Top 204 for 2014

I was going to stop after my 2014 positional rankings were complete, but I decided why not do one more list just to finish of the year with a bang.  A few of the players values have changed due to recent signings and one or two due to a change of heart so if you notice a discrepancy from where I had them ranked on the positional rankings, there’s your explanation.  Here are my top 204 for 2104.

As always, feel free to disagree in the comments section below.  Enjoy

Rank  Player Rank  Player
1  Miguel Cabrera 51  Jose Fernandez
2  Mike Trout 52  Chris Sale
3  Andrew McCutchen 53  Kyle Seager
4  Paul Goldschmidt 54  Jean Segura
5  Carlos Gonzalez 55  Ian Kinsler
6  Robinson Cano 56  Allen Craig
7  Clayton Kershaw 57  Hunter Pence
8  Adam Jones 58  Eric Hosmer
9  Troy Tulowitzki 59  Josh Donaldson
10  Ryan Braun 60  Yoenis Cespedes
11  Jacoby Ellsbury 61  Starling Marte
12 Edwin Encarnacion 62  Shin-Soo Choo
13  Prince Fielder 63  Adrian Gonzalez
14  Joey Votto 64  Jason Heyward
15  Dustin Pedroia 65  Wilin Rosario
16  Chris Davis 66  Wil Myers
17  Adrian Beltre 67  Aroldis Chapman
18  Freddie Freeman 68  Pedro Alvarez
19  Yu Darvish 69  Billy Butler
20  Ian Desmond 70  Mat Latos
21  Bryce Harper 71  Gio Gonzalez
22  Matt Kemp 72  Matt Cain
23  Hanley Ramirez 73  Mike Minor
24  Evan Longoria 74  Kenley Jansen
25  Stephen Strasburg 75  Mark Trumbo
26  Jay Bruce 76  Domonic Brown
27  David Wright 77  Alex Gordon
28  Adam Wainwright 78  Aniball Sanchez
29  Jason Kipnis 79  Homer Bailey
30  Jose Reyes 80  B.J. Upton
31  Jose Bautista 81  Jordan Zimmermann
32  Felix Hernandez 82  Ben Zobrist
33  Giancarlo Stanton 83  Jayson Werth
34  Albert Pujols 84  Carlos Beltran
35  Justin Upton 85  Greg Holland
36  Justin Verlander 86  Aaron Hill
37  Carlos Gomez 87  Zack Greinke
38  Yasiel Puig 88  Hisashi Iwakuma
39  Ryan Zimmerman 89  Brandon Phillips
40  Buster Posey 90  Curtis Granderson
41  Cole Hamels 91  Johnny Cueto
42  Matt Holliday 92  Glen Perkins
43  Alex Rios 93  Shelby Miller
44  Manny Machado 94  Joe Mauer
45  Madison Bumgarner 95  Matt Adams
46  Elvis Andrus 96  Billy Hamilton
47  Max Scherzer 97  Brian McCann
48  Matt Carpenter 98  David Ortiz
49  Craig Kimbrel 99  Josh Hamilton
50  David Price 100  James Shields

The first hundred players cover the first 8 rounds for a 12 team league.  There are a handful of high-profile rookies in there, but for the most part they are all established players with some kind of track record.  You may favor players like Gerrit Cole, Kole Calhoun, Tony Cingrani, Xander Bogaerts and so on and you have every right to.  If you believe in the upside of players like these and are willing to take a chance on them over some of the above players, nobody can fault you for that.  It’s risk/reward players like this with big ceilings that can make or break your team, so while I wouldn’t advise not chasing them early I would tell you not to load up on them and ignore the veterans.

Rank  Player Rank  Player
101  Gerrit Cole 153  Alejandro De Aza
102  Shane Victorino 154  Lance Lynn
103  Jose Altuve 155  Howie Kendrick
104  Trevor Rosenthal 156  Jedd Gyorko
105  Koji Uehara 157  Sergio Romo
106  Matt Moore 158  R.A. Dickey
107  J.J. Hardy 159  C.J. Wilson
108  Mike Napoli 160  Yovani Gallardo
109  Patrick Corbin 161  Everty Cabrera
110  Pablo Sandoval 162  Matt Garza
111  Starlin Castro 163  Carl Crawford
112  C.C. Sabathia 164  Andrew Cashner
113  Todd Frazier 165  Brandon Beachy
114  Johathan Lucroy 166  Xander Bogaerts
115  A.J. Burnett 167  Jimmy Rollins
116  Julio Teheran 168  Jason Castro
117  Yadier Molina 169  Casey janssen
118  Desmond Jennings 170  Kris Medlen
119  Carlos Santana 171  Torii Hunter
120  Alex Cobb 172  Francisco Liriano
121  Christian Yelich 173  Jarrod Parker
122  Hyun-Jin Ryu 174  A.J. Pollock
123  Alexei Ramirez 175  Matt Wieters
124  Rafael Soriano 176  Ben Revere
125  Corey Hart 177  Zack  Wheeler
126  Hiroki Kuroda 178  Tony Cingrani
127  Addison Reed 179  Adam Eaton
128  Nelson Cruz 180  Michael Brantley
129  Jon Lester 181  Salvador Perez
130  Michael Wacha 182  A.J. Griffin
131  Austin Jackson 183  Dexter Fowler
132  Joe Nathan 184  J.J. Putz
133  Clay Buchholz 185  Will Middlebrooks
134  Alfonso Soriano 186  Brett Gardner
135  Kole Calhoun 187  Tim Lincecum
136  Ryan Howard 188  Ernesto Frieri
137  Jake Peavy 189  David Robertson
138  Doug Fister 190  Jeff Samardzija
139  Aramis Ramirez 191  Steve Cishek
140  Anthony Rizzo 192  Will Venable
141  Martin Prado 193  Nolan Arenado
142  Jim Johnson 194  Wilson Ramos
143  Daniel Murphy 195  Ervin Santana
144  Jerred Weaver 196  Jhoulys Chacin
145  Kendrys Morales 197  Cody Asche
146  Jason Grilli 198  Huston Street
147  Jonathan Papelbon 199  Bobby Parnel
148  Michael Bourn 200  John Lackey
149  Chase Utley 201  Anthony Rendon
150  Asdrubal Cabrera 202  Derek Holland
151  Miguel Montero 203  Justin Masterson
152  Leonys Martin 204  Khris Davis

