Consolidated Top 74 Keeper Rankings For Outfielders

Each week, the Assembly will put together their positional rankings for keeper leagues. We are looking at player values for 2014, 2015 and 2016. These rankings are more of a middle ground between Jim’s 2014 Rankings  and Paul’s Dynasty Rankings, which represent the next 5-7 years. For your standard keeper leagues, these are your best rankings to gauge your Outfield values.

Our 6 experts, with 135 years combined fantasy baseball experience, each ranked the Outfield position, and here is the results:

Rank Player Jim Tommy Kevin Peter Jimi Paul
1  M.Trout  1  1  1  1  1  1
2  A.McCutchen  2  2  2  2 2  2
3  C.Gonzalez  3  4  4  3  3  7
4  B.Harper  7  3  3  7  7  3
5  A.Jones  4  5  5  6  4  8
6  R.Braun  5  7  9  8  5  9
7  Y.Puig  10  8  8  5  11  5
8  G.Stanton  9  6  7  20  9  4
9  J.Ellsbury 6  16  12  4  6  15
10  J.Upton  14  13  6  17  15  6
11  J.Bruce  11  11  10  16  12  11
12  C.Gomez 16  10  13  11  10  14
13  M.Kemp  8  9  27  9  18  10
14  J.Bautista  12  15  20  18  8  12
15  W.Myers  13  22  11  22  19  14
16  M.Holliday  20  14  19  15  14  20
17 J.Heyward  19  12  21  21  17  13
18  Y.Cespedes  18  19  15  12  25  16
19  S.Marte  15  20  16  13 23  19
20  A.Rios  17  24  14  10  16  30
21  H.Pence  22  18  17  14  20  28
22  S.Choo  23  21  18  25 13  23
23  D.Brown  27  17  23  19  13  25
24  A.Gordon  24  25  25  24  22  27

1. Mike Trout, ANA

JIMI: Not only the #1 OF, he’s #1 Overall!!

PAUL: Not much of an argument for the number one spot.

2. Andrew McCutchen, PIT

KEVIN: Still slightly undervalued in many leagues. The Pirates discount mat not apply anymore now that they made the playoffs.

PETER: 3 straight solid 20/20 seasons, with close to 100 runs and a batting average north of 0.300 the past 2 years, just entering his prime

3. Carlos Gonzalez, COL

TOMMY: The 2013 numbers were comparable to Trout’s when he was in the line-up, but the injury risk is very real.

PAUL: Too much injury risk and an increasing K rate puts him below some safer options.

4. Bryce Harper, WAS

KEVIN: Too high for 2014? Probably. But this ranking looks at 3 years, and by then I expect him to be either in a full body cast or sitting behind Trout in the rankings.

JIMI: Young, strong hitter, needs to stay healthy in ’14 or will be labeled injury prone.

5. Adam Jones, BAL

JIM:  285 average with 30 home runs and good run and RBI numbers.

TOMMY: Another safe pick, Jones quietly produced top 10 overall value in 5×5 leagues in 2013.

6. Ryan Braun, MIL

KEVIN: Could he be a top-5 hitter for years to come? Yeah. But my top OF for the next 3 years has to be someone I can rely on, and there’s no trust here.

TOMMY: Don’t let him fall too far just because you don’t like him. His production before 2013 was as consistent as they come. Expect a big bounce back.

7. Yasiel Puig, LAD

PETER:  I had a hard time not putting him #2 on this list, but let’s see what he can do for a full season

JIM: Could eventually rank higher but needs to prove his first year wasn’t a  fluke.

8. Gioncarlo Stanton, MIA

KEVIN: Like Jones, he has one glaring flaw, but Stanton’s is contact rate. He may hit 45+ HR, but BA is never going to be good, and that breakout is at risk unless he improves that ct%.

JIMI: Needs a new home to become a super-superstar.

9. Jacoby Ellsbury, BOS

PETER: Led MLB in steals, scores runs, may never approach 20 HR again

TOMMY: Ellsbury is a free agent and his primary asset is his speed. Investing in speed guys on the wrong side of 30 is risky for any, let alone a player with Ellsbury’s injury history.

10. Justin Upton, ATL

KEVIN: I almost wonder whether he wasn’t fighting off some mild injury during his two bad months. He’s Jay Bruce but with the upside of his 2011.

JIM:  Shaky batting average, but the rest of his numbers should stabilize now that he’s settled in with Atlanta.

11. Jay Bruce, CIN

TOMMY: Bruce is remarkably consistent for a super streaky player. Owners can expect a BA in the .260 range with 30 HR and 100 RBI.

JIM: The average won’t go over .260 but he makes up for that with power, runs and RBIs.

12. Carlos Gomez, MIL

KEVIN: He proved doubters wrong. Maybe a bit more risk than the top-10, but should be a steady contributor

PETER: Even a regression from 24 HR and 40 steals will end in a solid season

13. Matt Kemp, LAD

JIM: Can still hit with McCutchen and Gonzalez but needs to stay healthy to do that.

KEVIN: The surgeries (yes, plural) scare me. Whenever there is ANY discussion of “career-threatening injury,” however minor the chance, you won’t find that player on my team.

14. Jose Bautista, TOR

JIMI: Coming back from wrist injury, always some concern.

TOMMY: This low ranking is due to his age, low BA, and the fact that he has finished the last 2 seasons on the DL. There is still elite power in his bat, however.

15. Wil Myers, TB

JIM: Growing pains in 2014 but should be in top 10 by 2016.

JIMI: Had a real good rookie season, showed great poise.

16. Matt Holliday, StL

PETER: Power is no longer elite, but drives in and scores 100 runs in StL

KEVIN: Would be higher if this wasn’t a 3-year outlook, and if he didn’t always find ways to miss some time.

17. Jason Heyward, ATL

TOMMY: He has shown his ability in flashes, maybe 2014 is the year the 24 year old puts it together?

PETER: The 24-year old may slip due to playing in only 104 games in 2013, but he has top 15 OF potential

18. Yoenis Cespedes, OAK

KEVIN: I think he could still take a step forward and have a great, if not monster, year.

JIM: Very good power and batting average should improve and stabilize.

19. Starling Marte, PIT

JIMI: Another young OF who is on the rise.

TOMMY: Marte is 25 and has elite speed to go with double digit pop. His plate discipline is an issue, but the upside here is worth the BA risk

20. Alex Rios, TEX

PETER:  I expect big things in a full season in Texas, speed and an increase in power

PAUL: At 33 years old, really not the right time to start thinking upside….or consistency, but I do think he’ll perform in 2014.

21. Hunter Pence, SF

JIM: Will contribute something in every category but will not impress in any category.

PAUL: Nothing wrong with 20/20 but a lot seems PA-dependent. Steady but unexciting player.

22. Shin-Soo Choo, CIN

PETER: 20/20 season with 107 runs scored, where he ends up and his spot in the lineup will dictate his production in 2014

TOMMY: Choo resumed his 20/20 ways as the Reds’ lead-off man. Where will he play next year?

23. Domonic Brown, PHI

JIMI: Showed some great HR power, but it was very streaky.

JIM:  I think this one is more hype, but the upside can’t be ignored.  Risk/Reward player.

24. Alex Gordon, KC

JIMI: Very steady fantasy producer, #2 fantasy OF.

PETER: 20 HR and 10 steals, only 14 OF did this in 2013

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