Consolidated Keeper Rankings for Starting Pitchers

Rank Player Jim Tommy Kevin Peter Jimi Paul
26 H.Iwakuma  23  23  52  22  18  22
27 A.Cobb  21  21  30  32  30  31
28 H.Bailey  19  31  27  37  33  26
29 J.Lester  33  46  32  10  25  34
30 M.Wacha  30  25  16  54  32  28
31 K.Medlen  43  39  35  24  23  29
32 J.Cueto  22  34  28  48  39  32
33 C.Buchholz  38  33  33  26  34  40
34 P.Corbin  28  41  24  35  37  39
35 H.Ryu  26  36  31  41  31  46
36 S.Gray  66  28  31  41  31  46
37 A.Cashner  35  40  34  43  38  41
38 Z.Wheeler  47  38  49  40  44 25
39 J.Weaver  NR  42  46  38  27  42
40 T.Cingrani  41  37  45  56  43 50
41 J.Masterson  55  45  50  36  35  51
42 F.Liriano  NR  32  41  58  28  43
43 C.J.Wilson  39  53  54  33  50  49
44 D.Salazar  51  44  51  51  45  38
45 D.Holland  49  55  38  29  54  57
46 L.Lynn  36  65  36  57  40  48
47 B.Beachy  34  43  55  42  66  47
48 D.Fister  48  67  42  46  58  35
49 M.Harvey  70  16  40  71 71  36
50 J.Samardzija  68  61  47  39  42  63


26. Hisashi Iwakuma, SEA

JIMI: Established himself as an MLB SP with remarkable consistency throughout the ’13 season.

KEVIN: Age and 2013 luck may mean he’s not the best value going forward, but he’s definitely a solid SP

27. Alex Cobb, TB

JIM: He will put things together in 2014 and silence the critics in 2015.

TOMMY: Cobb is ready to step up and be a fantasy ace in 2014. Since he will be 26 on opening day, he will be a fantasy asset for years to come.

28. Homer Bailey, CIN

JIM: Won’t stand out in one category, but will give solid numbers overall.

PETER: Bailey had his second 200 inning season in 2013, and while he finished below 0.500 with an 11-12 record, he increased his K/9, decreased his HR/9 and ERA.

29. Jon Lester, BOS

PETER: Lester returned to his pre-2012 form during most of 2013, and was a dominating ace in the posteason. The lefty is a top of the rotation pitcher and should be one of the first 12 arms taken in a typical league.

TOMMY: Lester is now more of a safe and solid option on a good team than anything else. His days of elite production are likely behind him.

30. Michael Wacha, StL

KEVIN: STL is considering moving Miller but not Wacha. That tells you how highly you should value him.

JIMI: Young phenom who took the post season by storm. Will have innings limit in 2014.

31. Kris Medlen, ATL

JIMI: First half of 2013 was up and down, but his 2nd half was very good.

JIM: Will never be the guy from 2012, but will be a solid #4 pitcher.

32. Johnny Cueto, CIN

JIM: Finally puts the injury bug to rest and becomes dependable starter.

PETER: Cueto’s question mark has always been health, but when he is on the mound he delivers a K/9 of around 7 with a low WHIP. Some inconsistency.

33. C.Buchholz, BOS

KEVIN: Was very lucky in 2013, and missed time due to injuries. Likely to be overvalued in 2014.

TOMMY: Elite talent meets huge injury risk.

34. Patrick Corbin, ARI

KEVIN: Growth year by improving his K/9 by 0.5 in first full year. Nothing you can complain about in his game, and he could improve some more

TOMMY: I am leary of Corbin because of the way he finished 2013, but given his overall numbers and his youth, he makes an excellent keeper target.

35. Hyun0-jin Ryu, LAD

JIM: Solid number three pitcher in a great ballpark.

PETER: Ryu was a key reason the Dodgers made their playoff run in 2013. Finishing 14-8 in his first MLB season, Ryu relies on location not power to get outs.

