Consolidated Keeper Rankings for Starting Pitchers

Rank Player Jim Tommy Kevin Peter Jimi Paul
51 C.Tillman  63  66  62  34  46  55
52 C.Archer  59  35  44 NR  67  54
53 C.C.Sabathia  32  NR  39  70  60  59
54 A.J.Griffin  45  47  61  47  68  64
55 J.Parker  46  63  71  50  52  53
56 T.Lincecum  50  64  59  NR  49  52
57 T.Walker  65  49  57  NR  NR  37
58 C.Kluber  57  57  43  66  62  NR
59 M.Garza  42  NR  53  59  64  NR
60 J.Lackey  58  NR  NR 44  55  NR
61 I.Nova  52  NR  58  49  NR  NR
62 M.Tanaka  NR  48  NR  NR  NR  44
63 A.Wood  62  52  67  64  NR  61
64 M.Perez  NR  NR  70  55  48  62
65 Y.Gallardo  40  NR  68  NR  57  NR
66 A.J.Burnett  NR  50  NR  65  51  NR
67 R.A.Dickey  NR  NR  NR  52  59  60
68 M.Estrada  NR  54  48  NR NR  69
69 J.Quintana  56  NR  56  62  NR  NR
70 J.Peavy  44  NR  69  NR  NR  65
71 B.Colon  NR  60  NR  NR  47  NR
72 C.Luebke  53  62  NR  NR  NR  66
73 E.Santana  NR  51  NR  NR  61  NR
74 K.Gausman  NR  69  NR  NR  NR  45
75 T.Ross  NR  56  60  NR  NR  NR

51. Chris Tillman, BAL

PETER: Tillman stepped up and won 16 games for the Orioles in 2013. Expect continued growth in 2014, and a top 15 starter could emerge in Baltimore.

JIMI: Threw for over 200 innings, finishing with a 16-7 record.

52. Chris Archer, TB

TOMMY: Archer is only 25 and showed flashes of fantasy acedom. Players like him make one realize just how deep the SP position really is.

JIM: Could be good back end starter if he gets and keeps walks under control.

53. C.C. Sabathia, NYY

KEVIN: He’s not as bad as 2013 looked, but at this point long-term investors should look elsewhere.

JIMI: Yankee ace is no longer a fantasy ace.

54. A.J. Griffin, OAK

JIM: Could move up some more if keeps home runs down.

PETER: Griffin rose through the Oakland system rapidly and won 14 games in his first full season as a starter. Expect his Ks to increase a bit next season, and he could certainly end up with 16-17 wins.

55. Jarrod Parker, OAK

PETER: Parker is the ace in Oakland, but he needs to increase his K-rate to be a top 20 pitcher in fantasy.

JIMI: Ended season with forearm strain, but should be fine for Spring Training.

56. Tim Lincecum, SF

JIM: ERA and WHIP will be shaky, but still good for strikeouts and wins.

KEVIN: He’s a gamble long-term, given size and recent struggles.

57. Taijuan Walker, SEA

PAUL: He’ll slot in as a #2 behind King Felix before too long.

TOMMY: Walker looked pretty good in his fall cameo with the Mariners. He has a chance to be in the M’s opening day rotation and has future ace potential.

58. Corey Kluber, CLE

KEVIN: I like his potential, which is worth the risk of a short track record.

PETER: Kluber went 11-5 in 24 starts during 2013. He has solid K-potential with a good ERA and WHIP.

59. Matt Garza, TEX

JIM: Could rank higher or lower depending on where he signs.

KEVIN: Throw out his career-bests in ERA and WHIP, and he’s remarkably consistent but not spectacular.

60. John Lackey, BOS

JIMI: Nice comeback season in 2013.

PETER: His final record may have been under 0.500, but Lackey pitched very well during most of 2013. Expect a slight correction in 2014, as many of his peripherals were at or near career bests.

61. Ivan Nova, NYY

JIM: shrinking walk totals and low WHIP on a winning team is recipe for success.

KEVIN: A return to GB ways was a success that was only slowed by injury.

62. Masahiro Tanaka

TOMMY: Tanaka is a bit of a wild card. He is not as talented as Darvish, but he still offers plenty of upside for those willing to gamble. He is only 25.

