Consolidated Top 74 Keeper Rankings For Outfielders

Rank Player Jim Tommy Kevin Peter Jimi Paul
50 A.Garcia  NR  46  NR  38  NR  39
51 T.Hunter  NR  42  NR  58  35  51
52 O.Arcia  51  NR  52  41  NR  47
53 N.Markakis  NR  54  43  49  45  NR
54 M.Byrd  NR  58  NR  34  44  56
55 N.Aoki  57  52  42  NR  50  57
56 K.Calhoun  30  NR  NR  NR  NR  52
57 K.Davis  43  48  NR  NR  55  59
58 D.Fowler  56  NR  NR  57  46  48
59 B.Buxton  NR  NR  28  NR  NR  60
60 M.Morse 33  NR  NR  NR  58  NR
61 A.Ethier  NR  NR  44  50  NR  NR
62 N.Swisher  NR  NR  NR  33  NR  NR
63 A.Pollock  35  NR  NR  NR  NR  NR
64 J.Reddick  NR  NR  NR  37  NR  NR
65 D.Viciedo  60  56  59  54  NR  54
66 J.Bradley Jr  NR  55 55  NR  57  55
67 A.Pagan  54  NR  NR  NR  52  58
68 C.Quentin  59  NR  45  NR  NR  NR
69 C.Rasmus NR  NR  NR  46  NR  NR
70 J.Kubel  52  NR  57  NR  NR  NR
71 D.Span  NR  59  NR  NR  51  NR
72 M.Ozuna  NR  NR  NR  NR  49  NR
73 N.Castellanos  NR  NR  NR  NR  NR  50
74 C.Blackmon  NR  NR  NR  51  NR  NR


50. Avisail Garcia. CHW

TOMMY: Garcia is a 22 year old 5 tool prospect. He might not get as much hype as Taveras or Springer, but the upside isn’t far off

PETER: Possibly the biggest prize of the Peavy-Jose Iglesias deal, the 22-year old showed good power in brief MLB stint

51. Torii Hunter, DET

JIMI: Batting 2nd in Tiger lineup is something to consider.

TOMMY: Hope for 2 more years of an average close to .300 and excellent run production.

52. Oswaldo Arcia, MIN

KEVIN: If he can improve on his contact and K%, he could have more value. That speculation for a 3-year outlook has him this high.

PETER: Another young slugger worth taking a flier on for this power potential

53. Nick Markakis, BAL

TOMMY: Much better real life player than fantasy player.

KEVIN: Always feels like a disappointment, but that’s because we all expected a .300/30/20 season out of him when he first came up. He’s solid but not flashy.

54. Marlon Byrd, PIT

PETER: Insane 0.354 BABIP indicates a correction in average is in line, but still has 20 HR pop and RBI/run potential in Pittsburgh

JIMI: 2013 was a great comeback season. Can he do it again? Could depend on where he plays.

55. Norichika Aoki, MIL

TOMMY: Aoki has solid overall numbers with good speed, but the future is up in the air for this 32 year old OF.

KEVIN: He’s not amazing, but he’s undervalued.

56. Kole Calhoun, ANA

JIM: He will force his way into the lineup one way or another.  Sleeper Material.

PAUL: Old for a rookie, but he really had a breakout year even before his promotion. Solid regular at least.

57. Khris Davis, MIL

TOMMY: Davis has nice upside if he has an everyday spot in 2014. He has the power to hit 25+ HRs with a full complement of ABs.

JIMI: Not sure of playing time with Braun coming back?

58. Dexter Fowler, COL

PETER: Solid 10/20 player

JIM: He’s shown us flashes that he can be good, but has never sustained things for long.

59. Byron Buxton, MIN

TOMMY: You could rank him higher and I wouldn’t complain.

PAUL: He’s going to be awesome, but probably not up in 2014

60. Michael Morse, BAL

JIM: Could move to DH or 1B, but solid numbers if he stays in the outfield.

PAUL: It looks like his BB/K rate caught up with him at 31. Streaky power but I’m avoiding.

61. Andre Ethier, LAD

PETER: Is he a 10 or 20 or 30 HR guy, and is there room for him in the Dodger OF?

KEVIN: Most people have now forgotten about his career year in 2009, and that’s a good thing because now he could net some profit at his draft slot.

62. Nick Swisher, CLE

PETER: 9 straight 20+ HR, 60 Run, 60 RBI seasons: Consistent

63. A.J. Pollock, ARI

JIM: All eyes are on Adam Eaton, but Pollock will be the name to know in Arizona.

64. Josh Reddick, OAK

PETER: Injuries slowed him and his average was terrible (0.226) but Reddick has 20+ HR potential

65. Dayan Viciedo, CHW

KEVIN: Young, so there’s chance at growth, but I wouldn’t bet on more than .270 and 20 HR going forward.

JIM: Will slowly turn into a decent fourth outfielder.  Baby steps here.

66. Jackie Bradley Jr, BOS

KEVIN: If Ellsbury leaves Boston, look to Bradley for some HR/SB production but not much BA.

JIMI: Boston has high hopes for him. Fantasy value might not come until ’15.

67. Angel Pagan, SF

JIM: Will contribute something in every category but is no more than a fourth outfielder.

PAUL: Leg injuries worrisome, but if healthy he scores 90 and steals 30 still.

68. Carlos Quentin, SD

KEVIN: This never healthy player needs a move to the AL so he can DH.

JIM: He has a good bat but an unhealthy body. Injury Risk.

69. Colby Rasmus, TOR

PETER: Steals are gone but back-to-back 20 HR seasons since heading north of the border

70. Jason Kubel, CLE

JIM: Sits sometimes against lefties but solid numbers when he plays.

KEVIN: Like many on this list, age and health detract from his value.

71. Denard Span, WAS

TOMMY: Span is a solid source of steals and he will not hurt your average. He lacks upside, but he should be a contributor.

72. Marcell Ozuna, MIA

JIMI: Part of young Marlin outfield, he’s on rise.

73. Nick Castellanos, DET

PAUL: Solid prospect should make team in 2014. Power may develop slowly.

74. Charlie Blackmon, COL

PETER: He’s gonna get playing time when Cargo is injured, and hit 32 doubles between AAA/MLB in 2013

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