101-204 will take you through round 17.  These are the rounds that you start filling in your missing roster spots and maybe taking chances on a few young upside players.  I’m sure there are a number  of players that you like and expected to see here that just didn’t make my list.  You may think Coco Crisp deserves to be here over someone like Will Venable, or Sony Gray should be ranked over players like Holland & Masterson and maybe they should be.

We each value players differently and have our own ideas of where they should be ranked and drafted, and i’m sure my list will change several times between now and draft day.  I just hope this list at least gives you a foundation to work with in building your future team.  And if you don’t like my opinions well have no fear.  The entire Fantasy Assembly will be doing their own positional rankings for 2014 in the new year in the same format that we did our keeper rankings.  I’m sure between the entire team you’ll find what you need.

Be sure to check out the entire Top 24 for 2014 Series for a more indepth look.

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The self proclaimed Grand High Exhausted Mystic Ruler of Fantasy Baseball. While I am not related to Jennie or Sidd Finch, I will attempt to uphold the integrity of the Finch family name as it relates to baseball.

16 thoughts on “Top 204 for 2014”

  1. Nice list Jim.

    While I agree with where you have them ranked, don’t be shocked if either Pedroia or Kipnis out produces Cano this season.

    By the way, I am convinced that the real reason you expanded the list to 204 was so that you could include Khris Davis. Well done.

    1. Tommy, I could see Kipnis outproduce Cano, maybe, because of the SB factor. But I have no expectations of Pedroia ever becoming a top-2 value at 2B again. He’s the solid #3 in my book, but without 20/20 he’s not amazing. Three years of declining HR, plus 50% GB last year. 10 HR, 15 SB is the new baseline. Good, but he won’t be Cano with that.

    1. That would be an oops on my part and a good catch by you.

      I had him ranked at 39 between Yasiel Puig and Ryan Zimmerman so until I correct the chart you can slide him in there..

      Considering all the rankings I’ve done, I’m actually impressed I’ve gone this long without missing anyone.

      Sorry Tommy, looks like no more Kris Davis.

      1. I was comparing with my list that I’ve been haggling together. I like these rankings a lot. Did you miss Cuddyer also or did he not make it? He’s getting older, but I have him around mid-90s.

        1. I left him off. He had a great year but considering his age and his career prior to this year, I just don’t see the value here. I’d rather roll the dice with a younger player with some upside over an older player with mediocre stats.

    1. No Profar. I love his upside and future potential but I see many growing pains for him this year, particularly in batting average. If these were keeper rankings he’d be in there but for just this year, I don’t see it. That doesn’t mean he won’t hit this year, that’s just my view of him.

      And before anyone asks, no George Springer or Oscar Taveras. Baring a miracle Springer will most likely start the year in AAA making him a later round grab to stash on your bench. Taveras has a roadblock in the name of Matt Adams. If Adams starts the year at 1st Craig goes to the OF leaving no position for Oscar. He could play center but that would be down the road once Bourjos wears out his welcome. If either have get a starting job out of spring training, I can see them both ranked in the 90’s next to Matt Adams.

  2. Sabathia ahead of pitchers like Lester, Wacha and Fister? You must expect a big bounce back from him. Personally, I think the regression will continue.

    1. I know there have been some warning signs, but normally players decline slowly and not just colapse like that. I can see an ERA in the 3.5 range with around 180 strikeouts from Sabathia. I’d say better than Lester. Wacha could be better but I’d like to see him go a full year before giving him full credit.

      As for Fister, if both post a similar ERA & WHIP I take C.C. for the K’s & wins. I finalized this before the trade so I might move Fister up some for a few extra wins putting him close enough to C.C. for you to flip a coin on.

    1. Revere is all speed, no HRs or RBIs, and with the low walk total he needs to produce a .300 average to maintain an acceptable run total.

      Fowler drops just for the fact he’s in Houston, so the runs won’t be there and the RBIs will drop. Plus games in L.A., Seattle & Oakland aren’t gonna help him.

      Arizona is high on Pollock which is why they felt comfortable trading Eaton and he should get every chance to start. I view him as a Michael Brantley type player with more speed. He hits well off lefties and should improve against righties with more ABs. He might start out in a platoon but his bat will give him a full time job by mid-May.

    1. I did this based upon my early rankings which Abreu wasn’t a part of. In our new first base rankings I have Abreu ranked at 17. Going by where I had my 17th ranked first baseman Abreu would fall in the 150 range. We should have our consolidated top 200 out in March so you’ll be able to see where everybody has him ranked.

      If you look at our top 200 consolidated Keeper rankings I had Abreu at 140 and he came in ranked 172 overall.

  3. BJ Upton that high!? Better be the biggest bounceback ever. Might as weel put Ike Davis in top 100 too. (Kidding) Carlos Santana that low?!

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