Consolidated Top 74 Keeper Rankings For Outfielders


Rank Player Jim Tommy Kevin Peter Jimi Paul
25  B.Hamilton  25  26  29  26  37  24
26  J.Hamilton  38  32  30  27  24  31
27  C.Yelich  21  30  26  39  53  17
28  G.Springer  29  29  41  40  26  21
29  J.Werth  28  23  39  47  21  29
30  C.Beltran  31  41  24  28  32  32
31  S.Victorino  34  31  22  43  28  33
32  D.Jennings  46  39  38 31  27  26
33  A.Jackson  41  37  31  48  31  22
34  A.De Aza  37  33  36  30  42  35
35  N.Cruz  45  28  37  42  33  36
36  C.Granderson  32  34  46  44  29  37
37  O.Taveras  50  27  33  36  NR  18
38  W.Venable  53  36  34  32  39  41
39  C.Crawford  47  40  50  29  34  40
40  L.Martin  44  44  32  59  36  34
41  C.Crisp  NR  35  48  35  43  38
42  M.Bourn  49  53  47  45  38  43
43  M.Brantley  36  47  49  60  41  44
44  A.Soriano  NR  49  NR  23  40  49
45  B.Revere  48  38  40  55  60  45
46  B.Gardner  42  43  56  NR  47  42
47  B.Upton  26  50  NR  55  NR  45
48  A.Eaton  39  51  51  NR  48  53
49  E.Young  40  45  35  NR  NR  NR

25. Billy Hamilton, CIN

KEVIN: Based solely on the chance he could steal over 60 bases per year, he deserves long-term consideration.

TOMMY: Want to win your steals category every year? Hopefully Hamilton has an everyday job to start the year.

26. Josh Hamilton, ANA

PETER: Looked lost much of the season at the plate, HR/FB rate nearly dropped in half, expect a rebound but not to MVP levels

JIM: His final line will be acceptable, but he will frustrate you in how he gets there.

27. Christian Yelich, MIA

PAUL: One of the best swings in the game. He’s got 20/20 potential and should hit for a good average.

KEVIN: Short-term, he’s risky due to awful Marlins lineup and lack of experience, but he is a great investment for the next 3 years and beyond.

28. George Springer, HOU

TOMMY: There are possible BA concerns here, but the power/speed potential is off the charts. Hopefully Springer starts the season in Houston.

JIMI: This guy won’t be unknown much longer, too much talent not to be ranked up here.

29. Jayson Werth, WAS

TOMMY: Werth was one of baseball’s best hitters in the second half, but he will be 35 in May and has missed time due to injury over the past 2 years.

PETER: Toss out an injury-plagued 2012, Werth is quietly a 20 HR/10 steal player with RBI and runs in a loaded Washington lineup

30. Carlos Beltran, StL

JIM: Has shown he can still be productive, but can he stay healthy outside of St. Louis?

KEVIN: Like Holliday he misses time and is older, but his 500 AB is better than other hitters’ 600 AB.

31. Shane Victorino, BOS

TOMMY: He seems to have found a home in Boston. Reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated.

JIM: Will contribute in 4 categories, but batting average isn’t one of them.

32. Desmond Jennings, TB

PAUL: He’s got one 20/30 season in him. Must stay healthy though and he hasn’t been able to.

KEVIN: He’ll never be a Carl Crawford clone, and at this point I wouldn’t pay for a breakout, though you never know.

33. Austin Jackson, DET

PAUL: Solid 15/15 guy with high runs and good AVG. Still younger than you think.

TOMMY: Hopefully his drop to the 8 spot in the line-up does not carry into next season. Jackson has a lot of talent, but the stats are still pretty mediocre.

34. Alejandro De Aza, CHW

KEVIN: There’s something I like about him. A repeat is possible, though the HR total is a bit risky.

PETER: Nearly got to 20/20 in 2013

35. Nelson Cruz, TEX

KEVIN: I do discount the suspended guys. He never stays healthy anyway.

JIM: The DL master and former PED player can give you good numbers when healthy.

36. Curtis Granderson, NYY

JIMI: Has fallen, but still could have something left in him.

JIM: He may be on the decline, but his power numbers give him credit.

37. Oscar Taveras, StL

PAUL: If he breaks camp with StL, look for him to be a #3 OF in 2014, a #1 after that

KEVIN: Hasn’t played in the bigs yet, but when he does, we’re all hoping for above-average production.

38. Will Venable, SD

PETER: Always a great deal at the end of your draft, 20/20 in 2013

JIMI: Nice 20/20 season, fills 4th OF spot fine in fantasy play.

39. Carl Crawford, LAD

PETER: Still has injury concerns and doubtful that he becomes the player he teased us with in Tampa, but 10 HR/25 steals seems reachable

JIMI: Might be on the verge of returning to super stardom?

40. Leonys Martin, TEX

KEVIN: If he sits atop the Rangers lineup he could be a great source of R and SB, and he won’t hurt you in BA and HR.

JIM: Decent speed and a little pop, but needs to improve his BA and learn to hit lefties.

41. Coco Crisp, OAK

TOMMY: The drop in SBs is concerning and the increased power seems flukey, but I love Coco Crisp anyway. The A’s are likely to re-sign him.

JIMI: Plays with emotion as much or more than talent.

42. Michael Bourn, CLE

KEVIN: Aging speedsters are a risk, but with health he’s still respectable for now.

PETER: His 35 steal attempts in 2013 were less than the 42 stolen bases he had in 2012.  Unless he is running, not much to see here

43. Michael Brantley, CLE

JIM: Expect similar stats from his 2013 campaign moving forward.

PETER: 2014 marks his 27-year old season, nice speed/power combo though neither is elite (15/25 potential)

44. Alfonso Soriano, NYY

PETER: Rejuvenated in Yankees lineup, can he repeat in 2014?

TOMMY: 2013 production was not expected, but the return to NY seemed to rejuvenate him. He may not have too many years left, but 25-30 HRs in 2014 is not unrealistic. He could be worth a short term investment.

45. Ben Revere, PHI

JIM: Speed  and runs with a decent batting average, but no power and limited RBI numbers.

PETER: He will steal you some bases but won’t do much else

46. Brett Gardner, NYY

KEVIN:  I have the feeling he continues to produce value if he can net 500 AB.

TOMMY: Solid speed stats without a ton of upside, but Gardner is pretty safe.

47. B.J. Upton, ATL

JIM: He will never have a good batting average, but 20/20 ways should return.

TOMMY: There is nowhere to go but up for Upton. There is risk aplenty here. but the price is likely to be fairly low after an atrocious 2013.

48. Adam Eaton, SF

JIMI: Injuries slowed him in ’13.

PETER: Can he get on base enough to utilize his speed?  A 0.314 OBP suggests not yet

49. Eric Young Jr, NYM

KEVIN: A speedster like Hamilton with less upside, though not necessarily by much.

JIM: The new Mets leadoff man should contribute in 3 categories, but don’t expect any power.


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