36. Sonny Gray, OAK

JIMI: Showed what he can do in the 2013 post season.

JIM: Good college and average minor league numbers.  This one could go either way.

37. Andrew Cashner, SD

TOMMY: Cashner’s K numbers were disappointing in 2013, but the rest were not. Since he has flashed K per inning potential in the past, he could be a great value pitching in Petco.

KEVIN: Without the amazing K/9 he displayed as a reliever, he’s only good, not great.

38. Zack Wheeler, NYM

PAUL: Top 25 talent. Can the results match? I have very little doubt.

JIMI: Will continue to be monitored in 2014 with an innings limit.

39. Jared Weaver, LAD

TOMMY: Weaver is getting older (31) and his K rate isn’t what it was, but he can still pitch. Weaver will help your staff in ERA, WHIP and wins.

JIM: Weaver’s skills are on the decline and we’re only a few years away from a total collapse.

40. Tony Cingrani, CIN

PETER: Cingrani is a K-machine, with K/9 of 10.32 in 104 innings in 2013. If the Reds make him a full-time starter he could be a threat to lead the majors in strikeouts.

JIMI: Injuries slowed him some in ’13, but could be a future ace.

41. Justin Masterson, CLE

JIMI: Ace of Indians staff. Should be good for W’s and K’s in ’14

KEVIN: I can’t buy the K/9 surge, and so something closer to 2011 means he’s not the ace of your staff.

42. Francisco Liriano, MIN

TOMMY: There is tons of risk here, but I think the move to the NL greatly increases the likelihood of a repeat performance in 2014.

PETER: My personal fantasy kryptonite, Liriano showed his dominance that he flashed in Minnesota. Injuries are always a risk, and he will be 30 next season, so temper expectations, but 14-17 wins can be expected.

43. C.J. Wilson, LAD

KEVIN: He’s a little inconsistent for my taste, but he’s a respectable #2 or #3 SP.

PETER: Ho hum, another typical season from the lefty Wilson. 17-7, 212 innings, ERA under 3.50, close to 200 Ks. He may not put up many eye-popping performances, but his consistency is worth spending a pick on.

44. Danny Salazar, CLE

TOMMY: Salazar will be 24 on opening day and really turned some heads towards the end of 2013.

JIM: Will improve even more once he gets the stamina to go 200 innings.

45. Derek Holland, TEX

PETER: Holland may have ended the season 10-9 but he made some important strides. He pitched 213 innings, struck out 189 batters and lowered his ERA by over half a run.

KEVIN: I fully buy into a repeat. He doesn’t have huge upside from here, but you’ll like what he gives you.

46. Lance Lynn, StL

JIM: Could move up rankings even more if he learns to pitch on the road.

KEVIN: Holding steady. There’s room for growth given age, if he can cut BB/9 and get a few more grounders.

47. Brandon Beachy, ATL

PETER: Beachy has had 1 season of 140 innings pitched, but he has delivered a career 9.25K/9 (10.74 in 2011), with an ERA solidly in the 3’s.

JIMI: Missed all of ’12, looked good in a few 2013 2nd half starts.

48. Doug Fister, DET

KEVIN: I like groundball pitchers with great BB/9.

TOMMY:  I really don’t see the appeal here. He is an average pitcher.

49. Matt Harvey, NYM

TOMMY: Keeper owners who are rebuilding need to target Harvey aggressively. He is a top of the list talent. Expect him to come back stronger than ever in 2015. Harvey is worth the wait.

JIM: Will miss 2014 and be rusty in 2015. We’ll reassess things after 2016 season.

50. Jeff Samardzija, CHC

PETER: Samardzija is a good pitcher to own in rotisserie leagues due to his strikeout potential, finishing 12th in K/9 in 2013.

JIM: Big strikeouts but potential bad ERA and WHIP.  Not for the faint of heart.


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  1. Starting pitching is deep. There are more than couple good values in the honorable mention bunch.

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