Ranking the First Round of the Draft

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Every year, regardless of what site you visit, what chat room you’re in or what message board you may frequent, there is one question that is repeatedly asked, “I have the ___ overall pick in our draft, who should I take”?  Now most times we would ask you how many teams, what format do you play in, positions, keeper, etc.., but not today.  Overall when it comes to the first round, the best overall player is the best overall player, regardless of format.

Now if you are starting a dynasty league a players age should be taken into consideration, but other than that the list isn’t gonna change; just the order will be tweaked some.  And if you’re in an existing dynasty or keeper league, none of these players will be available to you unless they were release because their contract expired.  This may not help you but odds are, if you are in a keeper or dynasty league you more than likely participate in multiple leagues and one of them is a re-draft league.

So who do our Assembly Members think will be taken in the first round, lets take a look.

Pick Jeff Tommy Peter
1 Mike Trout Miguel Cabrera Mike Trout
2 Miguel Cabrera Mike Trout Miguel Cabrera
3 Paul Goldschmidt Paul Goldschmidt Andrew McCutchen
4 Andrew McCutchen Andrew McCutchen Carlos Gonzalez
5 Robinson Cano Robinson Cano Robinson Cano
6 Adam Jones Carlos Gonzalez Troy Tulowitzki
7 Carlos Gonzalez Chris Davis Adrian Beltre
8 Troy Tulowitzki Clayton Kershaw Chris Davis
9 Chris Davis Adam Jones Hanley Ramirez
10 Edwin Encarnacion Hanley Ramirez Paul Goldschmidt
11 Ryan Braun Ryan Braun David Wright
12 Hanley Ramirez Freddie Freeman Ryan Braun


Pick Jim Paul Kevin
1 Miguel Cabrera Mike Trout  Mike Trout
2 Mike Trout Miguel Cabrera  Miguel Cabrera
3 Andrew McCutchen Paul Goldschmidt  Robinson Cano
4 Paul Goldschmidt Andrew McCutchen  Andrew McCutchen
5 Carlos Gonzalez Robinson Cano  Paul Goldschmidt
6 Robinson Cano Clayton Kershaw  Clayton Kershaw
7 Clayton Kershaw Hanley Ramirez  Carlos Gonzalez
8 Adam Jones Troy Tulowitzki  Chris Davis
9 Troy Tulowitzki Chris Davis  Adam Jones
10 Ryan Braun Freddie Freeman  David Wright
11 Jacoby Ellsbury Adrian Beltre  Troy Tulowitzki
12 Edwin Encarnacion Joey Votto  Yu Darvish

To give you a better view, here’s a consolidated look at the picks.  The N/R means they were not ranked as a first round selection.

Rank Player Jeff Tommy Peter Jim Paul Kevin
1 Mike Trout 1 2 1 2 1 1
2 Miguel Cabrera 2 1 2 1 2 2
3 Andrew McCutchen 4 4 3 3 4 4
4 Paul Goldschmidt 3 3 10 4 3 5
5 Robinson Cano 5 5 5 6 5 3
6 Carlos Gonzalez 7 6 4 5 N/R 7
7 Clayton Kershaw N/R 8 N/R 7 6 6
8 Chris Davis 9 7 8 N/R 9 8
9 Troy Tulowitzki 8 N/R  6 9 8 11
10 Adam Jones 6 9 N/R  8 N/R  9
11 Hanley Ramirez 12 10 9 N/R  7 N/R
12 Ryan Braun 11 11 12 10 N/R
13 Adrian Beltre N/R 7 N/R
11 N/R
14 David Wright N/R 11 N/R 10
15 Edwin Encarnacion 10 N/R 12 N/R
16 Freddie Freeman N/R  12 N/R 10 N/R
17 Jacoby Ellsbury N/R 11 N/R
18 Joey Votto N/R 12 N/R
19 Yu Darvish N/R 12

In looking at the picks above we see that Mike Trout is the favorite with four votes for the first overall pick.  The results are the exact opposite for Miguel Cabrera who received four votes for the second selection.  While Trout my be the favorite, nobody would fault you for taking Cabrera as both players are MVP caliber and the only two players receiving votes for one of the first two picks.

Andrew McCutchen wasn’t the clear-cut choice for the third pick, but with two votes for the third pick and four for the fourth he is the obvious safe choice.   Paul Goldschmidt comes in at number 4 for the fourth pick with but is slightly more popular than McCutchen.  He received three votes for the third overall pick, one for fourth and one for fifth.  Even though Peter believes Goldy should be taken in the first round he does not believe he warrants being taken with one of the first five picks.

Once those four players are gone Robinson Cano is the next logical choice with four people choosing him with the fifth overall pick.  Jim and Kevin had him slightly higher or lower but were in the same neighborhood as the rest of the Assembly.  These five players were the only ones selected  unanimously by all six of our staff members.  The next seven all received a high ranking, but they were excluded by one or two members of the Assembly for various reason.

Coming in sixth is Carlos Gonzalez, being taken between the fourth and seventh pick by five out of six members.  Paul was the lone holdout, most likely due to injuries or the depth of the outfield position.  Clayton Kershaw comes in seventh and was selected between sixth and eighth overall by four of us.  Peter doesn’t believe in taking a pitcher in the first round regardless of the name, and it looks like Jeff shares his sentiment.

If you have the eighth pick in the draft, look no further than Chris Davis, as he was selected between the seventh and ninth pick by all of us except one.  Jim has cited his strikeouts and BA in the past which probably lead to his exclusion.  Troy Tulowitzki comes in ninth going anywhere from sixth to eleventh.  Tommy like Tulowitzki but has stated in the past his injury history takes him out of the running for a first round pick.  Coming in at number 10 is Adam Jones.  Both Peter and Paul left him out of their top 10, but the other four selected Jones between the sixth and ninth pick.

With the eleventh pick in round one, we have Hanley Ramirez going off the board between picks seven and twelve.  Looks like Jim and Kevin believe that one shortstop in the top twelve is enough.  Finally, rounding out the top twelve we have Ryan Braun.  He’s a popular pick to either bounce back or fall on his face.  The four votes he received all say the same thing, he’s worth one of the final picks in the round but nothing before that.  When it comes to Paul and Kevin, they’ll be exploring other options if they’re picking towards the bottom.

Adrian Beltre, David Wright, Edwin Encarnacion and Freddie Freeman all were selected by two of our staff to be taken in the first round, but for the most part those picks were towards the end of round one.  More than likely these players will be available to you in round two, but if you pick near the end of round one, nobody would blink.  Joey Votto, Jacoby Ellsbury and Yu Darvish were only listed by one person.  Each player has tremendous talent, and if you go by the majority they are second round material, but players like this can fall into the category of “Guys I like more than you”.  If you believe they are the best player on the board come the end of round one, then go get your man.

Merry Christmas from the Fantasy Assembly Crew.

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  1. Merry Xmas everybody!

    Edwin Encarnacion is going to shoot up my list if he proves healthy this spring. I am thinking Chris Davis territory for him. His batted ball profile is amazing. I might bump him up for the 1st base rankings.

    1. Merry belated Xmas Tommy. E5 has been amazing the last 2 years, and it looks like he is improving. I would not be surprised if he outproduces Chris Davis.

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