 133
SP Biscuits Wheeler, Zack – NYM 6 134
2B Schnurbach Foundation Murphy, Daniel – NYM 7 135
SS BIG HURT Simmons, Andrelton – ATL 8 136
SP Young Guns Gray, Sonny – OAK 9 137
P The NY Mets Cingrani, Tony – CIN 10 138
OF Blast from the Past Brown, Domonic – PHI 11 139
OF Anaheim Angels Jennings, Desmond – TB 12 140
MI TKOut Miller, Brad – SEA 13 141
P New Orleans Squids Gausman, Kevin – BAL 14 142
SP Hydroxyl Teds Samardzija, Jeff – CHC 15 143
CI Speedy Sandoval, Pablo – SF 16 144
Pos Team Player Pk Ov
UT Speedy Polanco, Gregory (R) – PIT 1 145
3B Hydroxyl Teds Davidson, Matt (R) – CHW 2 146
CI New Orleans Squids Arenado, Nolan – COL 3 147
C TKOut McCann, Brian – NYY 4 148
SS Anaheim Angels Lindor, Francisco – CLE 5 149
C Blast from the Past Perez, Salvador – KC 6 150
C The NY Mets Gomes, Yan – CLE 7 151
SP Young Guns Lester, Jon – BOS 8 152
2B BIG HURT Dozier, Brian – MIN 9 153
SP Schnurbach Foundation Cueto, Johnny – CIN 10 154
3B Biscuits Prado, Martin – ARI 11 155
SS Kevin Jebens Lowrie, Jed – OAK 12 156
C Cecil Barlow’s Cow Lucroy, Jonathan – MIL 13 157
UT Chop Talk Alfaro, Jorge (R) – TEX 14 158
C Toro Tigers Molina, Yadier – STL 15 159
C New Team 6 Castro, Jason – HOU 16 160
I had made a conscious decision to wait on pitchers, but at pick 95 I was concerned that I
wouldn’t have an ace for my team. Starters are extremely valuable in this format, but I just
dislike drafting them before I’m comfortable with my bats. With 5 strong bats already in
the fold, there was no better time to act. Matt Harvey won’t help me in 2014, but I could
not resist him at this point. Still without an anchor for 2014, I grabbed Greinke in Round 7
and Anibal Sanchez in Round 8. I love Greinke for next year and both of these arms should
give me enough that I’m not hurting too desperately in my rotation. 29 picks is a long time
to wait when you’re near the turn and I could not wait any longer for a 2B. Anthony
Rendon is still one of my favorite sleeper picks for next year and he’s young enough that
he can hopefully hold down that position for the foreseeable future. Finally in Round 10
there was a crazy run on catchers. Grabbing Molina was a fortunate happening at pick 159.
MY PICKS: Matt Harvey, Zack Greinke, Anibal Sanchez, Anthony Rendon, Yadier Molina
JEFF: Everth Cabrera, Hunter Pence, Homer Bailey, Danny Salazar, Jonathan Lucroy
KEVIN: Allen Craig, Aaron Hill, Nick Castellanos, Hyun-jin Ryu, Jed Lowrie


This has definitely turned out to be one of the most difficult drafts I have ever done. The format
lent itself to intrigue, but the 16 owners have all proved to be up for the challenge. I’m
certain there’s 250 years of experience competing, and while each may have had different
plans, the end result was that my queue was almost wiped out each time it got to my pick. The
first 10 rounds netted me a solid foundation, but problems lie ahead; primarily my lack of a
starting outfielder to this point. My first one I grabbed at pick 255!

What are your thoughts on my draft so far?

Paul Hartman

Written by 

Fantasy Baseball player since 1987. Creator of Fantasy Assembly, yet just fortunate enough to be a part of it.

8 thoughts on “A Look at a New Keeper Draft”

  1. Wow. Cabrera, Hanley and Beltre in a 16 team league?

    You are going to be seriously conflicted here Paul. It is very difficult to play for anything but today when you start off like that.

    1. I sure wish it would have continued as well. It’s very tempting watching all of the best young prospects disappear to join in, but I’m at pick 27 now and only have 6 or 7. Not my typical draft, that’s for sure ha

  2. I have been trying to trade for Bogaerts in both of my keeper leagues and I cannot get either owner to bite.

    1. I have one guy in my keeper league that when he really likes a player, there isn’t anything you can give him to get said player. There are others in that same league that are open to negotiations on any player (even top tier players and high profile rookies), but they’ll want full value for those top players.

      If it’s a keeper league I’m sure you’ve gotten a feel for what type of owners these two guys are. If it’s the former then just move on, but if it’s the latter find out what his asking price is and negotiate from there.

    2. In a trade, I had to give up a a #1 overall draft pick in a league to get him, with other things on both sides. That means the player who gets the #1 can take Beltre, Votto, or Hanley for a max 3 years. However, I get Bogaerts in my minors, and minors promotions are 5 year deals. I’ll gamble on the upside there over an older veteran for just 3 years.

  3. Unless there are really sweet bonuses for rookies, you guys drafted really strangely. I saw SP prospects like Giolito go before guys with a half a season of proof and similar upside (Gray and Cingrani). I am in a few dynasty leagues, and in initial drafts i have learned to hold off on huge prospects. Everyone wants Buxton, Correa, Sano, ect. But they will go crazy early to guys tanking for a few years. But guys only a hair below them like Polanco will drop considerably. I have also seen a 1st year discount. Top prospects last year go for cheaper unless they went crazy in their rookie year.

    1. I have to agree with you, Jim. I’ll be posting my thoughts and approach eventually, but I was much more in the MLB camp than most of the others, so our strategies would likely align. Do I like guys like Buxton and Correa? Yes. But there was no way I was going to pass up on a veteran MLB producer who was under 32 to get them. Though I didn’t go super-young with my early MLB picks, guys in the 29-31 range will still carry my team for the immediate future, say 3+ years.

      I still revel in the year I traded Ryan Dempster and then-touted Brad Lincoln (1st round, 4th overall pick in 2006 MLB amateur draft) for an early-career Ryan Braun. The guy must’ve loved Lincoln, or didn’t expect Braun to continue his pace. It’s probably the best trade in terms of value that I’ve ever made. I usually use prospects to sweeten the deal and get even better MLB players. Rarely do I regret that strategy, but even the few times I’ve been sad about the lost success (in one league I moved Wil Myers in a deal for Gerrit Cole, then traded Cole for Price), it’s not like I’m getting worthless pieces back.

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