Weekly Assembly: Seventeen Keepers

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Mick sends in a question about his keepers for next year. Thanks for sending this in and for the kind words. We’re happy to help!! Check back in the upcoming days for our answers. Good luck and thanks for visiting us at The Fantasy Assembly!

H2H 20 team dynasty league 23 man rosters. Standard 5×5 scoring with h0lds and OPS added to make it 6×6.

Keep 17 players with no limit on how long or what round.

Starting positions are: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, IF, OF, OF, OF, DH, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P with 20 innings pitched limit.

Normally we have 18 keepers but this year we are only keeping 17.

Which one player should I drop from the players listed below.

Matt Adams

José Altuve

Ryan Braun

Domonic Brown

Everth Cabrera

Matt Carpenter

Jedd Gyorko

Jed Lowrie

Andrew McCutchen

Will Middlebrooks

Salvador Pérez

Oscar Tavares

Eric Young

Mike Zunino

Brandon Beachy

Tony Cingrani

José Fernández

Doug Fister

Awesome site btw and thanks for all the input. Mick

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11 comments on “Weekly Assembly: Seventeen Keepers

  1. For me it easily comes down to Mike Zunino and Eric Young. Salvador Perez has already established his ability to hit for average and the rest of his numbers should continue to improve. He’ll only be 24 in May so you’ve got your future catcher so no need to hold Zunino.

    Eric Young did great last year after arriving in New York and has great speed, but with Granderson & Chris Young now on the team that leaves one spot open for him and a number of suitors for that outfield spot. You’ve got Braun, Brown & McCutchen for your 3 OF spots and Taveras for a future spot so E.Y. is kind of the weak link.

    My first choice is Zunino, but if your heart is set on him then E.Y.

    You have a number of MI guys and you can’t possibly play them all, but I wouldn’t release any of them because in a 20 team league, this guys will have great trade value.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b0ftfKFEJg

    For me it’s EY Jr.
    Zunino is the other option, but he has a very high ceiling for a catcher (mind you with a lower probability of achieving it with his K rate)
    I’d prefer to gamble on him though. In a 20 team league, Zunino may have great value down the road. EY won’t.
    That’s a crazy stupid-good team you have…you should be very successful.
    Thanks for reading and good luck in 2014

  3. EY could be a drop, but Zunino is the answer.

    Perez is young enough to be your catcher for a long time to come and he is much more of a sure thing. There is no reason that you need to burn a roster spot on an extra catcher.

    I would also focus on relievers in the draft since you appear to be set everywhere else.

    This has the look of a nice squad for years to come. Nice work!

  4. I’m taking a different angle. At 17 players you have drafted about 3/4ths of your team yet you have Altuve, Cabrera, Carpenter, Gyorko, Middlebrooks and Lowrie for 3 infield positions. Yes there is an IF position but I assume that should usually be a IB not an MI. I although I agree that Zunino is the week link so far on the team, I think Middlebrooks in the drop.

  5. Barry, I have to respectfully disagree unless Mick thinks that Zunino has superior trade value in his league.

    Middlebrooks should have substantial trade value in a league this deep. Zunino might have some too, but he might not even be a low end starter. Between 3B and IF, I can’t see Middlebrooks being a bench player for most teams.

    Middlebrooks is not a necessary for Mick, but neither is Zunino. It is best to keep the player with the most value in a situation like this.

  6. This league is very deep and challenging and I really like it. The only thing that irks me is the commish keeps tweaking the rules. I am a firm believer in not changing the rules after the draft. Since this league was actually drafted two years ago I don’t like the changes. Last year we had four OF spots and 18 keepers. This year he is dropping one OF spot and one keeper. This wouldn’t be as big a deal if he would have announced this before the season was over. As you can see I have five outfielders. Had I have known this change I would have traded someone. Thank you all for the replies. I am leaning towards dropping Zunino or EY. I will see how it plays out this spring. By the way, I did win this league last year.

  7. Yeah a vote would be nice. Here is a link to the changes with discussion.

  8. I am dropping Eric Young, unless you can make some trades. I would not be against trying to move Cabrera or Lowrie to get a solid RP.
    Just wondering what your 20 innings pitched limit is. Seems that with 3 SP slots that this limit cannot be for the entire team. How valuable is pitching in this league?

  9. Your team has to pitch 20 innings per week or you lose all pitching categories for that week. Categories are Wins, Saves, Holds, Ks, ERA and WHIP.

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