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Bob sends in a question about his keepers for next year. Thanks for sending this in. We’re happy to help!! Check back in the upcoming days for our answers. Good luck and thanks for visiting us at The Fantasy Assembly!


I need help from the ASSEMBLY. I am in a highly competitive 12 team H2H Points League with daily changes.

The scoring system is standard points except: Walks = 1, SB = 1, HR =2,

In pitching W and S = 5 points. One point each for QS, IP, and K.

I have 12 players that at least in some circles would go in the first 8 rounds of a 12 team Points Draft. I can keep only 8.

Question is which eight would the ASSEMBLY keep?

Carlos Santana

Anthony Rizzo

Jason Kipnis

Elvis Andrus

Shin-Soo Choo

Joey Votto

Jean Segura

Allen Craig

Yasiel Puig

Yu Darvish

Cliff Lee

Hyun-Jin Ryu

Thank You!

Let’s help Bob out!

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10 comments on “Weekly Assembly: Pick 8

  1. Lee & Darvish were 4th & 6th in CBS points leagues last year so I’ll take them at 1 & 2. Votto will score more than Craig & Rizzo so he makes 3. With the move to Texas Choo makes an easy choice and makes 4. At second Kipnis is a top 5 so that makes 5.
    Considering how deep the catcher position is I would normally advise against keeping one, but since Santana is great for points leagues I would keep. I’m taking Puig over everyone that is left so that makes 7.

    Your final pick is your choice between Andrus & Segura. I see them having the same skill set except Segura will hit a few more home runs, so it all comes down to which one you like more IMO. You can’t go wrong either way.

  2. I think we can narrow this down a little more before making this call.

    You have 6 players who are definitely in. They are:

    Darvish, Lee, Votto, Puig, Kipnis and Choo

    There are also 2 who are definitely out:

    Ryu and Rizzo- both solid players, but not on the same level as the rest.

    That means you are choosing 2 out of Segura, Andrus, Craig and Santana.

    Like Jim says, I don’t think there is a big difference between the two SS options. Andrus is the safer choice, but Segura has a little more upside. Take the player who you like better between those two.

    As for the call between Craig and Santana, this one is tough. Santana is an elite catcher who plays well in formats such as these, but Craig plays well here too. This one again comes down to personal preference. There are some pretty good catchers available later if you pass on Santana here, so don’t feel like you have to take the C. Either player would make for an excellent choice.

    Good luck.

  3. Only way I wouldn’t keep Cliff Lee is if you can trade him in a package for an elite player. He’s old, but he’s still a top-5 SP, so he’s a keeper with Darvish. I’m not that high on Votto, but the walks will provide points for you, so that helps his value. Kipnis is a top-3 2B in my book, so he’s in. Choo and Puig are definite keepers. So with teh top 6, I agree fully with Tommy.

    However, I am higher on Segura than the other Assembly members. Despite his hot first half boosting his final stat line, I think his ability to hit for some power (not much, but more than Andrus) makes him the better SS pick. Segura is my 7th keeper.

    For the last slot, I actually don’t like Craig. He has been showcasing potential for a while, but he tends to miss time, and though he was great with RISP in 2013, no guarantee that fully carries over. Without more power upside, at 500 AB he’s simply not amazing.

    That leaves it to Santana or Ryu for me. Santana is a top catcher, and though I normally wouldn’t keep a C with only 8 keepers, the walk factor makes him more valuable. I like Ryu a lot and think he’ll be a great value in 2014. He improved his K/BB in the second half, and he improved his WHIP despite a higher BABIP. He’s a worthy #3 SP behind Lee and Darvish, and if you keep him, you won’t have to worry about SP for many rounds in your draft — you can focus on hitting depth and even an elite closer.

    So in short: Darvish, Lee, Kipnis, Votto, Choo, Puig, Segura, Santana. Ryu is on the bubble, and if you aren’t as sold on Segura as I am, I might consider throwing back both SS and keeping Ryu and Santana.

  4. I agree with the top 6. No doubt that Votto, Choo, Darvish, Lee, Puig and Kipnis are in.
    I also think Segura is as close to the no-doubters as you can find.
    I might not like throwing Andrus back, but Segura has a higher ceiling, even if it comes with a little more risk. (ie his second half)
    Santana is very valuable in a points league. Adding in 3B eligibility isn’t necessarily going to help a lot as C is still shallower, but in daily leagues it sure won’t hurt.
    I also am not thrilled with the prospect of throwing Craig back, but at the end of the day I’d rather have Santana.
    So it’s Santana, Votto, Kipnis, Segura, Choo, Puig, Lee and Darvish.
    It’s a pretty well-rounded group. I’d be very pleased if I were you.
    Thanks for the question and for reading our site :)
    Merry Christmas

  5. Men of the ASSEMBLY thank you. We have pretty well settled on the top six of the eight and I could go with just six keepers and draft in the 7th and 8th round. But I believe my 7th and 8th choice are too good to expose them to 11 other sharks. So a follow up question I have for you is : What if I “punted” the SS position in order to keep the top six plus both Santana and Craig. Would there be SS value there for me in the 9th round? ( I draft 5th each round )

  6. Your welcome.

    I like Craig and Santana a lot, especially in a points league. The fact remains, however that Segura is more valuable than either of them and Andrus’ value is comparable.

    Since you already have a top notch 1B, you would be playing Craig at either CI, OF or UTIL. You will be able to find players later in the draft who are closer in value to Craig at these positions than the SS players’ values are to Segura.

    I think you are better served by keeping the SS and Segura seems to be the guy who everyone likes best.

    Now, if you start an MI, it might even make sense to go the other direction and keep both Segura and Andrus over Craig and Santana. That is only if you have to start an MI though.

    • I agree. I’d rather see you take both SS than neither of them :)

      • I agree with Paul, I would keep both shortstops rather than lose them both. This could be another option for you as Segura or Andrus could get you a player as good or better than Santana or Craig in a trade. Never underestimate the power of position scarcity.

  7. Thanks Jim and Paul…..
    Appreciate you opinions, I will adjust my thinking to keeping Segura and dropping Craig.
    We do not have a MI or CI just the straight eight fielders + DH. Your right I need to protect the SS position. I fell in love with Craig who I got in the sixth round last year while Segura was about the 16th pick. Both where leaders for me until late August and beyond, trust those issues are past for this year.
    Merry Christmas,

  8. I still think Santana/Segura is the way to go. I’m just saying I’d rather you had 2 SS than none. (1 is optimal)
    Merry Christmas

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