Prince Fielder / Ian Kinsler Trade

Dave Dombrowski has a surprise for me every off-season. We just witnessed the Tigers and the Rangers make a monumental trade with Prince Fielder heading to Texas and Ian Kinsler taking the 2B vacancy in Detroit. A substantial amount of money also heads south in the deal. From a strictly fantasy perspective, here’s a very quick look at the key players:

Prince Fielder: Tiger stadium is pretty kind to lefties, but Arlington should be a small plus for Fielder’s power numbers. As far as lineup, I’m not sure there’s a clear edge on either side. I don’t think this is a huge win for Fielder, but it won’t hurt him.

Ian Kinsler: Kinsler will play 2B for the Tigers. His future position in Texas was up in the air. That positional value alone makes this a win for Kinsler owners. I ranked him #15 2B for keeper leagues. Remaining at second and possibly leading off for the Tigers, could improve that ranking significantly.

Jurickson Profar: Finally, Profar has been #freed. My ranking of Profar at #5 for keeper leagues looks really good right now. The window to buy him just slammed shut. Could easily go 15/10 next year with 90 runs depending on where he hits in the lineup.

Nick Castellanos: While I don’t think Detroit is done making moves, they need a third baseman now. Castellanos’ value goes way up with a move back to the hot corner. While his power may be a year or two away, he can chip in 10-15 HR with good extra base hits this year for Detroit. Move him up your draft boards.

Miguel Cabrera: While a move to 1B obviously hurts Cabrera’s positional value, his bat will play just fine at first. In fact, there should be much less wear and tear on his body. As a Tigers’ fan, I’m thrilled to see him move off of 3B, but for fantasy purposes it’s not a big deal. He’s still #1 or #2 off the board with or without 3B eligibility.


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