PAUL: Potential aces are rarely available in keeper/dynasty leagues. Here is one case.

63. Alex Wood, ATL

TOMMY: There is no guarantee that Wood breaks camp with a rotation spot, but the 23 year old hurler flashed his potential last year before tiring down the stretch.

PETER: Depending what the Braves decide to do with Wood in 2014, he could be a very nice late pick in your draft.

64. Martin Perez. TEX

JIMI: Recently signed 4 year deal with Texas. Good chance he’ll be ranked higher in March.

KEVIN: Might improve a lot in the next few years, but odds are he’s just a GB lefty with an okay K/9.

65. Yovani Gallardo, MIL

JIM: Good ERA and strikeouts and a mediocre WHIP.   Solid #4 pitcher.

KEVIN: Developing GB% not enough to offset sudden plummet in K/9, and his WHIP is never good enough to rank any higher

66. A.J. Burnett, PIT

PETER: Once the punchline of many a fantasy jokes, AJ Burnett helped the Pirates make the postseason in 2013. He is on the wrong side of 35, so don’t expect too much from the righty.

JIMI: Had a good 2013 season, but not sure he’ll be back in ’14?

67. R.A. Dickey, TOR

PETER: Heading to the AL East one could have predicted an increase in ERA for Dickey. He still won 14 games and owners should not expect a return to his Cy Young dominance.

JIMI: Had a monster season in 2012, fell off considerably in ’13.

68. Marco Estrada, MIL

TOMMY: Estrada’s second half run was pretty impressive. I don’t fully trust him yet, but he is worth a look to see what he can give you in 2014.

KEVIN: Don’t ignore him. Good strikeout rate and doesn’t walk batters. His best years will be better than Gallardo’s years. Only knock is that he’s already nearing 30.

69. Jose Quintana, CHW

JIM: He won’t be great but he will be steady and dependable which goes a long way.

PETER: Quintana is a stream option for most leagues.

70. Jake Peavy, BOS

JIM: The ERA will rise some, but expect a low WHIP and decent K’s when healthy.

KEVIN: He’s a competitor, but age and inconsistency hard to ignore. Hope for something between 2012 and 2013.

71. Bartolo Colon, OAK

TOMMY: He is going to be 41 in May, but he says he wants to pitch 3 more years. I am done doubting Colon. He is a solid fantasy option, although he will not help in the K category.

PAUL: I’d prefer to mock him from a distance.

72. Cory Luebke, SD

JIM: He will return from Tommy John surgery better than he was before, bank on it.

TOMMY: Luebke was a popular breakout pick in 2012 drafts before undergoing Tommy John surgery and then hitting some bumps in the rehab process. Don’t forget about him, he will only be 29 on opening day and he does pitch in San Diego.

73. Ervin Santana, KC

JIMI: Free agent looking for a new home, where he signs will help determine ’14 fantasy value.

TOMMY: Santana is looking for big money in the free agent market, but he is nothing more than a solid fantasy option to round out a rotation.

74. Kevin Gausman, BAL

PAUL: High ceiling. Should compete for a rotation spot this year. Super end game grab.

TOMMY: He pitched well out of the pen this fall. If he can build on that confidence in the starting rotation, he has ace potential.

75. Tyson Ross, SD

TOMMY: If Ross can continue to pitch like he did over the second half of 2013, he will be a real steal. He pitches in the right home ballpark and has a nice K/BB ratio.

KEVIN: Highly undervalued due to SD obscurity, relieving, and earlier struggles. Buy into second half of 2013 and reap the rewards.


Honorable mentions go to D.Gee, A.Bradley, D.Straily, J.Gracia, J.DeLaRosa, R.Nolasco, U.Jimenez, N.Syndergaard, J.Taillon, J.Paxton, F.Doubront, J.Chacin, H.Kuroda, M.Gonzalez, W.Miley, I.Kennedy, N.Eovaldi, R.Halladay, D.Hudson, M.Pineda, R.Porcello, J.Hellickson, J.Kelly, J.Locke and J.Biddle.  All players were ranked by at least one person but did not receive enough votes or a high enough ranking to qualify for the top 75.

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